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  1. Chacewater are running their first training session in preparation for the new season tomorrow evening (Tuesday 20th). Meeting around 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Recreation Grounds. Google maps location Wecoming new and old players alike. The club are looking to pick up some additions following a number of retirements from our team from last season. Looking forward to seeing you there! 💚💚💚
  2. Chacewater are running their first training session in preparation for the new season tomorrow evening (Tuesday 20th). Meeting around 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start at the Recreation Grounds. Google maps location Wecoming new and old players alike. The club are looking to pick up some additions following a number of retirements from our team from last season. Looking forward to seeing you there! 💚💚💚
  3. Div 2 Chacewater 2 - 2 Perranwell Reserves Guess we feel a bit gutted we didnt manage to get a win today. Two mistakes gave Perranwell their goals. Huge push from Chace for the majority of the second half, huge effort, big hearts but no result in our favour. Perranwell appeared much more competent than their league placing would suggest. Played in pretty decent spirit by both teams. Maybe 25 supporters at the rec. Big up Ken Keemer for reffing us today, very chilled and held the game in complete control throughout. Shame we are now unfixtured until Jan, it's such a stop/start season! Happy xmas to everyone from all of us at Chacewater. See you in the new year! 💚 💚 💚
  4. The negative test result was received at ~11am on Saturday, before those players agreed to play for another team and they were not showing any symptoms (that I know of). In retrospect it would have been possible for us to keep our game on. I guess this will be a learning experience for us all in terms of handling these situations.
  5. To clarify, for anyone else viewing; Chacewater football team had a player awaiting a covid-19 test result taken on Thursday, result expected by Sunday. I attempted to seek clarification from the league and Cornwall FA (very late) Friday evening and didn't get a reply that considered this specific situation (understandably). I was aware of the postponement of the Praze game a couple of weeks earlier for the same reason. After discussions with Rosudgeon's secretary and his discussion with their team, concerns were raised for playing the fixture. I therefore requested a postponement, which the league agreed to. I notice that the league have since released some guidance regarding this specific situation. I thank the league for their swift action in clarifying. However, I have some concerns around the wording of the guidance, which I am hoping to discuss with them. I'm sure these concerns are unfounded and that boundary cases have simply not been stated, for simplicities sake. I am sure that common sense will prevail in all instances ! Following the negative test result being returned we are looking forward to this week's game!
  6. Trelawny 2 Chacewater 3-4 Mullion Reserves. Top of the table clash between two unbeaten teams. Chace sleeping and 3 down in the first 15 minutes, almost as many goals as we had conceeded in the opening 5 games of the season. Our slow start got punished this week by a team who could finish their opportunities. We woke up after an incident at 20 mins in. Dragged it back to 2-3 by half time, against the odds. Half time talk was finished with the comment 'next goal wins'.. Second half Chace pushed hard and Mullion managed to finish one of their multiple chances, 2-4. Chace grabbed one back with ?10? to go for 3-4 and a tense ending to the game. Despite a huge push from the lads we couldnt find a 4th. Must have been a great game for the neutral. Well played to Mullion and huge thanks to the ref for his time. We'll make it right next week! 💚 💚 💚
