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ECPL Players Of The Season So Far

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41 minutes ago, Foul Throw 3 said:

To keep interest flowing, who have you come up against or watched this season in the ECPL that you think is right up there player wise? No voting/recommending any of your own club's players. Or even better and if you can, what's your best ECPL XI made up of players not at your club.

Jamie Blatchford, St Dom keeper

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Can’t believe Kieran Ryall hasn’t been mentioned! 

31 minutes ago, Foul Throw 3 said:

Mine from this season would be

MG - Chris Wright

St Dom - Keiran Prescott and Coton

Foxhole - Liam Ames, Chris Brown & Tyler Cheshire

St Cleer - Max Gilbert & Sam Rogers


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6 minutes ago, Foul Throw 3 said:

Only played you the once, first game of the season. Don't know your lineup on the day so unsure if Ryall played. I was told your captain was called Coton, played centre mid, left footed I think.

Yes Ricky Coton, but he left a couple of games in. Was never captain mind haha.

Be interested to hear grassrootsgaz’s team, he seems to get everywhere so he must of seen several teams so far this year. 

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Without the luxury of seeing all teams play, it would be too easy to just pick the goalscorers, as they're the ones in the headlines.

Of the games I've seen or been involved with, the ones that have stood out for me are...

  • McIlveney (Mount Gould)
  • Hawes (Mount Gould)
  • Cheshire (Foxhole)
  • Ryall (St Dominick)
  • St Stephen 'keeper
  • St Minver 'keeper
  • Rogers (St Cleer)

Having seen too many better all round keepers than our own Matt Westall this season though. When he doesn't play, we miss him.

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