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  1. No ! but nothing confirmed so i don't want to elaborate just yet.
  2. Latest news - there is now the possibility of a vacancy to allow St Dominick to move up along with St Columb Major. We did set a deadline of sorts of this coming Friday for clubs to confirm their situations - we are trying to be flexible and accommodating given the overall situation. The final layout of the divisions will be notified in due course.
  3. I certainly agree that it would have been much better if both sides could have been moved up without it affecting the existing teams because some of them may well have felt aggrieved if lower division sides jumped above them. . To be honest, I am very surprised that we haven't had further withdrawals which may have made this possible.
  4. The vast majority of clubs agreed that the divisions were generally too small and that dropping one was a good idea. I understand that in any reshuffle of divisions some individuals will feel that their clubs have fared less well than others. Nothing I can say will appease them but I believe the league has dealt with this logically and fairly and (where appropriate) in liaison with the clubs involved. No Duchy team has been relegated, so nobody is worse off. There is absolutely no justification to suggest that anyone was ‘robbed’ or anything has been ‘fixed’. Two teams wanted to take voluntary relegation from the ECPL. It was felt that moving them straight into the premier division would be unfair to our existing division one clubs who were pushing for promotion. Division one was particularly short of teams so entering them there did not penalise the existing division two teams. It is also quite common practice for voluntary relegation to involve dropping two divisions. Because last season was not completed the pecking order for promotion was decided on the ‘points per game played’ basis. Promotion gained this way is only really sensible for the top few teams in any division. At the lower levels in each division the teams are already struggling and it serves little purpose to move these teams up a tier – being realistic, they probably would not cope. Stoke Climsland’s withdrawal from the premier division caused a dilemma. The next team in line for promotion, very sensibly, did not feel it was ready to step up and the next logical move would be for one of the ECPL sides to go up. Another team would then be required for division one and again the next in line were not ready for the move up. The only logical thing to do would be to consider the top teams in division three, two of which were way ahead of the rest on ‘points per game’ with St Columb Major being ahead of St Dominick. Now that all clubs have committed to competing for the coming season the committee can finalise the constitution of the divisions and an official notification will be put out soon.
  5. Stoke Climsland's withdrawal from the Premier Division left the League a team short of maximum numbers for the coming season and opened the way for Polzeath to enter the League. Polzeath will enter in the bottom division as is normal procedure but no decision has been taken yet as to which teams will move up in order to balance out the divisions in line with the constitution which states a maximum of 15 teams per division. The member clubs have been given until next weekend to confirm their commitment to carry on this season and, assuming all the teams do continue, the committee will then have to tackle the troublesome task of balancing the divisions. As things stand the divisions are as follows:- Premier (14) : AFC Bodmin, Altarnon, Boscastle, Foxhole Stars, Gunnislake, Holywell & Cubert, Lanivet, Lifton, Lostwithiel, St Breward, St Merryn, Saltash Utd 3rds, Tintagel, Tregrehan Mills. Division One (15) : Bude Town Reserves, Calstock, Dobwalls Reserves, Gerrans & St Mawes Utd, Gorran, Lifton Reserves, Mevagissey, Nanpean Rovers, North Petherwin, Pensilva, Polperro Reserves, St Eval Spitfires, St Minver Reserves, Southgate Seniors, Week St Mary. Division Two (16) : Biscovey, Boscastle Reserves, Bude Town 3rds, Delabole, Grampound, Gunnislake Reserves, Lostwithiel Reserves, North Hill, North Petherwin Reserves, Polzeath, Queens Rangers, St Dominick Reserves, St Cleer Reserves, St Columb Major, St Mawgan Reserves, St Stephen Reserves.
  6. I do accept that many clubs just want to crack on with it now and perhaps we are being too pessimistic and cautious - time will tell I guess. There just seemed to be too many negatives and unknowns to be rushing into things when there wasn't any need to do so. I did hear today that all our clubs have now affiliated with Cornwall FA, which is a positive sign, but not all have got insurance yet and not all have completed the League affiliation. We've set ourselves a deadline of sorts, next weekend, after which we will press on and it won't take long to bring out the first fixtures. I hope we can keep everyone happy soon.
  7. This modern language has me baffled !!!☺️
  8. The Peninsula, St Piran & East Cornwall Leagues seem to be planning to get straight into it early September, it will be interesting to see how that works out. I think at Duchy level it will be sensible to take things slower. My personal view is that if clubs are really on top of their covid preparations, are keen to play and there is a reasonable chance of getting a referee appointed then there is no harm giving them a game but likewise i see nothing to be gained by pressuring clubs that aren't ready or willing to start just yet and i seriously doubt that there will be enough referees to go around initially. Whatever we do will be wrong i expect. Thanks for all the good wishes to Brian, i am passing them on.
