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    Stoke Climsland 2nds?

    Stoke Climsland FC has not withdrawn a team and does only have the one team (Division One). At the beginning of the season officials outside of the Duchy League managed to remove them completely from the Full-Time/Wholegame systems but then when they were reinstated they appeared in both Division One & Two. Believe it or not, it is apparently not a simple matter to get rid of the false entry. Totally out of the Duchy League's control. The eagle-eyed of you out there will also notice that St Dominick & Pensilva are listed as 'reserves' when both clubs only have the one side and Dobwalls & Lostwithiel Reserves are so good 'they named them twice' (to quote ol' blue eyes). That's technology for you ! It wasn't like it in the good old days, just had to cross it out then.
  2. Paul Collings

    Duchy League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    Div One. St Dominick 5 - 0 Tregrehan Mills The Millers have a big, strong, experienced side that will earn plenty of points along the way but not when up against a youthful, lively side like St Dominick has. A two goal lead at the break was a good reflection of the first half, a good standard of football being played by both sides and in the right spirit but with the visiting strikers not giving the home defence too many problems even though they had plenty of attacking moves. St Dominick were pretty dominant after the break and kept up the pressure right to the final whistle notching up three further goals along the way. Thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in the sun at Lovells Park. Alan Shaw's handling of the game with the whistle added to the enjoyment - hardly knew he was there.
  3. Paul Collings

    2019/20 restructure

    just a reminder for anyone interested. On Wednesday 31st October at 7pm Cornwall FA will be hosting an open forum for clubs, leagues and any interested parties in relation to the Southwest League Re-structure in 2018-19 (for season 2019/20)It will be an opportunity for clubs to meet members of the new committee who will be sitting on the new Step 7 League as well as gain insight and information on funding opportunities for clubs who may wish to apply to, not only the new league, but also The Peninsula League at Step 6. In addition we will look to answer any questions people may have about the proposed new set-up and the effect it may have on football in Cornwall.If you wish to attend please email or call Richard Pallot richard.pallot@cornwallfa.com 01208 262983
  4. I am very pleased to confirm that the Duchy League has a new general secretary. He is Nanpean based Derek Walker and his email address is - duchyleague@outlook.com The League has been fortunate to secure Derek's services as it heads into an uncertain future for grass roots local football. .
  5. You only have to look at the distances involved in the three walkovers to understand the main problem Mullion to Launceston, St Teath to St Just and Ludgvan to Saltash Doesn't bode well for two countywide leagues next season.
  6. Paul Collings

    Duchy League - Saturday 6 October 2018

    Div Three = Liskeard 2 - 7 Polperro Two good teams on show first half, some feisty tackles going in but nothing nasty. Liskeard took the lead after 30 minutes but the visitors had gone 2-1 up by the break. The second half was a different story as Liskeard fell apart and the goals kept coming for Polperro. Thanks to Liskeard for supplying a stand in referee for the first half and to Allen Johns for coming out at very short notice to handle the second.
  7. Paul Collings

    Duchy League - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    bad behaviour (allegedly) - a referee's report will go to the Cornwall FA and once dealt with the League will consider the outcome. Until all that happens, somewhere down the line, further comment wont be helpful
  8. Paul Collings

    Duchy League - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Div Four - St Cleer Reserves 8 (i think) - 1 Delabole First Duchy game of the season for me (not feeling the love yet) and the scoreline says it all. St Cleer better in all respects but the visitors were a good bunch of lads (several older lads) and kept at it. It does make you wonder if at say 5 nil it wouldn't be better to call it a day and retire to the pub ! Mr Chairman went to see North Petherwin entertain Foxhole Stars in the Premier Division and enjoyed a cracking match which was a credit to the League. It ended honours even at 2 - 2. Petherwin took a two goal lead but Foxhole deservedly grabbed two late goals. to secure a point. Referee Richard Butter was on top form to add to the enjoyment of all concerned. I think it will be really tight at the top of the Premier Division this season.
  9. With some Junior Cup ties postponed yesterday there will obviously be some fixture changes for next week (Sat 29th) and the Duchy fixture secretary wont be able to sort all these out until he has confirmation from Cornwall FA (and possibly ECPL if any of their games are affected). Absolute pain in the whatsit for Dan Code so please be patient and keep on eye your your Full-Time messages etc.
  10. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE & Cups - Saturday Sept 15 2018

