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Parking at Chacewater

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23 hours ago, cornishteddyboy said:

If you are disabled, walk with two sticks and have a range of a few yards, where can you park in Chacewater to get to the ground to watch a game?

Google maps shows a car park at a doctor's but nothing nearer.

Two of us from Pz have trouble walking but want to watch Tuesday's match if possible.

Nothing closer than that car park that I'm aware of Paul.

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I suspect that the new Secretary Russell Grice has not seen your post Paul.He did post a short report on yesterday's match.

There are double yellow lines in Falmouth Road (which adjoins the ground) Paul but if you have the disability badge you should be able to park there.

Cars are not usually permitted into the Recreation Ground but if you contact Russell he may be able assist with that for you.

Best wishes,


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25 minutes ago, Soccer Follower said:


I have spoken to Russell and he is going to contact the Parish Council who administer the Recreation Ground to see if you can park inside the ground.

I covered the parking on double yellow lines in Falmouth Road in my earlier post and the answer is yes.



Thank you. One of the problems of only walking 25yds dragging a folding chair.

When we play Culdrose Reserves we park on the St Kevern/Lizard Roundabout and force our way past the gate. Tiny layby there. 

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