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  1. Heard from multiple sources that mount Gould’s sporting conduct was once again shambolic, after having a pre season friendly abandoned vs callington after fighting and even spectators coming on to the pitch to fight the opposition, thought mg would’ve learned their lessons. But hear again that their were a number of mg players using death threats towards gunnislake players aswell as spectators once again entering the pitch at the end of the game to threaten and ‘push and kick’ a gunnislake player. Disgusting.
  2. My opinion would be to have a Play off similar to the style they do in Scotland. for example the top half of the ecpl league have a miniature KO type play off and the league above a bottom half teams do the same intertwining the leagues therefore allowing relegations and promotions to occur throughout the leagues. because if you ask me we have now had 2 seasons wasted without any reward for teams who have done well. 2 years worth of hard work for some teams shouldn’t just be swept under the carpet. There should be a way of determining promotions/relegations even if it has to be a cup style tournament
  3. St Dominick 13 - 0 padstow St Dominick with despite a few players missing cruised to victory playing some real quality football, padstow were a credit to themselves never dropped their heads once scorers were Ryall 3, styring 2, Martin 2, freeman 2, prescott, Jeffery, K searle, pascoe.
  4. So within the 30/40 mins of you calling and us offering to reverse the fixture, you had that many ‘drop out’ that you can’t play, shambolic.
  5. Nice to see that within an hour of St Stephens calling off the game and st Dominick attempting to reverse the fixture offering it at their place, that some st Stephens players ‘went in to work’ and therefore were unable to play, shambles if you ask me, do all you can to get games on and teams make shocking excuses not to play.
  6. Just had word from st Dom gaffer saying it’s playable at their place and offering a reversal? No reason not too, need as many games played as possible, what you saying mr coad?
  7. Appreciate your efforts, I’d be surprised if there’s many games on at any level this weekend, see you later in the season 👍
  8. Top man mr coad You have my upmost respect, hope to see you tomorrow, I’ll bring my brolly ☂️👍
  9. Hope Mr Coad has his pitchfork at the ready this weekend down st Stephens 💦🧐
  10. Predictions Mount Gould 7-1 Looe Padstow 0-4 St Minver Marjon 3-4 Newquay Roche 0-2 Torpoint St cleer 1-2 Foxhole ( after watching them Saturday there is no way Foxhole are a bottom half side) St Stephen 0-2 St Dominic St teath 2-3 St newlyn Veryan 4-2 St blazey
  11. Predictions Foxhole 0-2 St Dom Looe 1-1 Torpoint (never an easy place to go) Mount Gould 1-1 St Minver (solid st minver to take first points off mg) Newquay 3-1 Roche Marjon 2-2 St cleer St blazey 2-3 St stephen St Newlyn 2-2 Veryan St teath 3-3 Padstow
  12. Beat the same ‘much improved’ Marjon who lost 3-1 to bottom of the league Roche this weekend, the only good result I see there is against mincer, as from what I’ve heard veryan and st Stephens aren’t quite the same teams they were last year therefore they are all wins you’d expect to see.
  13. I’m inclined to agree to be quite frank torpoint somehow consider themselves a top 2/3 team despite scraping a few results and having played a number of games more than 4/5 clubs below them 🤷🏽‍♂️
  14. Predictions Mount Gould 0-0 Foxhole (think foxhole will set up to be hard to beat, and could sneak a point) padstow 2-2 st newlyn roche 1-4 marjon st blazey 1-2 st teath st cleer 1-2 veryan st dom 4-1 Newquay St Stephen 1-1 torpoint
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