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Lewis Reed

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This is the same injury as Ziege had in his thigh. (Acute Compartment Syndrome)

To relieve the pressure a fasciotomy has to be carried out which is where they slice right through your muscles and fascia in the compartment(s) that surrounds your bones. Some require a skin graft (as I did) because of the large hole that is left. You need to be real careful not to catch MRSA which can delay the healing process by ages. As long as Lewis is careful he can expect a full recovery. Takes a while for the feeling to come back, mine still aint returned completely and that was 4 years ago nearly!

You never gave me a lift as you drove past me did you Mick!!!?? (Just kidding!!)

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Guest Uncle Albert

Best wishes to Lewis. Such a nice lad, I'm sure he will make a full recovery.

Regards to Ken too. Tell Lewis to keep smiling. :D

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I would like to thank everyone who has commented on here and who have contacted Lewis personally to offer their support and good wishes.

Lewis is on crutches and just really starting to make headway. He knows he will have to work hard to get back to total fitness but seems determined to be back playing in time for next season. We'll see about that though. My Wife and I have said that it doesn't matter how long it takes just as long as he gets it right.

If you see me at a game, please make yourselves known to me and I'll take great pleasure from thanking you all personally - although as a teetotaller, I will stop short of buying the beer.

Gareth, I'll contact you soon to talk about your rehab after your call with this problem.

Mike - what is CRCH please?

Once again Chaps, thanks ever so much and lets keep playing the football.


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Read the report in the Guardian last night!! Looked bloody awful. All the best to him Ken. Quality player when he was at St Blazey. You find hard to imagine what happened from what didnt seem much at the time, seeing as he went to work the next day!! All the best.

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