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Just 1 Day to go until the most important football match in Cornwall this season.....

The CornwallFootballForum.com Charity Trophy

CHOWN XI v DEACON XI @ Carharrack FC (Howard Beauchump Recreation Ground TR16 5SF) in aid of Help For Heroes. Bank Holiday Sunday 24th May. Kick Off 12:30

I would like to personally thank all those that have made this match happen, all the players playing in the game and you the supporters that are attending.

Bring along your mates, Beer Tent all Beer £1.50 and BBQ.

A massive attendance is expected so arrive early to get a decent car parking space.

Entrance fee is £2 so please help the stewards by having the correct change unless you would like to donate more :)

Hope to see you on the day and thanks for attending.

I would like to all thanks Tamsin Jobson (Penryn AFC) for being the Physio on the day, Eddie Corcoran for being the match official and David James and Nigel Jewell for volunteering to be his assistants it means a lot to have you there.

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Guest Reginald Perrin

What a great game for a worthy charity. Out of Interest how many Service personnel are in the teams? Again great idea and lets hope for great weather. :c:

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Guest plainmoor

I've now heard from three different sources that Alan Wallace has been sticking his beak in, by trying to get this game called off and also by telling people that the referee and linesman are not registered with the relevant authority.

What right does he think he has? is this a step too far for this lonely old hermit?

Message from the whole of Cornwall.........................................keep your nose out where it doesn't belong.

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Yep, utter claptrap, we've done all we need to satisfy the authorities!

Anyway, back to the game tomorrow and I've suggested to all my players that no booze or sex tonight ahead of the big game.

In view of the importance of this fixture and raising funds for such a worthwhile charity, I'm so glad that everyone is taking me serious .... just had to share the reply from Jon Row ......"At a wedding mate. No beer for me, just loads of champagne. No chance of sex in this state." :D:D :D

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Guest Sam Boston

Can I just wish everyone the very best for a great game today? I'm gutted I can't be there but we're having a kids tournament at Perran and some fool thought I'd be a good candidate for ref :o I've been reading up on the latest issue of "Reffing the Larry Marsh way" so I reckon Perran will see the error of their ways and boot me out of the centre circle in which case I'll be over :D But if, for some crazy reason, they think I'm doing half a job and keep me there I just wanted to wish everyone good luck and nice weather :c:

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