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Chelsea fixture chaos


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Firstly, I thought that before teams played an FACup match, the date of any replay had to be set. Clearly this is not the case for Chelsea v Man U.

With Chelsea still being in Europe and an international break coming soon (Eng play 22nd & 26th March), there is no "slot" allocated for a replay. I doubt if the FA will move the SF dates as Wembley has been booked. With tickets needing to be sold for the SFs and fans' travel arranged there is not much leeway.

The only dates I can see possible are Wed 3rd April IF CFC out of Europe come Thursday OR Good Friday 29th March with Soton v CFC moving back a day to Easter Monday. Either way not much time before the 13/14th April SFs.

If CFC progress in both cups the situation will get very silly.

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I wont bore you with details, but look in the history books when united won the treble, we was playing 3 games a week. Hhhhmmmm, 3, very poignient, 3 games a week and 3 Trophies!! Ol purple nose took it in his stride, although i think the FA stopped the earth from turning on its axis, so that fergie didnt miss Coronation street that week.

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