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  1. I was at the game. Think you will find they were short on helpers, and I dint think it helped when they game was confirmed playable late morning. It’s a catch 22 situation, your dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. but credit to the ‘volunteers’ at Dobwalls FC they done a grand job to get the game played and for serving hot drinks during the afternoon to keep the supporters warm. On the field cracking effort by Dobwalls, but Saltash went up a couple of gears in the second half to win comfortably.
  2. A reminder to all Clubs to hold a Minutes Silence in respect for Ken Atkins who passed away earlier this week.
  3. May be a tough nut to crack, but do they fancy an 400 mile trip to Plymouth? Home advantage will benefit Parkway
  4. Well done to the Majors. 3 points in the bag. Top of the league. Hopefully watch a game soon
  5. I remember it very well. I was the driver and I was deaf for a week 😂
  6. Cracking result would have travelled down to watch but had to work. Possible trophy or 2 at the end of the season ?
  7. But you would also need the support of the Member Clubs of the respective leagues to support a merger
  8. Interesting applicants from the East. Will make the ECPL very interesting between now and the end of the season
  9. It is not in the ECPL rules that a club should be expelled from the league
  10. Penryn had 71 watching their game against Bude yesterday
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