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Never seen a game like this one before


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3 hours ago, FutureGK said:

Helston will be wondering how on earth that happened 🤦‍♂️  Got to say for a team pushing for success there are some obvious holes that need filling … their Number 1 is making a fair few errors. 

Isn’t that a keeper from Taunton ? Looks really poor seen him a few times and looks light weight and far too many errors. Why can’t they find a decent keeper locally?

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I was disappointed with Camelford’s defending yesterday - but this game makes me feel a bit better. Keynsham gifted three goals and Helston looked very poor at the back -  mind you Billy Tucker is some player . Attendance looked very poor though Helston were getting many more last year - the undoubted lack of travelling supporters must be hurting those Cornish teams that have gone up. 

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It was one of those rare days when the unexpected happened and, isn't this why we love non league football?  Without wishing to take anything away from Keynsham, Helston should have scored 8 goals (they hot the "woodwork three times) but paid the price for sloppy defensive errors. Before this week, the Helston goalkeeper had kept a number of clean sheets. Having seen him last season play for Bradford Town in the semi and final of the Western League Cup Final and in every game this season, I believe that Helston have a first class goalkeeper and that this game, which they didn't lose, will be seen as a blip. Two points were dropped, but I expect that Helston would have bitten the proverbial hand off you if they were offered 4 out of 6 point before the Tavistock and Keynsham games. Ironically Helston went up to joint third in the league after yesterday's game, but nobody in the Helston camp is happy with two dropped points. I agree, the Western League doesn't appear to attract the sort of crowds that Falmouth enjoy but the standard of football is definitely higher and to be appreciated by the seasoned non league fan.

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