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  1. Depends who you are playing, otherwise Standard is quite good, They are beatable
  2. Worthy winners by a mile. My desk gave a slight hint of how happy I was feeling Today . Yes, maybe 30 years, but worth the wait. I make that 4 trophies in 12 months. Bring on next season
  3. Witheridge is just outside Tiverton
  4. Bad luck Parkway today. Congratulations on Bitton reaching the semi final
  5. That would have been the ideal draw. Yes it’s a long trip, but someone got to play Parkway. Good luck to them.
  6. Congratulations Parkway on your victory today.
  7. It has been mentioned quite a few times the numbers of clubs that have folded in Cornwall. Nationally, over the last couple of seasons, just over 3000 clubs have folded through one reason or another. The respective County FA’s need to ask how can this be solved this problem. Adult participation has declined, whilst Walking, smallsided football has seen a massive increase.
  8. May be a tough nut to crack, but do they fancy an 400 mile trip to Plymouth? Home advantage will benefit Parkway
  9. I remember it very well. I was the driver and I was deaf for a week 😂
  10. Interesting applicants from the East. Will make the ECPL very interesting between now and the end of the season
  11. Penryn had 71 watching their game against Bude yesterday
  12. I was at the game. Got to say Highworth thought they could turn and win with ease. Tavistock scores after 7 mins, game on. Higghworth decided to wake up after the 3rd goal. Too late. Best bit of the game was the Highworth manager, doing a Phil Brown, on his players in the middle of the pitch. He was not best pleased. Tavistock fully deserved this victory, did not let Highworth settle for the whole 90 minutes Good luck in the next round
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