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  1. Might be from same village but the youth are more aligned to the cricket club where it started playing game on a pitch the was developed with the aid of Darren Gilbert and family and opened by Nigel Martyn. Sad they have to make the statement but understandable when people lump them with the individuals blackening the adult clubs name.
  2. Leeds two different clubs- no connection. They have own facilities at both venues and using the club house for fund raising is no different to the local church or any other charity using the clubhouse.
  3. Dave you are 100% correct. Youth play at cricket club and Fowey school and run by a committee of parents and coaches.
  4. Not sure about the remarks about the (not )youth section. But from my knowledge of the youth club called AFC St Blazey Youth they come from St Blazey yes but have no dealings as a club with St Blazey AFC. The youth play on a pitch at the cricket club and pitches at Fowey School. The excellent committee at the youth section do a fine job and deserve praise for providing football through all ages and for both boys and girls. Well organised club with a great bunch of managers.
  5. Yes he certainly did, a great servant to the club and a good radio summerizer/reporter around the County after retiring.
  6. Tom just to point out the offence of dissent results at this level in a sin bin so the referee cautioned for possibly adopting an aggressive attitude which would fit in with your description of a player blowing his stack. An enjoyable read keep up the good work.
  7. Bill I agree the young referee had a good game and it was a pleasire to watch two competitive sides playing on a heavy pitch weith good movement. Both keepers played their part with good saves. no real issues for the ref, good to see himmanage the game and talk to players, the caution was expected as the ref had spoken to the player twice and told him the next time the book would be used, good stepped management. Well done to all for a good afternoons entertainment.
  8. Understand all the team will need more than a fork for the condition the rec is in.
  9. Really, think at least one of the Management Board is still working. As it is I believe Combo has cancelled matches but not told those that need to know
  10. No as stated it is illegal to let off fireworks or flares at or in football stadiums. Seem to recall problems in the past and clubs fined.
  11. Thoughts are with Mark and all Ken's relatives at this time. Personally knew him and worked with him at the Polkyth 5 a side league. Always a gentleman and well respected. Also knew him as a referee and assessor and more recently asa League Secretary. Ken rest in peace and the thoughts of all referees are with your family.
  12. Totally agree and report to the League. Disagree that referees get total protection from CCFA.
  13. Very please to hear young Jack i not suffering a truly bad injury, any injury is unfortunate, but Rappo continue you break over the border! My comment to all the off the pitch comments are detracting from the efforts put in on the field. The groundsman did a sterling job, the Chairman arranged for Kev Knowles to inspect the pitch before Kev had to leave for his game. The referee arrived by 1pm and go soaked through w2alking the pitch, not once but twice. Spoke to officials of the clubs but as the pitch was only wet decided it could be played. Yes it was soft, yes mistakes were made but were th
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