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Wow! Just the one game in the whole of the Duchy League tomorrow without a referee atm and it’s 1st v 2nd in the Premier League!!!! Anyone available?

Appreciate that Mr Murphy has an unenviable job to do - especially after all of the postponements - but surely some  common sense should have prevailed when allocating referees this weekend...there are even 3 all reserve team fixtures that have been allocated an official. 

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13 minutes ago, Paul Collings said:

This is not really an issue anymore as the games have to be played - appointed referee or not.

I fully understand the frustration because for the two teams involved it is the most important game on the schedule but there must be a good chance of someone becoming available.

It is not really practical to continually prioritise fixtures for refs, so many different ways to look at it. 

top of the table clashes,
relegation battles,
local derbies,
cup ties
'grudge' matches

Then of course for these matches it may be best not to use a novice or someone previously associated with one of the teams 

Imagine trying to consider all these for all 12 divisions being handled.

I hope it all works out tomorrow.


Its still wet and there are bound to be games off so you should be fine.

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