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County Junior League merger?

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Just shooting the breeze here, but am wondering - with all the fixture chaos, player shortages, and other issues increasingly a concern - whether a new angle could be considered. 

The move appears to be currently to merge Trelawney and Combo .... and to leave Duchy Clubs to be forced to consider other options for parity.

WHY not consider a merger between Trelawney and Duchy into a single, County-junior League with 4 top Premier divisions eligible for promotion to Senior?

Premier East, Premier West, and Premier Central 1 & 2, each of, say 17 Clubs who then also compete in a reduced-format Junior Cup which loses the E/W split for all rounds.

The existing remaining Clubs could compete in feeder Divisions of lesser size with a County knockout cup and a Reserve team Cup for 3nd and 3rd teams only.

The top 2 in each Premier could be eligible for promotion.

and before this gets blasted away just look back to footy in the 60s, 50s and before......the league and cup setup was totally different to modern thinking!





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12 minutes ago, Arty said:

The teams  down here (west)  moan if they have to travel more than five miles to play 

Well yeh , people don't want to travel from far west to Far East for a kick about . People pay subs to play  put fuel in their cars etc people just want a kick about for 90 mins and not do 100 mile round trip for it.  Imagine if your on the bench and traveling from Penzance to play up torpoint or salt ash to play 20mins at the end . People wouldn't bother going . 

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chaps, the point of the East, west and central 1 and 2 is to rejig the county format to REDUCE regular fixture hikes such as Godolphin to Bere Alston, say. reduced cup pressures  ( 3 in total) too will ease fixture congestion too. easier evening games as most clubs will be local to a small commute area 

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In the 1950s and 60s and even before that in the 40s, there were more regional leagues although the Cornwall Junior Cup was played as a league with the top two meeting in the final and the two second placed teams meeting in the 3rd place play off.

Godolphin are in a unique position where they could play in either Duchy or Trelawny Leagues.

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