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  1. Hell up mate I never meant to give u home work if you really want to throw a spanner in the work I played a few combo games last season also . But I can’t Evan catch so I dnt count 😄😄😄
  2. Maybe but I dnt like it when it’s me on the ass end of a hammering , 😄😄 im not use to it
  3. Just went on trelawney league website to see what squad mabe had when you lost 10-0 but it says we lost points that game and came up with players ineligible. so I clicked on the next game on from that which iv uploaded a pic of . there was no “senior “ players playing there although since then 3 of that team have gone onto play in the combination league . That game you are talking about was 4 years ago .
  4. I wasn’t having a pop a tms I’m talking about the leagues as a whole . Last season there was a few struggling combo teams then in trelawney leagues players who was too good for that standard . And too many big score lines it’s becoing not competitive for some teams then people lose interest as people dnt want to purview diesel in car drive to a pitch get spanked then pay for that privilege.
  5. The problem is rappo there are too many players who should be playing higher divisions dropping down playing against lower “struggling “teams Then you got teams in combo struggling for players to compete in that league cos the players that can are knocking in 5 goals a game in the lower trelawney league. For example last season Carharrack and porthlevan and others at the lower end of the combo league. then in the lower trelawney league u got teams getting spanked double figures cos the players are too good for that league . then you got the players in the lower league losing interest cos why give up your saturdays to be humiliated and then pay your subs for that privilege. Some people may disagree but it’s my opinion and you can’t deny it when you got double figure score lines
  6. Falmouth dc 3 - 4 st erme very even game of football throughout I thoughts . Falmouth had a lot of chances to put the game to bed but the st erme keeper pulled off multiple top saves . Falmouth was 3-1 up with ten mins to go but st erme showed great spirit to pulled level then last kick of the game nick a winner. Very hot day and a lot of tired legs I expect. falmouth not off to the best of starts but will be a mid table side very hard to get a committed side out for everyone
  7. You got a good young side down there , should be pushing for league I expect. but early days yet . falmouth have had a tough start with perranwell and Penzance hopefully we can start collecting some points
  8. perranwell res 3 - Falmouth DC 1 falmouth arrived at Perranwell for their 1st league game with only 10 players but despite this put up a great battle and took the lead after 15 mins from the penalty spot which was saved at 1st but was retaken as keeper came off his line, which was flagged by the perranwell Lino which was very honest of him . perranwell drew level with a nice top corner hit from Matt rose and then took the lead just before half time. 2 nd half was always going to be tough when you only have 10 but Falmouth played some good football but a miss placed pass led to a perranwell 3rd 15 mins into 2nd half. Perranwell had a few more chances but some great goalkeeping from the Falmouth keeper kept them at bay 😀😉. overall we may have lost but it was an enjoyable game to play in . No bad tackles no bad attitudes from either team . Just a good competitive game to play in
  9. Wats happened down there pal??

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