  9. There is no good news ! The League’s main sponsor, Cornwall Airport Newquay, has pulled out of the three season sponsorship agreement after just one season. Following on the heels of the Knock Out Cup sponsorship not having been received the previous season, this leaves the League with a hole in its finances and it will not now be viable to waive the team subscription fees for the coming season. Anyone who fancies having the honour of being the ‘Covid Season’ Duchy League sponsor should make contact with a League official. A number of Duchy clubs are yet to affiliate with Cornwall FA. CFA is looking to have all clubs affiliated by the end of July and all leagues integrated with Full-Time by Friday August 7th – this date will also be the deadline for all Duchy clubs to have paid their subscriptions (plus entry fees & deposits where applicable) and therefore to have committed to starting the season. Although local football has been given the green light it is clear to anyone whose sight has not been impaired by desperate over-optimism that the red light is still flickering in the background. The League wants to get the season underway in a safe and responsible manner and will take things steadily and sensibly. It has already been made clear to all clubs that the League may need to modify its plans as the situation unfolds, this remains the case. All clubs should by now have received details of the FA’s requirement for risk assessments to be undertaken and also some details on the procedures that will need to be in place for football to restart. This is not an area that I am familiar with but it is clear that these risk assessments are not to be taken lightly and they do carry a legal responsibility. It is quite likely that some clubs will not be able to complete a satisfactory assessment and/or will not be able to put the suitable procedures in place. These are FA requirements (and, to me, look quite daunting at our level), the League will help if possible but the best contact for assistance is Richard Pallot at Cornwall FA. The League will NOT penalise any club that doesn’t feel able to continue in membership due to difficulties associated with the risk assessment or any other Covid 19 issues but we really need to know NOW to help with our planning. A few final points:- In order to conserve funds the League Handbook will be produced on-line this season. Match results this coming season must NOT go to Mike Newcombe. The Secretary, Derek Walker, will be receiving the match results by text or email and clubs are urged to make use of the Match Day App (whatever that is!) This will be Mike’s final season as Registration Secretary. Anyone interested in taking on the role for 2021/2 season should contact the secretary. It is unlikely that any form of cup competition will be possible this season but the situation will be kept under review. Of interest to older members especially, I am sorry to report that our president, Brian Conyon, is in particularly poor health at the moment. Apologies – my glass is definitely half empty tonight.
  10. Congratulations to all at St Newlyn East, its been a pleasure having you in the Duchy League.
  11. Devon Football League SEASON 2020-21 CONSTITUTION - SOUTH-WEST DIVISION 1 Bere Alston United 2 Buckland Athletic Reserves 3 Kingsteignton Athletic 4 Lakeside Athletic 5 Newton Abbot Spurs Reserves 6 Okehampton Argyle 7 Ottery St Mary 8 Plymouth Argyle Development 9 Paignton Saints 10 Paignton Villa 11 Plympton Athletic 12 Plymstock United 13 Roselands 14 Totnes & Dartington SC 15 Waldon Athletic 16 Watcombe Wanderers No sign of Mount Gould
  12. Is there a closing date & time for the votes to be in please? Just wondering if we will know before the Duchy agm decisions are finalised.
  13. don't think so Keith = nearly in Somerset isn't it ?
  14. Lewdown & Lifton - i can't think of any more off the top of my head.
  15. In general I am not a fan of secrecy but would agree that in this instance it would be disrespectful to the clubs concerned to be naming any that may be considering dropping out of the ECPL. I do know that there are teams eyeing up their options. I think it is widely known that clubs like St Newlyn East, Gunnislake, Altarnon & Stoke Climsland would be interested in moving up and in normal times would have been trying to earn that right. I was a club official for many years and understand how hard it is to get the balance right – struggling in a higher league or division is not as good for club morale as winning in a lower league. Club officials should always do what is best for their club, but as a league official it is necessary to take a wider view. I don’t personally think it is helpful for teams to be randomly shifting in and out of leagues, or up and down divisions when the long term aim is to establish a good pyramid system in the county. There is no automatic promotion/relegation between the two leagues at present and there is no automatic right for a team to drop down into a lower league out of choice. Eventually the member clubs of both leagues have to decide these matters although obviously both committees will make recommendations. I was certainly not expecting to do any league business via the forum, like most people I am a little bored without my football and was fishing for information because I am interested to know what is going on. I am sure the Duchy Secretary and whoever is currently handling things for the ECPL will communicate soon to discuss the situation. With regards to a merger of the two leagues, there is nothing to report at present. The creation of the St Piran League and circumstances since have not helped . There are two distinct areas to consider. Both leagues have 50+ years of history that is hard to let go of, especially for us older members – this will be resolved with the passing of time and I suspect a season or two will do that. On top of this, we have younger members currently undertaking roles and doing a great job – why would we want to change that? Then there are the more specific issues. I think the first step will be to get a good promotion/relegation agreement in place for a couple of seasons. I think it will be necessary for the ECPL’s apparently flexible constitution to be ended and a single division with a set number be instated so that only 1 or 2 teams go up each season and 1 or 2 teams always come down. Then there is the issue of Devon based teams. The Duchy Lge has now reverted back to ‘Cornwall only’ membership (with exemption for current members) and so ideally the ECPL would have to do likewise.
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