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  1. He's called Andrew "Shandy" Davey. Superb player, versatile as a swiss army knife but plays his best football at left back for me. Will push Bradley Leivers all the way for the starting berth.
  2. We enquired about that but were told the game would kick off at 2pm or not at all.
  3. Not sure why I need to explain myself to you, but just so you sleep easy tonight, I will. Basically we saw this as a problem a while back & contacted the CCFA. They were happy to move the game to 3pm as long as Bude agreed, Bude declined. Within the last few days we have been back & forth with the CCFA & Bude but they wouldn't budge, saying that their players had work on Saturday evening so wouldn't be able to kick off at 3pm, like they do every other Saturday. Carharrack to Bude is 90 mins on a Sat Nav, now considering Bude is a busy summer, seaside town with 1 horrible road into it, along with the forecast of a heatwave today & the fact the a30 & wadebridge road are madness at midday on a saturday I would say you're looking at an extra 30mins minimum, probably more added to the journey. In order for Us to get there just 30mins before ko we would need to leave 11-11:30 at the latest. I have 7 players, including 3 of our 4 drivers who either had to work in the morning or had their kids in the morning so couldn't leave before 12:30. The last thing we wanted to do was call the gane off but we don't have a reserve team to take players from so we had no option.
  4. Don't cry bud. I'd be more worried about being bottom of the league than moaning about a club in the league below.
  5. I don't know what is wrong with people these days. You can count on 1 hand the amount of games I've missed in 15 years playing football, now I'm managing I see every week 3-4 drop out on game day for various reasons, can't get my head around it.
  6. Carharrack combination team looking for midweek friendlies. We are a new group of players who have never played together so we want as many games as possible. We have no more free Saturdays in July/Aug so looking for midweek friendlies, preferably away as our pitch is having work done, but we can possibly hire a pitch if needed. We would consider playing teams of all standards. Thanks
  7. Carharrack AFC Combination side looking for pre season friendlies, from mid June up until the season starts. Preferably away as we are having work done on our pitch, but we can look at hiring somewhere if we have to. If anybody is interested please drop me a message
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