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Cornish Teddy Boy's Combo site has goalscorer information for past seasons including 1973/74. If anyone can add to what's on there please contact him. I probably have no right to say this but for all the effort he puts into the site it would be great if all the information was filled in and if you were a player, what better was is there to brag and see your name in lights so to speak.

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Willow has been finding out scorers for league and cup games and has randomly picked 1973/4.

Eventually we hope to find as many of the 67,000 goals as possible.

Below is a link to the club pages. Click on a teams page.

We haven't got all the scorers as half the time the papers never printed match reports, but of those we have, we are missing quite a few Christian names.

Have a look at your clubs page and see if you can identify any names from the past.



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