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  1. Very sad to hear. Hope the lad is ok and fully recovers
  2. At long last the season starts today Good luck to everyone, especially the new teams who have joined the ECPL
  3. Got to put 7 days to the club, but you can ask them if they would waiver it.
  4. What’s the cost etc, how do you register your interest in going on the away games
  5. Who is the contact regarding seats on the coach ?
  6. Mount Gould are playing in the East Cornwall league this season
  7. Moaners cannot have a pop at Parkway, so they have to pick on someone else
  8. Should be an interesting season
  9. Lakeside had moved to Step 7, Mount Gould to the ECPL
  10. Watched the first half of St Columb v St Eval Spitfires yesterday afternoon. What a transformation from the last 2 seasons. No disrespect, but St Columb were better organised, lots of banter before the game and plenty of talking etc during the game. Unfortunately this was missing the last couple of seasons. When I left it was 1-1 St Columb were the better side against their League 2 opponents, but unfortunately gave away a sloppy goal against the run of play just a couple of minutes before half time. It is early days, playing these games are more important then the result. First impressions I think St Columb will do very well this season. Promotion will be a massive boost for the Club and community. Hopefully, I will see more games this season. Good luck to them and all the teams this season in the Duchy League.
  11. That sounds encouraging. Been a bad couple of seasons for them. Fingers cross they have turned the corner
  12. Fingers cross I will be there Saturday
  13. Sorry guys did not make it very clear. Just asking if St. Columb had any other friendlies lined up
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