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  1. It such a shame the club has been in steady decline since they won the Vase. Lets hope The Club and the supporters have a change in fortune before it's too late.
  2. Quite an expensive day/evening out. Midweek game getting home around 1am as well
  3. I agree, but Parkway supporters don't have to do a 200 mile round trip to watch a game at Home. If the bad form continues Truro could be playing in an empty stadium, apart from the away fans
  4. As I posted on a previous thread, going to be a long season.
  5. No 17 seater mini buses available ?
  6. Did he not play for Plymouth Parkway for a while couple of seasons ago ?
  7. Well done to all, considering it was a horrible afternoon. You better enquire about a double decker to return the compliment 😁
  8. hedgerow

    Truro v Billericay

    That is a poor attendance. Could be a long season ahead
  9. hedgerow

    What? No pasties?

    This is normal 😁
  10. hedgerow


    And that includes looking in his mirror, assuming he has one 😂
  11. hedgerow

    What? No pasties?

    I can vouch for st Agnes bakery, going that way tomorrow think we may have to pop in, awesome pasty
  12. hedgerow


    The cornish has had a massive dislike for outsiders for generations, the further West you go the worst it gets, it's not just football related
  13. People do not realise it is quite expensive running a football club, even at ECPL / P&D level
  14. hedgerow


    It is only a couple of village idiots who have a pop on here about Devon Clubs, mostly aimed at Plymouth Parkway FC.