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Were off to follow St Blazey on saturday to Newton Abbot Spurs. I see thay have a seated stand and a covered standing area whick is good to hear. No lights as yet.

Can anyone whos been there say this is one of the better grounds to visit?

Should be a good following on saturday. :drink:

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Dont be fooled over the pitch Paul, I cant say ive seen it in person but im told its very heavy right now although a flat surface. A friend of mine played on it last night and providing he hasnt got Newton Abbott Spurs mixed up with Newton Abbott, he said it was awful before they had even got on it!

We will see for ourselves on Saturday.

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I must correct you, he must have played at Newton Abbot which is a very poor draining pitch with floodlights and not at Newton Abbot Spurs which is an excellent pitch but can't yet stage night games as it does not have lights

Phil H

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Not me "Pidge"!

But back to the Spurs ground-it is a recreation complex shared with the cricket club in the centre of Town ,not far from the Railway Station.

I visited there a couple of seasons back for an evening game and what I remember was that I was lucky to find a car space in the car park.

that could be a problem.

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