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Tickets for the Vase game at St Austell

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I've seen the references to getting tickets but it seems you have to either have a twitter account or know a member of the St Austell Committee. With no twitter account and living in Redruth, how can I get a ticket: come to that, do I need one in advance: is it all-ticket?


We just want to make it a bit easier on the day by selling tickets early, you will still be able to buy tickets at the gate on the day of the game.

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Can you confirm the term of a concession fee at your club? Ok yes I understand for elderly but I have a family member who suffers epilepsy therefore has free national concession bus travel and goes to many games including parkway, saltash and Newquay. How does that stand considering he watches games on his own and theoretically is classed as having a disability? Thanks statto

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Surely clubs cant really be expected to have a policy relating to "disabled" people and to give concessions to all.
I'm sure most might "wave in" certain known persons but be careful not to open a can of worms here.
May I take this opportunity to wish Laffs and all at Town the very best.

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On my travels I find concessions vary a lot what could  be £6 at one club maybe £9 at another level 3.

OAP's (I got told off for calling them that, supposed to be disrespectful and I'm 79) can vary I've seen the age range differ 60, 62, 65. Some requiring proof of age.

Disabled is I think only for officially DSS registered disabled. There are a host of others students, children, age variations it is difficult to keep up.


Best way is to consult the clubs website, I turn up and pay the going rate. If I think that too high I may not bother with a programme or 50/50


Car parking is another charges vary from free upwards, now I am following football league the car park fee at Wycombe is £5 but free if you are there 2 hours before a game, so I am, my fiver buys a decent sized plate of pie and chips, that saves me cooking that day, to vary it I may substitute the pie for a pasty.

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