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Truro's FA Cup opponents are.....

Guest Postie Pidge

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

...... Cut your tongue out and wash the rest of your mouth with soap and water girl !

I'm sure that Newquay have a game somewhere (prob the 2nds) but hey, thats gotta be better than drinking Prawn sarnies and eating G&Ts - those that travelled to Perranwell had a great afternoon despite the result.

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Mark , If "Pidge" can find the details all well an good as my filing system is hit or miss at the moment.(I could locate them on Sunday)

I think the score was 3-0 on a wet miserable afternoon in which Bath City were too much street wise to see a cup upset.

I know Ian Gosling had a rough time up against Grantly Dicks and there was uproar from the grandstand during the second half.

A warning to Truro as reading between the lines from the Bath web they have noted that a good crowd is expected and I can see a luxury overnight stay in their preparations for a cup match which they are taking very seriously although there is a staus gap between the leagues.

They consider the Truro personel as Southern League standard.

Falmouth had a good turnout for the cup tie but made No profit due to Bath 's expenditure which was within the FA guidlines but not in the spirit of a minnow club taking on a giant.

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thanks dave!!! cant work the team out??remember being up front on my own and not touching the ball very often!!!! one shot wide!think **** and tom were awesome as usual against big blond bloke,ex sheff wed?west was it?patriot,dodge was a great player,the best of his kind for years.scary!!!glad he was a team mate!you young lads wont remember us old fogies!!!used to be one live game on the tv every fortnight in them days!!!! blah blah!! :( :c:

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