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  1. What a set up Mousehole has become...lovely place to play apart from the road getting in! Lol. Nice to see ongoing improvements since the the last time we visited. Are the floodlights ready to use? In terms of the game...good football from both sides, enjoyable match to play in. Three 16 year olds in Illogan squad..great to see. Ciran going on to score his first goal. Must mention Paul William's in goal for Mousehole...some un real saves. All the best. 👍🏻 Illogan goals.. Ciran Budge Jack Adam's Steve Abbott-Smith
  2. So sorry about the Falmouth vs Illogan game being so bad that you have to mention it in every post you do... jesus. Get over it... 🙈🙈
  3. Well done Ludgvan 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Sounds like an awesome derby with a decent atmosphere... hats off to both.. sene the pictures and bickland is looking quality!
  5. Well done Ryan Reeve...great achievement 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  6. Been told emery got.. Captain Stash Money Boots Cant blame him there!
  7. Bloody hell....Big Al agrees with someone on this forum and it happens to be me. Wow! I feel privileged!! 😀😀😂😂
  8. Dont think this will be the last team to withdraw their application... My prediction..only Penryn and Helston go for it from Combo.
  9. Exmouth 1-Launceston 3 Helston 4- Cullompton 1 Ivybridge 1- Stoke 2 Newquay 1 - Tavi 5 Plymouth Argyle 6- Godolphin 1 Plymouth Parkway 5-Camelford 0 Saltash 5- Callington 0 St Austell 4 - Witheridge 0 Sticker 3 Bodmin 2 Walter Parson cup Falmouth 4 - Torpoint 1
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