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  1. Gleason were in the Plymouth Sunday League, strong team had a pitch beside the factory. Also a strong league. West Devon Sunday League were quite jealous. Good Days by far
  2. Players should set an example and follow what Rugby Union players doing. Juventus pay freeze for 3 months, players in Spain doing something similar. Players turn up for a couple of hours training a day, kick a ball for 90 minutes on match day, but the non playing staff employed by the clubs go on the furlough scheme or made redundant, but players get paid. what the hell are the agents doing involved for and the PFA. This is a no brainer, get it sorted otherwise a lot of supporters will tell the clubs to stick it. Next thing Premiership Clubs will be asking for bail out to help them
  3. A lot of clubs will fold, mainly due to lack of sponsorship, and shortage of players. And that’s just not Cornwall, but Nationwide. Adult football has taken a massive hit over the last couple of years with clubs folding. What’s happening now could be the final nail. 2 years ago around 5,000 teams had finished. This may take a couple of years to recover in football circles. Players/managers may not be working at the moment but when this is over they will want to get back to work and start earning money, like everyone else. Working and earning money will be a priority I’m afraid. 5 a side leagues will be the ones to benefit
  4. Should be a cracker will have to pop along, providing it’s still on
  5. It is down to individual leagues to decide whether to continue. Just like SWPL, East Cornwall Premier League made the decision.
  6. Not keen on the comments regarding the ECPL. volunteers still have full time jobs. Decision was made early evening to cancel all fixtures. Upto that time point it was business as usual, hence why the forum was quiet.
  7. I can confirm all ECPL fixtures have been postponed until further notice
  8. Bad luck Parkway today. Congratulations on Bitton reaching the semi final
  9. Great result St Columb. Are you guys Home next week ?
  10. That would have been the ideal draw. Yes it’s a long trip, but someone got to play Parkway. Good luck to them.
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