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  1. It makes a nice change to read a Club Linesman being praised. Well done
  2. Perhaps Bodmin should do the same with their floodlights then 😂
  3. Yes they sneaked it in on the quiet. No warning.
  4. Wow, was not expecting that result. Nothing like making your intentions known at the first game of the season
  5. Depends who you are playing, otherwise Standard is quite good, They are beatable
  6. Worthy winners by a mile. My desk gave a slight hint of how happy I was feeling Today . Yes, maybe 30 years, but worth the wait. I make that 4 trophies in 12 months. Bring on next season
  7. Bad luck Parkway today. Congratulations on Bitton reaching the semi final
  8. That would have been the ideal draw. Yes it’s a long trip, but someone got to play Parkway. Good luck to them.
  9. Congratulations Parkway on your victory today.
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