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  1. You really are an absolute idiot. Your posts are the same monotonous crap. You are nothing more than a forum troll and keyboard warrior.
  2. Witheridge AFC are currently looking for a new management team for the 1st team who currently play in the South West Peninsula League Premier Division. The club are looking for an applicant with vast football experience. Applications are to be sent to chriscole128@hotmail.com
  3. The South West Peninsula League was a brand new league back in 2007 when the South Western League and Devon County League amalgamated into one and is not a different name for the South Western League.
  4. Do you really think anyone takes any notice of the same old same old bullshit you post here day in day out. You are so ill informed and nothing more than a joke so why the hell don't you take your head out of your ass and engage that pea sized brain of yours before posting f**king crap. For years now you have posted shit about the SWPL & County officials yet are nothing more than a f**king keyboard warrior who has never revealed himself to SWPL or FA officials in person as you are nothing more than a keyboard warrior and a coward. Don't give a shit if I get banned from here but it is about time someone had the balls to call you the f**k out and told you exactly what people think of the crap you post on here you imbecile.
  5. I'm confused with Stoke Gabriel passing ground grading with dispensation. Not quite sure how it works but surely they used the dispensation period the last time they were in the Premier. Have asked the league this question on twitter and await the reply.
  6. Tivvy Reserves have announced on twitter they will be pulling out of the SWPL at the end of the season. A saving grace for Witheridge & Newquay as surely only one team will be relegated now. Sorry St Blazey although nothing is confirmed it will take a miracle for it not to be you.
  7. I really don't know why people rise to him, I don't think I have ever seen anything sensible posted by him. He is what is nowadays known as an internet troll that hides behind a pseudonym and gets off on posting crap.
  8. Posted on official SWPL twitter feed the other night in response to Dave Deacon.
  9. Phil Hiscox posted on this the other day and Step Six is as far as they can go so promotion is not an option
  10. Midlandlilywhite the attendance was 132 and was around a 50/50 split between home and away supporters.
  11. A great end to another good season for Withy who finish the season with a sixth place finish which is another personal best for the club. Brilliant fun today with the St Austell boys who made the trip up in a double decker bus and certainly made sure they drank enough to last a whole season. Hosts took an early lead through Liam Eddy with 16 year old Bradley Kelly equalising for Withy but not before Kyle Bassett had a penalty saved by Chapman between the St Austell posts. Brad Kelly headed Withy into a half time lead however Chapman made his second penalty save of the afternoon straight after the restart, this time denying Luke Cole from the spot. Martin Giles was shown a straight red for foul and abusive language towards Withy striker Jordan Charran which seemed a bit harsh before the visitors equalised through a fine strike from Dan Hart. Mike Humprheys hit the winning goal of the day for Withy from 35 yards out which struck the underside of the crossbar before nestling in the net and giving Chapman no chance. In the clubhouse after the banter was friendly between both sets of players and supporters with singing and chanting before the Withy supporters starting up a Champione chant out of respect for the newly crowned league champions just before the St Austell crew climbed back aboard their bus for the trip back to Cornwall. A great way to end the season.
  12. I think it is a question (not the backhander, as I can state that he wouldn't, but the fact of the referees appointment and travelling expenses) which should be asked. Having said that, the person who will possibly answer that question would be the Referees officer, Keith Mann. 'Nuff said! I do believe though, that there is a ceiling on Referee travelling expenses, at least that was the case a few seasons ago. It was a tongue in cheek, what was he smoking (high as a kite) remark not backhander :-)
  13. Witheridge 2-3 Godolphin Atlantic Hard game for both sides and a draw would have been a fair result. Witheridge were denied a late clear cut penalty which Tania (The Chair-Person of Godolphin) agreed should have been given as she was stood with a perfect view by the referee. All in all a good game for the spectator with plenty of goals. :-) Bizarrely today's referee was from Hayle and travelled a 220 mile round to officiate today's games and has left people wandering whether the appointments referee had possibly taken something he shouldn't have when he made the appointments ;-)
  14. There isn't as much sudden movement of the feet in rugby as there is in football with all the twisting and turning along with the pace of the game reducing the risk of boots sticking in the mud which could lead to broken ankles and other foot related injuries and unfortunately in this day and age could lead to where there's blame theres a claim. I remember a couple of season ago Witheridge were playing away on a very wet and heavy pitch and giving the home side a bit of a thrashing when the home keeper starting yelling at the referee that the game should be adandoned because of the state of the pitch and that if he gets injured because of it he will sue him. I'm not going to name the side or keeper but obviously this is how people view things now.
  15. Stopped in The Blisland pub for a bite to eat and a couple pints with the Withy supporters when we used to take a supporters minibus to away games a few years back on our way back from Bodmin. Don't remember seeing any footy photos on the walls but lots of Toby Jugs on the ceiling
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