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  1. Another week down! Football doesn’t matter in times like this, I hope everyone’s families are safe and well, take care everyone. Cant wait to see my big dog Charlie Prynn when we finally return to football, managers pet, big dog Prynn
  2. Thanks Gary, I did have a good game up there, I’m glad you noticed For me, player of the season by far is Charlie Prynn. Runs his socks off all game, is physical, can pick a pass and score goals. To shine in a side at the foot of the table is very impressive, would walk into mount Gould of foxhole with ease. Very pleased to have Charlie on board.
  3. Haha not today with all the games being off but got a good sesh in down par track. Soon be back in the first team
  4. Love my Club! Boring a weekend with no football!
  5. Cheers for the vote of confidence. We’ve got an easy run now so fully expect us to start picking up points
  6. Foxhole 2-0 Blazey Couldn’t have asked much more from the lads yesterday. Put in a shift and was unlucky not to take something from the game. Ben Bould played into our hands by being constantly offside. Things starting to look on the up for us. No game next weekend but we are at home to Gerrans and St mawes on the 4th March which is a massive one for us
  7. As I previously said we’ve been struggling for a side since the season has started, different side each week. St Dominick are far from world beaters. Full squad we would 100 percent give them a game without a doubt. Had a couple players playing on Saturday that have never played 11 a side before but we keep going to fulfil over fixtures
  8. We’ve had a lot of players missing, injuries, work commitments etc but with a full squad we could give them a game for sure.
  9. Years ago Dave but play upfront now. Do get a fair few goals
  10. That’s a fair comment. But it’s all voluntary, we don’t get paid, need all the help I can get. It’s hard to find people to want to do something for nothing these days. Yes, St Blazey will have 5 in two teams. Thanks for the best wishes.
  11. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome John Raikes to St Blazey as joint manager with myself and Kevin Morcom. John brings a wealth of experience to the team previously managing Mevagissey. It will give me time to take a slight step back and concentrate on my playing career and hopefully get myself into the first team after my knee injury.
  12. Think this is mainly due to us not being able to put the ball in the back of the net. Now I’m back I think I can score the goals to get us off the bottom.
  13. Totally disagree. On another day we could of had our fair share of goals. I came off the bench and hit the bar 3 times with some really good efforts. And missed two pens. Still rusty after being out with my knee. No one hit any of your players on the back of the head, complete rubbish. Wouldn’t be scared of taking you back to blazey with a full squad
  14. So you would of heard the st Dominic fans abusing our keeper Gary! Not a lie
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