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  1. Yes Shaun... your son saved a penalty and had a good game. Thats all you wanted to read right???🤣😘
  2. Once again a week of results showing how tough/strong the west league is..
  3. Well that is a complete lie...im.sure you can ask Joff and Adrian. It was a nightmare trying to get him transfered over. The league had to settle it in the end.
  4. No.. but what I'm getting at is ... if he was at St day you wouldn't be saying anything on here.
  5. Agree with that.. just goes to show how strong this league is.
  6. How very bitter of you.. wouldn't expect anything else. Yes...back to the game and other talking points thank you. The young lad George was outstanding really stepped up as have other youngsters over pre season. Fully deserves his credit.
  7. Haha brilliant.. may pop down to Penzance and have a browse in Range now.🤣
  8. I would imagine this is possible if he is mates with any of the managers ?
  9. Mullion 0-1 Illogan A game of few chances..with the weather playing a big part as you can imagine. Great win for us at an in form Mullion. Goal poked home by David Mitchell from a Cj cross. Referee Jon Green.. superb. Had a little help from his assistants too.😜😜😂
  10. All due to be in place..20th January.. Must mention Shaun Carters save in the game.. David Seaman esc.
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