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  1. Torrential rain in west penwith area at the moment
  2. Just watched wadebridge v mousehole on Facebook and I must say it was cracking viewing......take a bow whoever has set that up. Listening to the fans falling out and managers shouting it was classic tv and miles better than coronation street and eastenders!!! not sure what the keeper was doing for wadebridges last minute free kick ball seemed to hit back of net in the middle of goal??? again brilliant viewing 👏🏽👏🏽
  3. digger1000

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 14th 2018

    50 mile round trip for junior football in August in cornwall for penwith is just ridiculous imo
  4. Ok I bet he played 600+
  5. If more footballers were like him clubs wouldn’t be in the state they are now!!! dont make em like that anymore!!
  6. He played over 37,000 games for Penzance...great player,arguably could have played for cornwall although mite of played not sure LEGEND
  7. digger1000

    Trelawney prem title contenders!!

    Luke Waller and josh Finley in st Buryan forward line = potent That’s a lot of punishment for all prem defenders this season
  8. digger1000

    Trelawney prem title contenders!!

    I thought st.buryan had half of st just combo side this year? hence no relegation!!
  9. digger1000

    Trelawney prem title contenders!!

    I don’t think st Buryan will be relegated do you know anything?
  10. digger1000

    Ludgvan Appoint New Manager

    Pay cash to players in local football = short term success = club doomed in long term
  11. If you don’t have approximately 2/3rds or 3/4 of your club(any sporting club) that are reasonably local......it don’t work very simple especially in West Cornwall
  12. As long as hmrc are informed of payments to players all good.....I take it there on contracts with agents involved etc
  13. Jordan annear to Truro city or not ready yet?