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  1. Hes also a fan favourite... and bringing through local talent. A real shame.
  2. In future?. I always thought you had to play 5 games or summin?
  3. I see from Twitter foxhole used a st Dennis player yesterday???.. To be able to play ringers in a semi final is ridiculous...when they haven't played all season for the team. Hope both teams stick with what they have had all season ...should be a great game
  4. Fair play... still really weird what's going on at mousehole.. but they are certainly doing something right.
  5. Just wanna say... Port vs illogan...well reffed by Mr Marc Rose. I think he is definitely one of the best refs around right now... His banter is decent too... well done Marc 👏👏
  6. To be fair the refs make mistakes on there too.. there is a thing called "fifa rage" .. so my mates say anyway. 😂😂😂
  7. Yep defo had some luck.. games like that along with work rate are probably the two most important things... everyone put a shift in and felt we deserved the win in the end. Think bello is very rash..defo got some talent tho. Tom annear was very good..but maybe a little wasted at left back. Dan hindmarch was dangerous as was rob carey when he come on. Also fair play to Scott kellow getting the rest of his team mates to shake our hands after they started to walk to the changing rooms. 👍🏻
  8. What a horrible last 3 games for porthleven... Lost the big league game vs liskeard and out of two very winnable quarter finals... Superb result for us at Illogan tho.. We are all local boys play for the shirt and have a good laugh along the way. I know which dressing room I would prefer to be in. However take nothing away from port they are a very good side... we rode luck at times no doubt but overall deserved winners. All the best for the rest of season.
  9. Sounds like a dig at your players Kevin.... 😜 Totally agree tho.! All the best.👍🏻
  10. Falmouths name name on the cup for me.. 👍🏻
  11. The fear for st just has to be when/if Steve calls it a day... can't replace him or his loyalty...same with neal/Andrew. When I think of combo i think of legends like these guys...top blokes.
  12. I mean a transfer fee..🤔 I dont really care just interested as when normal clubs lose players there gutted.. they don't big it up 😂
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