  7. Trelawny 2. St Day 3rds 1 - 3 Chacewater Dean Hill, Sam Dargue, Mark Bell
  8. Assuming they dont have to drive 400 miles to find a test.. 🤔 Hope every one comes out of this in good healh!
  9. Trelawny League Division 2 Chacewater 6 - 0 St Buryan Out of the traps like a seagull spotting a pasty at 50 yards.. Beller scored a peachy overhead kick to start things off and we never looked back. 5 in the first half, but as usual, could have been a few more. Chacewater creating chances every few minutes it seemed. Jonny Row's training drills actually seem to be working as we were getting the ball in box whenever we had the opportunity. Second half we got a little complacent and allowed them a bit more time on the ball. Their keeper made a string of great saves to keep the scoreline down. Happy with a clean sheet. Their only effort on target was a shot drilled in after a corner. Goal line clearance from the guy on the post, don't think I was getting to it.. Happy days, 4 from 4. Mark Bell with 4 looked unstoppable at times. Dean Hill with a brace to continue his excellent form. Greens go marching on! Lovely to see @Soccer Follower at the game 😊 whilst down this way. Ps. Very well reffed by Kevin Bennetts who stepped in after we had noone allocated. Thank you. 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
  10. 😂 Not sure we've trusted him with one of them for a while 😅 At least one header from a corner. Can't say about the other. Dude was quality again today 💚
  11. Chacewater 8 - 1 RNAS Culdrose Reserves. Decent run out. Could have been 15. At least 3 headers in the 6 yard box that looked harder to miss than put in the net, but guess thats how it goes sometimes. After a couple tight games certainly felt good to show what we can do when we play with confidence and finish some chances! Fair play to Culdrose, they didn't give up and all came back for a drink after. Mark Bell 3, Justin Bennetts 2, Andrew Govan 2, James Martin 1 💚💚
  12. Div 2: St Erme 0 - 1 Chacewater. Not the prettiest of games and had to rely on a penalty for our goal (Matty Davis). Not sure if St Erme had a shot on target but remained threatening for the full 90 minutes. Happy to come away with the points. Good group of lads, looking forward to the reverse fixture! Wondering how it's £1.80 for a can of coke though! xD
  13. None of us can ask for anything more!! Pretty sure we all made some mistakes, especially some sketchy keeper getting done for kicking from his hands *almost* outside his box!!
  14. I think we were all a little underwhelmed at our performance today. First half was really rather sluggish and not up to the standard we expect from ourselves. Second half looked much better (from my perspective), some lovely stuff towards the end and could have put another few away. Thanks to the Storm lads for the game, they worked hard and gave us a good run for a while. Shout out to Martin Eddy (@Postman Pat) for reffing us; calm and collected throughout. Proper job!
  15. As an aside from this specific incident. Does it suggest that having a qualified referee playing, in each team, would (potentially) be an advantage? Not just that they might be able to remind an official of the current laws of the game, but can also remind team mates of changed laws. This is obviously in addition to the fact that more qualified referees puts more in the pool for all of us to benefit from!
  16. Dave hasn't suggested that he corrected the referee in his spotting of the hand ball; just in how the current rules state that incident should be handled. I can't personally see an issue with it. I'm assuming that the referee has noticed the accidental(?) hand ball and allowed play to continue. If that is an incorrect handling of the situation then surely it's not an issue to point it out. The referee didn't disallow the goal just because Dave had pointed it out, but because those are the the laws of the game..
  17. Huge result. Think Chace wanted it a little more to be honest. 2 goals in 2 minutes turned things around after TMS scored first. Mark Bell is a monster up front . Young Sol Murley kept Shackers pretty quiet. Young ref had a good game. I didn't **** up 😂. Happy days! I think crowd was around 50-60?
  18. Was a little bit of an odd game. St Ives the better team, by far, first half. Lots of pressure, but only the one shot on target, a looping shot/lob into the top corner, well finished. We (Chacewater) hadn't woken up, which felt weird given we scored within 10 seconds in our previous game. Had some heads down, a fair amount of frustration; we knew we were so much better than we were showing. No exactly sure what happened when we came out second half, but we were a different team. I think we scored 3 in 10-15 min between maybe 50-65 mins which totally changed the game. Constant unrelenting pressure from then on, excellent work from forward members of the team; defence were solid. They had little to come back with. Some controlled man to man marking in midfield restricted their play makers and I don't think I had to make a single save in the second half. I reckon that's a good three points. As an aside. Think we had maybe 50 people watching, a few down from last week.. The support this club has from friends/family is awesome!
  19. Played for Redruth 2nds today. Don't usually post, but wanted to today.. Culdrose were simply the better team, by a country mile. If that is their 2nd team, they may well destroy trelawney 2. Grats to them. Playing into the wind and rain in the first half was maybe not the best decision. But that might have only reduced the score a little.. We move onto Wednesday with this defeat forgotten. =)
  20. Was a fairly decent save, he was far enough out I could just get across. Shame you can't really have a keeper who's unable to kick, at combo level xD Thought I did OK(ish) for a first game outside of junior footy, having never met the team.. thanks for the game guys. Good luck with your season. russ
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