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  1. Okay ... lets forget the other pen illogan could of had first half... They even themselves out eventually.. i guess. Tricky tricky place to go...never easy. All the best.
  2. Great game this... both teams blessed with quality. Hopefully these two meet again in a cup.
  3. Illogan 4-0 Mousehole.. Strong performance from illogan.. Jacob Hoon.. Ben Tunnicliffe.. Sam Waters and Simon Ellis with the goals..
  4. S Abbo

    New Clubhouse

    Awesome 👍👍
  5. Steadman...top player
  6. S Abbo

    Carharrack v Illogan

    Expect you both to become illogan regualrs?? 😀😀
  7. S Abbo

    Games Required

    Monday night vs illogan 2nds 6.45?
  8. Due to being let down .. Illogan 2nd team require a home friendly Monday. 6.45 kick off.. Thanks
  9. S Abbo

    Friendly tommorow 4th

    Pm'd you...
  10. S Abbo

    Friendly Saturday 4th..

    Do you fancy playing at illogan... 3.00 kick off. ?? Ref sorted.
  11. Illogan 2nds looking for a game tommorow.. can play at home...
  12. Think you could add Mousehole.. st buryan...st day and holmans to that too..shapes up to be great league..
  13. Whats your top 3.?
  14. Yea decent odds to be fair.
  15. Looks a very strong league with nice setups too. My tip.. illogan 😁😁
  16. S Abbo

    St blazey

    Well done for fulfilling fixture.. fair play 👍
  17. Illogan tommorow if you fancy it.. 😁😁😁
  18. S Abbo

    Clijah Croft

    Nice pitch that... too small for league rules tho i think...
  19. Due to being let down .. Illogan 1st team require a friendly tommorow.. We can play at home. Just a desperate plea really...thanks. Please pm or get hold of mikey pascoe on. 07939696659 Thanks
  20. Great watch these.... thanks 👍