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  1. Over 70 players signed on according to FullTime and the ONLY way St Cleer could ever possibly fulfil the fixture was by playing Liskeard first team players?????? Think Jon is stretching the truth a bit here… The sooner players signing for multiple clubs stops the better in my opinion….
  2. Ah I see - I thought a club had to fulfil any higher status team fixture first. Sorry if this is no longer the case or incorrect….
  3. How can Godolphin Res still play when their SWPL team fixture is off due to COVID in the club?
  4. Div 1 east - Southgate Div 1 west - nanpean Div 2 foxhole res Def Nanpean for Div 1 West as St Columb rely too much on using other higher league clubs players who don’t normally play for them. When these players are playing for their normal clubs. I can see St Columb struggling!!!
  5. St Teath have 40 signed on too but have also postponed for alleged Covid reasons!!! Impossible for the league to manage if clubs call off for this reason unless they ask for evidence of positive tests/isolating but can’t see how this would work or even if they would be able to request this from clubs… Going to be a long season at this rate!
  6. Crikey. Surely not Covid related as 3 of these clubs have 30+, 40+ and 60+ players signed on. Maybe the fixtures have been postponed for other reasons 🤔🤔🤔
  7. Think Newquay Academy is the new name for Newquay Reserves who play in the ECPL. I may be wrong but that’s what I’ve heard….
  8. Ummm. Agreed they were a different level to every other team but they never actually won the league…🤔🤔🤔
  9. Hearing sadly that Padstow have withdrawn from ECPL and that Godolphin Res have gone straight in to Combination League. Can anyone confirm this….
  10. How can they appeal when they aren’t even an affiliated team atm? Start in Trelawney and follow the rules regarding promotion & relegation like every other grassroots club.
  11. Nepotism working at its finest!!!! Lost all respect for this with Jason Heaton’s son included in the squad. No disrespect meant to the young lad but just what is the selection criteria? Sounds like a pub team selection with who is available on the day.....
  12. Heard that St Stephen have withdrawn from the cup due to a lack of players. Is this true? By the sounds of it the league are in a mess about the rules of the cup and player eligibility as clubs are still being allowed to sign on players to play way, way after the 31st March registration deadline - some only signed on last week and looks like they scored on Saturday! St Stephens have already said on here that if they’d known this they could have played Newlyn East last week but weren’t told this by the league until too late! Surely it should be the same rules for everyone?
  13. Do clubs still have to send team sheets in for the Covid Cup? Seems not as there is still not one from Newquay for their game on 17 April and Veryan’s from last Saturday. Appreciate there may be technical difficulties in Gunni uploading theirs but the 2 clubs mentioned should be done! Or does it not matter as there seems to be a lot of blurred boundaries for this cup!!!!
  14. Sorry for confusion Dave - I wasn’t there. Was just going by the 10 man team sheet on full time....
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