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  1. Who do foxhole think they are sacking the manager who stepped in and did them a favour in the summer. Deserve to go down in my opinion. Wannabees
  2. Was at the game with my mate @64 on tap and can’t remember witnessing many penalty claims, if any and we both said we though the referee has a good game. Same old foxhole I suppose moan moan moan
  3. Completely agree ginge. Thought you had a great game also. Bossed it. Let me know your plans next year, as we’d love you up at the mill #TAFC
  4. current holders of east cornwall 1 though? Didn’t need an east cornwall reform to get here. Clueless
  5. Battered 🤣🤣if not for a mistake for the first goal that game finishes 0-0. Nothing in it. Torpoint getting very carried away with some good results for a very average side
  6. Interesting to see Duchy Player of the year not in the biscovey squad today. If theirs trouble in paradise I’m sure many clubs would be interested.
  7. I agree St Stephens V Torpoint fixture of the weekend, I fancy a repeat of the 2018 Junior Cup final. 2-0 home win. Mount Gould v Foxhole 18-0 Padstow United v St Newlyn East 0-0 Roche v Plymouth Marjon 0-6 St Blazey v St Teath 3-1 St Cleer v Veryan 4-4 St Dominick v Newquay 2-2 St Stephen v Torpoint Athletic 2-0
  8. Thankfully refereed by Gary Cornish who had to overrule the away sides linesman on two occasions for a goal, and could’ve been many more times. Some outrageous decisions attempted, thanks to gary for ensuring the right one was made in the end
  9. can you confirm which Ronaldo you are please, I like to know who I’m talking too
  10. Sadly I’m not surprised to here you say this. We at the ryn experienced some horrendous behaviour a few weeks ago, including anti Semitic. And while the fa let this go unpunished I’m sure it will continue. Perrannotsowell
  11. Curtis Dalby for me, every time I’ve seen him turn out at st stephens this year he has done some utterly obscene things.
  12. I predict a St Teath win, think st Stephen will struggle, with the ageing Craig Coad entering his 27th season in men’s football, no longer making an impact.
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