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Leading Goal Scorer Poll On Official SWPL Website

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The leading goal scorer for the SWPL Premier Division is showing as Joe Knight of Liskeard Athletic at the moment although 15 of his 16 goals were scored for Dobwalls so Phil Hiscox is running a poll to determine whether goals in the lower SWPL divisions by players should then be counted on a players tally for the season if he transfers to a Premier Division club or whether they start again at zero.

Pop on over to the official website and cast your vote.


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This is not a thread to discuss who will be the leading goal scorer. The poll on the SWPL website is about when a player moves from east or west to the Premier division or vise versa, should his goal tally for his previous Club also be counted for his new club. The Poll is in favour of his goal tally stays with his previous club and to start from scratch with his new club

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