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  1. Yea the Vets league will be okay as they will all be double jabbed..🤣...I imagine most under 30s are due the second jab early September
  2. Imagine its very hard to find a club willing to give up there pitch.. especially for a tourny they are not involved with.. Congrats to Penryn yesterday...and what a goal that sealed the game..class act. Good luck to both teams in final
  3. Congrats to Harry Seargant....ex Illogan and Redruth player.. scored the second goal. Awesome commentary.. enjoyed that.👍
  4. OLIVER BROTHERS ANTON AND TYLER. Played Swpl at Illogan together.
  5. Not really irrelevant is it.. even if I was a neutral I would be intrigued by the table. Same as the Swpl one that was put together. Nothing to do with me but good to see the stats. However if we was down the bottom ...would i be posting this..probably not..😜
  6. Well put together by Assistant manager at Illogan Mark Waters.
  7. I would say with the new signing from mousehole.. jewell...tonkin.. Buchan (still pretty young?) They may well be going down a more younger player route...these are also very good players by the way.
  8. What a result that is..well done Four Lanes.⚽️
  9. Didn't realise Ronaldo was playing... even better win now.🤣👍
  10. Tight game until Illogan got the second really. Strong squad performance. Fair play to Peranwell..all the boys there making sure pitch is ready and all moving goals etc.. the new goalposts make a lot of difference best I've seen pitch. 👏
  11. Senior cup means you can only make 3 subs ... so taking 16 would of been a waste of time. Thats why two played for the thirds. Second team had a squad of 16.. this explains why Ben was with the 3rds. Take my hat off to the lads that was happy to help the 3rds out. Dont appreciate you stirring things up like you have... no need. Sorry Keith B
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