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These are the relevant combo rules but might not apply to the SWPL

A Club shall take the gate receipts for all its home League matches. The maximum time to be played in League matches shall be 90 minutes (45 minutes each-way) and the minimum shall be 80 minutes (40 minutes each-way). The times of kick-off shall be 3:00p.m. with the exception of the months of November, December, January and February when the time of kick-off shall be 2:30p.m. Evening fixtures shall kick-off by mutual agreement. Any Club failing to commence at the appointed time shall be fined a sum not exceeding £10 or otherwise dealt with as the Management Committee may determine.

(d) Notice of postponement of any matches must be given without delay (by personal service, telephone or telegram) by the Club postponing to the League Fixture Secretary, The League Referees Appointments Secretary, the Secretary of the opposing Club and the Referee (and Referees Assistants). Any Club failing to comply with this Rule shall be dealt with by the Management Committee, who may inflict any penalties that they deem suitable. No fixture to be cancelled until referred to the Chairman, Secretary and Fixture Secretary. Cancellation of matches through unfit grounds can only be granted by the match Referee or a Referee nominated by the League

(h) In the event of a match not being played, or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it shall (subject to clause j) be replayed in its entirety on a date to be arranged by the League Fixture Secretary, who shall re-arrange all outstanding fixtures by 14th April. Only floodlit games can be played by mutual agreement providing they notify the League Fixture Secretary and Referees Appointment Secretary of the date and time of kick-off.

(j) the Management Committee shall review all matches abandoned in cases where it is consequent upon the conduct or either or both Teams. Where it is to the advantage to the Competition and does no injustice to either Club, the Management Committee shall be empowered to order the score at the time of abandonment to stand. In all cases where the Management Committee are satisfied that a game has been abandoned owing to the conduct of one team or its Club member or members, they shall be empowered to award the points for the game to its opponents and/or take what other action they deem necessary.

In cases where a game abandoned owing to the conduct of both teams, or their Club members, the Management Committee shall take such action as they consider appropriate.

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Here's the official view from the South West Peninsula League, as posted by the League's Secretary who by the sounds of it has had a few asking the same question:-

"For the avoidance of doubt and to stop managers and players phoning me late on Saturday night and early on Sunday Morning (as if I have not got enough work to do !) The league rule is repeated below :

8.3 All matches shall be of ninety minutes’ duration. Any match not complying may be ordered to stand as a completed match or replayed for the full period of ninety minutes or the match awarded to the club not at fault, as the Board may decide, on such terms as the Board shall decide. The half-time interval in all matches shall not exceed 15 minutes.

Where a match is abandoned for reasons over which neither Club has control, the home Club shall retain the gate receipts of such uncompleted match and the Board shall decide the terms upon which any replayed match shall be played.

All claims for compensation shall be received by the Competition Secretary within 14 days of the date of the match to which the claim relates.

[Where a match is abandoned by either club, because of the conduct of one team or its club members the board shall be empowered to award the match to the opponents and fine them in accordance with the fine tariff. Where an abandonment is caused by the conduct of both teams of their club members the board will take such action as they consider appropriate and both shall be fined in accordance with the fines tariff].

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To my knowlage Phil is certainly not refering to anybody from Godolphin pestering him late on Saturday night. Maybe it was somebody from Porthleven who certainly seem to be clutching at straws and showing how desperate they have become for points by trying to seek a rematch even though the know they were compfortably beaten on the day.

If they are so confident that they may have salvaged something from the match, i wonder if they would be so willing to travel back to Newquay to play the last 9 minutes that were remaining to recover the 2 goal defecit.

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I understand it must be extremely frustrating having the match abandoned after 81 mins, but to keep going on about it is slightly embarrassing. Surely if you are good enough you'll beat Port in the rematch?

Or did you get lucky on the day and you're scared that Port might spank you instead? Port have scored injury time winners this season against Newquay, Penryn and Callington so there's evidence that they might have scored at least 2 and possibly even 3 in the last 9 mins plus stoppage time.

"The man doth protest too much, methinks."

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Not protesting at all sue. just voicing my opinion and seeking justice for our players who gave everything yesterday in grueling conditions and had Porthleven beaten fairly and squarely.

I do indeed feel strongly that the result should stand after 81 minutes. The match was officialy abandoned due to poor light but the match kicked off as scheduled by the league at 2.15pm.

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I can assure you Derek, nobody from Porthleven was in any rush to speak to Mr Hiscox on sat eve ! If we played for 90mins, we would have excepted the result, &, if the league said the result should stand, we would have excepted that, however, it appears the rules are quite clear m8. I have no complaints that on the day, Godolphin were the better team & deserved to win the game, so no clutching at straws from me. The only person you should be having a dig at is the guy who ended the match 9mins early, however, in my opinion, he should have ended it 15mins earlier than he did !

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