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Mortgage Advice Bureau ECPL applications for 2017/18 season

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ECPL applications


The current situation in the ECPL is that there are 15 teams in the Premier Division and 13 in Division One

If Vospers Oak Villa are relegated from the SWPL they would automatically be relegated to either the ECPL or the P&D League.

Assuming they choose ECPL then the bottom two at the moment Launceston and St Teath will be relegated. This will leave the Premier Division with 14 teams. The compliment will be back to 16 when the top two in Division One will be promoted which looks like Plymouth Parkway plus either Bodmin Town, Looe Town, Mevagissey, Morwenstow or Elburton Villa. (Unsure about the future of Bodmin Town with the possibility of Truro City sharing Priory Park).

This leaves the Division One with 13 teams – three vacancies. St Minver should be promoted from the Duchy League bringing it up to 14. This leaves two vacancies. Although not privy to who has made application but it could mean Newquay moving from the Cornwall Combination League to retain their senior status. Windmill – who need a win to take the P&D League title and Lakeside Athletic who are on target to win P&D Division One. Both have acceptable grounds.

It is also believed that possibly two other clubs have or are considering joining the ECPL. If this is the case then the ECPL will be up to its full constitution of 32 teams, 16 in each division.

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More or less as to what I first posted.  The only problem is what is happening to Bodmin Town.  As they have been kicked out of Priory Park could they change their name and be called something else or will they go en bloc to Nanpean.  In any case if they do finish second and I hope they do then if they pull out it will let in Looe to be promoted.  Interesting times.  

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Suppose that would depend on when they pull out?? If it's at the end of this season or at the start of next? Be a shame to see bodmin not in and around the east Cornwall league. 

And does anyone know vospers plans yet?? (I assume they have been relegated) 

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Far from certain that Bodmin will finish second, they have a difficult game against Lanreath who are flying of late. Also question marks over Pensilva, who I don't think have found a manager to replace Tony Rogers yet; lots of rumours over what will happen there. Looe could well be promoted on merit as runners-up rather than by default.

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