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  1. Awesome result for Tavistock considering the last time they met St Austell won 5-0 at a canter
  2. Well done Elburton Villa. Bet they get back late though, and a few sore heads in the morning
  3. hedgerow


    Would have thought Supporters would have tweeted updates
  4. Josh Oak is a really nice lad and a cracking keeper
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45810146 BBC have a write up on their website
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46047599 build a bigger changing room or be relegated - FA warning to non-league clubs
  7. Strange that there is no mention on the Truro FC website
  8. I found the information on the County FA website. Apparently only 9 clubs registered an interest in attending, plus a number of league committee members from various leagues
  9. There a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the new set up for cornwall in more detail
  10. hedgerow

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    No problem in expressing an opinion, but it only counts, in my opinion, if you were attending a game. You are giving your opinion, from here say, which in my opinion, does not count. Whoever offers you a lift and pay entrance fee for you, call their bluff, then you will know if it is genuine or not. At least Leeds gives his opinion as he sees it because he watches the games.
  11. hedgerow

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    Plenty of members on this forum have offered to give you lifts, pay entrance fee and buy you a cup of tea. But you have turned it down, so really you are running out of excuses for not attending games and then give an honest posting on the game you have watched. Start attending games then maybe, a big maybe, members will read some constructive comments
  12. hedgerow

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    It may have been a lucky goal and a boring game, but a win is a win, 3 points on the board. And if your relying on hear say perhaps you should remove yourself from your keyboard ? and watch a game then you can give an opinion on this forum.
  13. hedgerow

    PARKWAY 2 Brislington 3.

    It did not work last season when they had a reserve team. They could not get a suitable replacement for Andy for this season, so they withdrew the team.