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  1. Anyone know St. Columb result ? Just seen the result
  2. What happened to Torpoint, bad day at the office or was Callington that good on the night
  3. If Clubs feel that strongly about this subject they can always put a proposal for a league change, seconded by another Club, at the AGM I agree
  4. Only one team been mentioned, Tavistock. Can’t have a pop at Parkway, let’s pick on Tavistock. Hardly a mention if a Cornish field first team players
  5. 12hrs has passed and no more postings about Bodmin losing. That’s a surprise
  6. It is swings and roundabouts. If you are the away team, and you win. As well as the prize money your travel is also paid for. But it can work bad if you lose at Home. But it’s the taking part that counts.
  7. Think he is not far wrong. Depending on league/FA rules, After a period of playing time if the game is abandoned the result will stand.
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