    Nice report, well balanced. Just for the record, I would like to say there always have been some really good people involved at Pelynt and i have always enjoyed visiting and having a pint in the village afterwards.
  11. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE & Cups - Saturday Sept 15 2018

    I think you are missing my point. The referee may well have been poor yesterday, he may have read your post and agreed or not cared but the danger is that he read it and decided not to bother refereeing again. You cannot seriously think that the referee shortage is not the teams' problem - it is a problem for all of us but to put the record straight the Duchy League has no part in recruiting, training or appointing referees, all of which is done by Cornwall FA. You, Richard and I will have to agree to dis-agree on this one.
  12. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE & Cups - Saturday Sept 15 2018

    We are at the rock bottom level of English football, in relative terms all the players are pretty damn poor also - that's life, that's where we are. There were 21 scheduled Duchy League games yesterday 3 of which would have had no appointed referee. A full fixture list is 28 games - where are 10 extra referees coming from? Are we ever going to realise that it is not helpful to be slagging off referees on a public forum? On top of which, what good is it doing your club? Nobody reading such reports feels sorry for the team involved, it just look like they are whingeing, usually because they lost. And finally, 'only one red card was justified' - isn't really a plus point.
  13. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE & Cups - Saturday Sept 15 2018

    Shoe Boy Cup - St Eval Spitfires v Lifton Reserves postponed, no referee. Div Three - Pensilva v Wadebridge 3rds cancelled, Wadebridge unable to raise a team. (This didn't free up a referee as none was appointed and the clubs had agreed on a 'local' official.)
  14. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 8 2018

    Of our 25 scheduled games today 7 had no officially appointed referees (28%). A very big 'thank you' to the five individuals who have agreed to step in and help out and to the clubs who have agreed to this. Unfortunately two games have been postponed - Div One, Saltash Thirds v Holywwell & Cubert and Div Four, Newmoor Rovers v Bude Town.
  15. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Duchy Two = Pelynt 7 - 9 Foxhole Reserves Really ? somebody please give us a report.
  16. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Div One - Stoke Climsland v Tregrehan Mills postponed, no referee. Regarding evening fixtures, Darin is quite right but most clubs simply don't want to do this. No easy answers.
  17. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    To answer all three questions, I don't know why the original referee withdrew but we lost three other officials the same day and there are only four East Cornwall Premier games on tomorrow so things don't look good for the immediate future. The clubs are encouraged to agree on a 'local' stand-in referee but it is not compulsory and it wasn't possible in this case. Thankfully one game was saved by Brian kindly stepping in but the other two remain in doubt. I'm sure there would be times when staggered kick offs and refs handling two games would be very useful, it has worked well with double headers in recent times but not sure how easy it would be to arrange at different venues and we already get moans about late kicks offs & early kick offs & long travelling distances & evening games & having to play on the first Saturday in September & ...... just about everything really !! My glass is definitely half empty at the moment !
  18. Paul Collings

    DUCHY LEAGUE - Saturday Sept 1 2018

    Div One - AFC Bodmin v St Cleer postponed, no referee.
  19. Paul Collings

    Duchy league predictions.

    Lanreath Reserves withdrew from Division Three actually but technology issues at the FA have led to Lanreath Firsts being shown in Division Four on Full-Time (plus Stoke Climsland appearing in Division One & Two and some other minor naming errors). This is all to do with the linking of the Whole Game System to Full-Time and completely out of the League's control.