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another striker departs !!!

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Players move on for many varied reasons and you cannot attribute a common cause, that would be too sweeping. Sometimes a player,however talented, just does not gel into a team framework and will move on simple as that, everything is not just down to money in all cases, personal circumstances, ambition, and the simple need for a fresh challenge, or maybe not getting a regular start, all these factors could come into play when a player moves on. Parkway has been highlighted but I am sure there are many other clubs that have comings and goings. I believe Ryan Richards has had several moves, but now appears to have found his comfort zone. Parkway will still have a big say in the push for runners up, I feel that winning it will be beyond them but second is still very much within their grasp, and that is all they need to get promotion which at the end of the day is what any club, player, manager worth his salt would want.

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Here's a bright suggestion. . . How about promoting some of the 2nd team who are now doing really well in their own respective league!! The lad Harris surely could make the step up with someone coaching him and Worth always seems to hit 15-20 a season often from a wide position. Shame if Coombes has gone as partnership with Ryan on Saturday against Bodmin looked decent. One winning aerial battle and holding up play and he other quick and prolific in front of goal.

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im sure richards has played for parkway before and left and came back ? will the players wanna travel further a feild for an extra tenner next season ?

Over the past 3 seasons , I count the following who have left :








Well done to Ryan Richards who has stayed.

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