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British players for British Clubs?

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According to a report in the Times today (sorry, don't have the technical skills to build a link!), Premier League managers have lobbied the Government to allow footballers to be exempt from any brexit inspired immigration controls. Apparently two-thirds of Premiership players are imported from Europe.

How terrible would that be? Having to have a majority of British players playing professional football, and imagine the effect on the national team, in due course we could end up with a squad of reasonably good players instead of training (and paying) a host of foreign players to learn how to beat us at international level.

Obviously the team owners and managers are dead set against it!

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While agreeing with you both about the motives if the game's elite, the benighted notion of Brexit, a futile attempt to turn the clock back to mythical days of hope rather than glory, will merely dump thus country further into its touristic wet dream about itself. The bright young people are already leaving. No wonder everything cultural, communal and collective is in decline after that. Of course, the incompetent Etonian scum who set up a referendum for idiots instead of doing the job they had been elected to do are now able to make milliions from their pontifications in the London Evening Standard or a few City boardrooms. The poor old Mugginses who took us out if Europe because they imagined that expelling a few Rumanians would re-open South Crofty and Make Cornwall Great Again will be the first to moan when the triple lock on their pensions gets scat asunder !!! Bleeaaaghhh ! Come on you Tinners !

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10 hours ago, Keith B said:

So to sum it all up - let's go back to having a maximum of three (?) foreign nationals per team, and concentrate on schooling and bringing on British lads. Blimey, many Premier League teams would fold up - no chance, sadly.

Keith sorry it's to late the genie is out of the bottle and the bottle broke , if British players are good enough they will get through , but to many have big deals before they are established first team players .

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