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  1. Will respective Clubs in each league - combo and east Cornwall- be contacted for their views? I heard that - apart from telling them that games were suspended - ECPL clubs haven’t had any updates from their league since the current lockdown!
  2. So basically I can start playing & training again from 29th March with 22+ blokes all coming in to close and direct physical contact with each other on the pitch...but, for example, my Mrs can only sit socially distanced and watch a session or a match (not that she would lol) with only 1 other and can still only have up to 6 people socially distanced from 2 households in a private garden? Something doesn’t make sense here!
  3. I see the the Devon Football League are inviting applications to join for 2021/22 season. Is this the opportunity for the 2 Plymouth based sides playing in ECPL - Mt Gould (who are tearing up the ECPL) and Marjons Reserves - to progress to the next level as there is no current way they can progress out of ECPL via direct promotion?
  4. So the question I have then is how are clubs in St Pirans and below who all also have “to cover the cost of match officials, electricity, water, pitch maintenance, line marking, council tax, kit washing etc etc” able to still play football matches and SWPL clubs not able to under these “new Covid restrictions”? I guess this will all be irrelevant tomorrow when Boris puts the whole country up another Tier considering the way rates are rising!
  5. OMG....No covered area - seriously! Still no reason why a game of football can’t go ahead - this purely boils down to finances and clubs needing gate receipts and clubhouse income to pay players! Nothing to do with new restrictions as if clubs didn’t need the money for this then games would, could and should go ahead! I’d say every diehard supporter of Trelawny and Duchy clubs at games every Saturday watch without cover in all sorts of weather.
  6. Just shows how much clubs in the SWPL are paying players if they can’t put on a game of football due to financial reasons. Apart from a clubhouse not being allowed to open and serve alcohol nothing else has changed from going from Tier 1 to Tier 2 regarding guidance from the FA and CCFA in putting on a match. No excuses really for not playing a game of football! Guess St Pirans and below must all be immune to this horrible disease as they don’t seem to be afforded the same level of opportunity to simply cancel matches with no questions asked with just a reason of “new Covid
  7. Just a point but St Blazey Reserves have no game in the ECPL over the Xmas period - and I assume are not involved in “the pantomime” that is engulfing the club on social media! Why cant they represent their club and fulfil the 2 fixtures or are they not really one club.....
  8. I appreciate and understand that we are in a difficult situation with guidelines to be followed and people’s safety put first. But could anyone please post exactly what are all the new Covid restrictions that affect grassroots football within Cornwall in Tier 2 that have come in to place since last Saturday that means games are now getting postponed for the generic reason of “new Covid restrictions”. Apart from a loss of money from Clubhouse closure I can’t see anything new on the FA or CCFA website Covid guidelines that means actual football matches can’t go ahead. This isn’t a pop at clubs b
  9. I know the FA have said the Grassroots football is over but surely the CCFA and respective leagues (Duchy and Trelawny) could/should have issued a statement of clarification by now? What’s happening to how the leagues are finishing? Void...points per game...current placing? There’s been talk on here but nothing official it seems from the respective local bodies. Are internal League Cups going to be finished? With only 4 games left can Junior Cup be completed? Just think there’s a lot of clarification needed locally... I totally acknowledge the bigger picture that football is seconda
  10. Wow! Just the one game in the whole of the Duchy League tomorrow without a referee atm and it’s 1st v 2nd in the Premier League!!!! Anyone available? Appreciate that Mr Murphy has an unenviable job to do - especially after all of the postponements - but surely some common sense should have prevailed when allocating referees this weekend...there are even 3 all reserve team fixtures that have been allocated an official.
  11. With Just over 3 weeks until the semis are due to be played surely the CCFA needs to get the draw done sooner rather than later. Anyone know when the draw is planned?
  12. What a shambles! This is the 4th time this season already they have called a game off through not being able to raise a side but they have 56 players registered to play!!!! Making a complete mockery of the ECPL. What is the league doing about it? Can they do anything about it? The G Army's battle cry used to be "we're only just a pub team" well am not even sure they are even that now. Also heard the 1st team had to 'borrow' players again from local Duchy sides to fulfil their fixture at Launceston. Absolute joke....
  13. Blimey - can’t raise a team! Their ECPL team alone have 67 registered players!!!!!!! Something ain’t right....
  14. Heard that Gunnislake v Boscastle was abandoned on Sunday due to abuse aimed at the referee. Can anyone shed more light or say if this wasn't the case. Not great timing if true with more respect needed to referees to ensure we retain them....
  15. Completely agree with you 100% about not playing for 2 different teams but it works both ways. Is Dom Roberts a G player or St Columb Major (Duchy 3) player as he's playing for both, Is Ben Colquhoun a G player or Tregrehan Mills (Duchy Prem) player as he's signed for both. Same happened last season with Jordi Willmott playing for G and then banging in goals for fun when G didn't have a game (until he left) in Duchy 4 at Nanpean and Jamie Seery playing for G 1sts and also Queens..... Hope G sort things out as heard it didn't look good on Saturday with 2 teams to pick from and only 1 subst
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