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  1. There has to be a result on the day and as alot of the senior side, in the early rounds do not have lights, then an early kick off is scheduled to allow for extra time and penalties. Also been the case for several years that assistants not appointed unless both side were SWPL as there is a cost implication to smaller clubs as well as the shortage of officials. As to changing kick off time I understand this is permissible providing both sides agree and the County are advised.
  2. Only question that comes to mind if you were the referee was the fixture confirmed on Tuesday latest Wednesday. If not confirmed then perhaps you should have spoken to the appointments secretary then and possibly be reappointed!
  3. Seems you were correct Penzance batting like England!
  4. Well the home club could have left it to the match referee to decide and you would have travelled down! The rain set in late morning and has poured since so Roche in my opinion were proactive in getting a local referee in and saved you a wated journey. Perhaps not ideal but give them some credit.
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