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  1. How can they appeal when they aren’t even an affiliated team atm? Start in Trelawney and follow the rules regarding promotion & relegation like every other grassroots club.
  2. Nepotism working at its finest!!!! Lost all respect for this with Jason Heaton’s son included in the squad. No disrespect meant to the young lad but just what is the selection criteria? Sounds like a pub team selection with who is available on the day.....
  3. Heard that St Stephen have withdrawn from the cup due to a lack of players. Is this true? By the sounds of it the league are in a mess about the rules of the cup and player eligibility as clubs are still being allowed to sign on players to play way, way after the 31st March registration deadline - some only signed on last week and looks like they scored on Saturday! St Stephens have already said on here that if they’d known this they could have played Newlyn East last week but weren’t told this by the league until too late! Surely it should be the same rules for everyone?
  4. Do clubs still have to send team sheets in for the Covid Cup? Seems not as there is still not one from Newquay for their game on 17 April and Veryan’s from last Saturday. Appreciate there may be technical difficulties in Gunni uploading theirs but the 2 clubs mentioned should be done! Or does it not matter as there seems to be a lot of blurred boundaries for this cup!!!!
  5. Sorry for confusion Dave - I wasn’t there. Was just going by the 10 man team sheet on full time....
  6. St Stephens must be a good team. They beat Newquay with only 10 men and had a sub that they didn’t even bring on according to full time! Not sure if that says they are good or the sub that bad 😂😂😂😂
  7. Padstow and St Minver from ECPL have now both entered and are playing in The North Cornwall District League - this is with 5 clubs from Duchy League. Looks like plenty of football coming....
  8. How come all of the fixtures aren’t published here - what about the other group’s games?
  9. The one thing you don’t say in your advert is what league/standard will this new team be playing in next season? I presume you’ll be applying for Duchy 2?
  10. Will respective Clubs in each league - combo and east Cornwall- be contacted for their views? I heard that - apart from telling them that games were suspended - ECPL clubs haven’t had any updates from their league since the current lockdown!
  11. So basically I can start playing & training again from 29th March with 22+ blokes all coming in to close and direct physical contact with each other on the pitch...but, for example, my Mrs can only sit socially distanced and watch a session or a match (not that she would lol) with only 1 other and can still only have up to 6 people socially distanced from 2 households in a private garden? Something doesn’t make sense here!
  12. I see the the Devon Football League are inviting applications to join for 2021/22 season. Is this the opportunity for the 2 Plymouth based sides playing in ECPL - Mt Gould (who are tearing up the ECPL) and Marjons Reserves - to progress to the next level as there is no current way they can progress out of ECPL via direct promotion?
  13. So the question I have then is how are clubs in St Pirans and below who all also have “to cover the cost of match officials, electricity, water, pitch maintenance, line marking, council tax, kit washing etc etc” able to still play football matches and SWPL clubs not able to under these “new Covid restrictions”? I guess this will all be irrelevant tomorrow when Boris puts the whole country up another Tier considering the way rates are rising!
  14. OMG....No covered area - seriously! Still no reason why a game of football can’t go ahead - this purely boils down to finances and clubs needing gate receipts and clubhouse income to pay players! Nothing to do with new restrictions as if clubs didn’t need the money for this then games would, could and should go ahead! I’d say every diehard supporter of Trelawny and Duchy clubs at games every Saturday watch without cover in all sorts of weather.
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