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  1. Just cannot see how Ludgvan cannot get 15 players together (no matter the standard) to play their games. Baffling
  2. Its the Senior Cup, cannot believe clubs fail to raise a side. Could be a genuine emergency etc but if not then it's a shame
  3. Read that the draw was happening after the Blazey v Looe. Anyone have the fixtures?
  4. Ah ok, makes sense. Just though they may have been included in the chart. Cheers
  5. Anyone know where the other half of the League Cup draw is? Full time only shows top half and is missing the likes of Torpoint and Wadebridge etc
  6. Wouldn't be the biggest shock if i'm honest but then again Newquay beat Buckland so who knows
  7. Saltash the best side I have seen play so far this season but ages to go. Far too early to tell
  8. Cornishfootball

    FA VASE 1st Round Proper draw

    Hope the point end up Sholing us all how it's done
  9. Find it odd that a match goes to extra time but then not to pens and instead to a replay
  10. Wasn't the same ref that did the game against Millbrook was it? Consistantly inconsistant
  11. Thought you'd like the write up and agree with it. Cheers for the support champ, always valued your opinion
  12. If its classed as violent conduct then should be
  13. The game at Lux Park was not a great game but at least the ref was entertaining, almost comical at times. Wasnt one sided but looked like he made the game all about him unfortunately, loved calling the captain over everytime someone questioned him. Felt bad for a Liskeard player who the ref had a go at for running '40 yards' to tell him he was wrong when it was more like 10 yards. Missed some key fouls yet pulled up the soft ones, was inconsistent. Cherry on the icing was a penalty to Liskeard in the probably 88th minute that was a superb toe on the ball from the Millbrook defender which the ref deemed a foul as the player went down. Maybe he thought how on earth could he win the ball cleanly there but would have helped if he was closer to the play. A game that probably should have ended 0-0 but the away team will feel robbed a bit and the home team like they have won tonights lotto Liskeards Keeper Jamie Castle MOM for me, dominant in the air all game and pulled off a couple of decent saves
  14. didnt affect play and the home team lino flagged for it. The ref let the visitiors get the ball out of the net, put it on the centre spot and only then did he go to speak to the lino. Was a shambles in all fairness
  15. The ref at the Saltash v Millbrook game was very poor, he was also being assessed so hope it was picked up on. He disallowed a goal for an off the ball incident that was nothing to do with the play and you are quite right, missed an awful lot. I am going to give the refs some praise because we cannot have football without them but some refs ruin games by not having the odd bad decision which we accept but a whole game full of them which we shouldnt accept