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MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Fixtures Saturday 25th March

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MORTGAGE ADVICE BUREAU ECPL Fixtures Saturday 25th March
SWAZ Teamwear League Cup semi-final
Pensilva 2 Plymstock United 1
Roy Radford Division One Cup Sponsored by Steve Andrews Tyres Ltd Semi-Final
Lanreath 0 Plymouth Parkway 6
Premier Division
Bere Alston United 6 St Stephens Borough 0
Launceston 2 Saltash United 1
Liskeard Athletic v St Austell (Postponed)
St Blazey 4 St Teath 0
Torpoint Athletic 0 St Dominick 2
Division One
Bude Town 0 Looe Town 4
Elburton Villa 8 Nanpean Rovers 0
Mevagissey 1 Millbrook 2
Padstow United 0 Roche 1
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Pensilva v Plymstock

Cup semi final ??? Went to watch our opponents in Cup final

Not on neutral ground, Pensilva goalkeeper should have been sent off, Plymstock perfectly good goal disallowed by linesman who was Pensilva manager! , Referee so biased it was untrue

How can the ECPL put a semi final on a pitch as bad as this with no neutral linesmen and a Referee who was awful throughout ? 


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4 hours ago, ECPL said:

Put your head in.  The linesman is a qualified referee.  

Don't think it's the ability of the linesman that's in question, more the fact that it's a cup semi final with club officials running the line and the game being played with a home advantage, which pensilvas pitch is a huge advantage.

in my opinion a teams manager should not be running the line-but I can also appreiceate the difficulties in getting anyone to run the line, st dom had 2 different subs do it yesterday which I think is worse.  

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Sign of the times i'm afraid.  If people did not stand up to do these jobs then there would be no football.  As far as venue is concerned again it is the luck of the draw.  If Plymstock had come out of the hat first then they would have been at home.  .


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Seems a bit unfair the league dont allow semi finals to be played on a neutral pitch 

Agree with the above Pensilva pitch is a awful pitch and was definitely a advantage 

But not supplying two neutral linesman was a shocking decision . Next year the finalists could have home draws all the way which makes a mockery of the semis 

But yes - a sign of the times , local football seems to stagnate yearly.


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I agree with you Elburton lad, I think the semi-finals should be neutral grounds & neutral assistants. Club assistants get enough abuse off teams now, all it takes is one or two close decisions that could decide an outcome of a big match such as a semi-final

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Take a leaf out of the Combination League's book. They have their knockers but two semi finals on neutral grounds - where clubs volunteered to host the games which are played on Sundays. It works!

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