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Heres one to get you going.

I'm bewildered as to why Steven Gerrard didn't carry on playing for England and get more caps than Forrest Gump . I thought that he would have wanted the honour of being Englands most capped outfield player , after all he deserved it . It seems strange that he called it a day a few caps short ( was it one or two ? ) it wasn't as if he was a liability and I think the next one after he finished was a friendly so why finish ? .He could even have been a sub in the Cup games Is it because he felt that to be the most capped was of no relevance ? or did he think it was time that the management needed new blood and would have to start the new campaign without him ? .

I don't pose this question because I'm a Gerrard fan although I do think he's been a good clubman and international player .

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The lad is struggling. He is doing the right thing in trying to prolong his career by continuing to play for Liverpool but whkle Rodgers is in charge he has not got a clue where to play him

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Past his sell by date for international football, and getting there in the premiership.....he knows it, smart fella.

Gerard has had a great career at Liverpool but as it happens to us all it is slowly but surely coming to an end , great player for club and country and most football fans when at his peak would have liked him to pull on their club colours
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