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  1. S Abbo

    Why are they employed

    Think that might be the end of mark hughes in the premier league for a while... will have to work his way back up via the championship.
  2. S Abbo

    Junior cup last 16

    Illogan.. penwith.. foxhole.. veryan One of them 4 will win it i beleive.
  3. Definitely an improving team. Can see that from recent results. Keep up the good work. All the best 👍🏻
  4. S Abbo

    Junior Cup Draw

    Tms vs foxhole.. tie of the round?
  5. Yes i would say your right..but unfortunately it doesnt always work like that.
  6. I would say Falmouth can be happy with what they have...team full of pretty much local boys.. win most weeks and are one of the most exciting teams in the league. Also lets not forget 80 percent if not more of that team were playing swpl west league not too long ago and deemed not good enough!.
  7. No but they did win on Saturday... now have the chance of a decent day out... (east teams now entering) WC 1st go into the sup cup... In my eyes thats the best outcome..
  8. Regarding West Cornwall.. in my opinion its being made to look worse from outsiders.. from their point of view i would say it was more of a common sence decision!. Why should the regular second team players miss out on there biggest cup.. to fulfil a fixture in a combo cup which no disrespect WC were probably not going to win. It is a little worrying that you couldn't raise two sides.. a well run club full of top people. Hopefully numbers improve sharpish.
  9. Best wishes to Steve Brewer from all at Illogan.
  10. S Abbo

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Great away win for Falmouth....very disclpined performance should of really scored a few more. Bodmin lack a couple of decent wide players i think. Hobbs a massive threat.. top player.. big bodmin centre back done well too..
  11. https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/sport/16997711.league-cup-highlights-falmouth-town-3-2-helston-athletic/
  12. S Abbo

    Midweek football

    There is a flexi league.. @Dave Bartlam will be able to sort you out with some info.
  13. Looked a harsh red from the highlights on Twitter.. awesome game tho.