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12 minutes ago, St Darren said:

Quick note on Steve Masseys commentary. He describes, the game as if its on the radio where people aren't watching. We can see if a pass is long or short, or if it is left or right hand side. 

I remember listening to a comments tor who said about the difference between TV and Radio commentary. 

To be fair he's not a professional commentator ...I think he does a good job also adds a little humour to it..


Great highlights 👏...  Ruben Reid 🔥

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On 02/10/2022 at 08:53, Box 2 Box said:

Great highlights , Helston did themselves proud 👍… Mr Massey is a great commentator as well.

No disgrace for Helston, they ran into a very good step 3 side. Sure that Matt Cusack would have watched this with a mixture of admiration, and seeing what lessons he could take for his own team.

 Steve Massey's commentary is not to my taste, I turn the volume down to enjoy the great footage that Piran Films put together. 

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