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  1. Bill I agree the young referee had a good game and it was a pleasire to watch two competitive sides playing on a heavy pitch weith good movement. Both keepers played their part with good saves. no real issues for the ref, good to see himmanage the game and talk to players, the caution was expected as the ref had spoken to the player twice and told him the next time the book would be used, good stepped management. Well done to all for a good afternoons entertainment.
  2. Understand all the team will need more than a fork for the condition the rec is in.
  3. Really, think at least one of the Management Board is still working. As it is I believe Combo has cancelled matches but not told those that need to know
  4. Very please to hear young Jack i not suffering a truly bad injury, any injury is unfortunate, but Rappo continue you break over the border! My comment to all the off the pitch comments are detracting from the efforts put in on the field. The groundsman did a sterling job, the Chairman arranged for Kev Knowles to inspect the pitch before Kev had to leave for his game. The referee arrived by 1pm and go soaked through w2alking the pitch, not once but twice. Spoke to officials of the clubs but as the pitch was only wet decided it could be played. Yes it was soft, yes mistakes were made but were there any more than usual. There was niggles initially and the regeree caution the Penryn skipper for stopping a promising attack, correct. Then the Falmouth player committed a late tackle on the half way line, correctly cautioned. The game settled and 22 players turned on a great performance on a tricky surface. The second half started as the first ended with end to end endeavour. Until a couple of niggles in front of the home bench and culminating in with the challange on Jack, a quick yellow (which I di not see) followed by red. Freom my distant view could have been a straight red. Enter Falmouth 11 who made a comment about the red to the ref and advised to chill, but what dioes he do shouts foul language probably at the opposition manager. So down to 9 but Falmouth fought on and the game went end to end So guys from this old man well done to both teams as this visitor was impressed by the performance on the pitch by both teams playing and the officials, the club assistants both were fair and involved and made a good team with the referee. If there was misbehaviour on the side lines please do not let it affect the efforts of the players. I believe the League Secretary was in the stand so I am sure he will report any matters necessary.
  5. Agreed first sending off warranted, possibly even a straight red for the tackle. Second one was dlso warranted as player shouted foul language. Apart from this this was an end to end game and 2 players decided they cannot control themselves. Congratulations to the Falmouth groundsman and helpers for getting the pitch fit but it was a slippy surface after the rain this morning. Just to clarify Tom the first caution of the game was to the Penryn skipper I recall and was imo for stopping a promising attack. The first Falmouth caution was the second of the match and was a late challenge on the half way line.
  6. Well it is an afternoon kick off so perhaps not to all tastes. Also referees, contrary to belief, do have families. I note one afternoon game and the referee faces a round trip of over 50 miles, so will leave home about noon and be home about 6pm.
  7. In your opinion, why not follow Dave Bunt's idea and do a report, Darin at least reports on his teams unlike many others now. Surely any true spectator favours his team and reports accordingly. Perhaps it is comments like yours that stop supporters reporting on games. Dave Deacon and team provide this platform but over the last couple of years the reports have trailed off!!
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