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  1. Chicken tarka for me. Its like chicken tikka just a little otter! 😂
  2. Northern monkey has summed it up perfectly. Perhaps u should of gone 2 watch Darin if your that interested in the detail! Scorers - Carlo ricks X3 and mikey davies for st dennis, dan jennings X3, kyle flew and ben williams for the bridge.
  3. Blazey had a whole pylon out and another 2 bulbs on the one next to it last friday. Newquay had about 4 lights out last night. Only had 3 months to sort it out!!
  4. Looe vs g was off as its the music festival up there, think st stephens won 6-2?
  5. Agree with most of this for a change. However, the only turning dan lean did was when tiago soares turned him inside out a dozen times. Gadney was my MOM for godolphin.
  6. U mean Cameron, Hayden was playing for westfields in the vase, got MOM.
  7. It was cameron turner with both goals 100% cornish, not hayden!!!
  8. The joys of being successful, but im sure they could of spread them out a bit more. Good luck!
  9. They do not get a lot of support from within the town. They do play a fair few evening games which will bolster their home average aswell as many neutrals go and watch them.
  10. This sites turning into a mixture of wish you were here, casualty and one man and his dog! ? Draw a fair result and not a bad game.
  11. You would say that coming from the west lol. Although i only played the old format i think the new one is better. Chance to play teams from the other side of the county that you wouldn't get normally. As for the final, there was only one team in it. Not a bad game in front of a fair size crowd. St minvers 3rd goal worthy of winning any game.
  12. Perhaps you could tell us how you coached the ex-pro Kevin Miller whilst he was there Leeds? Must of been kicking all those balls at him in the warm up and half time ?
  13. If you've not seen Hobbs very much then you surely can't compare them 100%! Carter has his critics but he gets goals, but in my opinion Hobbs is the better footballer of the 2!
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