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  1. digger1000

    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 27 2018

    Absolute pleasure to referee st Buryan 2cnds v wendron 4ths behaviour from both sides was a credit to there clubs and the league Impeccable all round st Buryan 2-1wendron
  2. It’ll be a good watch!!! hard battle should I have said?
  3. St . Just v st .austell .........what a cracker that will be!!
  4. digger1000

    Yet again no ref yet

    Anyone with no ref in West Cornwall dm me please
  5. ?I’m going fishing in dallas your info is good Good Evans above
  6. digger1000

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    Don’t want nothing for it
  7. digger1000

    Ref needed for Saturday pls

    I’m happy to referee on Saturday anywhere in west penwith....not a qualified ref but done it before when games have no ref. if both teams agree
  8. People must realise that if Bodmin hadn’t won all those trophies in recent years this topic wouldn’t exist now !!! And the Bodmin manager can’t be the only one who swears at people etc....it’s impossible I took my boy to watch an evening game recently and left after 20 minutes because the language from both sides and managers was not great. Swearing is rife from the premier league all the way down to the lowest tier and the only ones that can eradicate it are the FA!! Just send them off for bad language....it would take a while but players would soon get the message when they start missing 8 games a season !!!
  9. Hooray!!!! jealousy,hatred only comes when your successful.........lap it up I say!!!
  10. Torrential rain in west penwith area at the moment
  11. Just watched wadebridge v mousehole on Facebook and I must say it was cracking viewing......take a bow whoever has set that up. Listening to the fans falling out and managers shouting it was classic tv and miles better than coronation street and eastenders!!! not sure what the keeper was doing for wadebridges last minute free kick ball seemed to hit back of net in the middle of goal??? again brilliant viewing ????