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What do you think about the proposed West Cornwall merger?


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It's defo happening and will occur the season after the FHFL have celebrated their 50th anniversary . Both commitees are meeting regulary and i believe that the top halfs of each league will combine to make Div 1 the 2 lower halfs will make Div 2 and then continuing downwards. Good for local football and a lot easier for registration forms :D

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I'm not too sure.. I think the leagues are good at the moment! But hell, if the majority of people think it'll be a good idea, then I'm all for it! There's been talk of a major league(s) transormation and shuffle for years now, so IF it happens, It'll be good!

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I think it will be the best thing to happen to Junior football in West Cornwall. It will undoubtedly improve the standard of football in West Cornwall once the leagues even out. I respect all the officials from both leagues who administer their respective leagues and the service they have given to the game. Hand on heart if I was living in Cornwall during the week I would put myself forward to join the FHFL committee, however running this forum could be seen as conflict of interest but then again a Senior league official who is a member of the forum did tell me the other day a well run forum is a useful tool and he considered this forum to be that.

I have a few suggestions for when the merger takes place and I will be writing a official letter with my proposals which we hopefully be voted on in the initial AGM of the league as laid down in letter released to FHFL clubs last year. Mainly the proposal of modernising the administration system and increasing the flow of information through the Internet similar to the superb leagues in the London FA which I have experienced and as it is funded by the England FA there is no excuse to have it implemented, if voted in favour.

In the London FA, they make full use of the FA website to distribute fixtures and results. There is a mobile text service similar to what I do for the teams in FHFL 2, which is free where you get other results from your division sent to your mobile phone after full time. Managers can see other clubs current form and who the leading goalscorers are at the touch of a button. (Exactly the same as the unofficial FHFL website which no longer operates). Its all free!!!

I got to admit I think the CCFA is really good, regularly updated and informative. :thumbsup:

I know some people don't want to hear it but we have to get in to the 21st Century or am I wrong?

Perfect example: Taking away i already know all the FHFL 2 results as all the mangers text me the results and I send a combined list out.

If I wanted to find out FHFL 2 results I could phone up the league and leave a message on a answering machine but that is not very practical. I have to spend 95p to buy the Sunday Independent however the FHFL results are not in it this week, but if I wanted to find out the Devon County Women Cup 1/4 final I was in luck, the result was Exeter Rangers 0 Plymouth Argyle 13 by the way. Now I have to wait until Thurs to buy the West Briton who usually get it wrong. I don't think that is a good position for a modern league to be in. This AGM I will be putting my proposal forward and hope will clubs will support it? As Dave Sobey told me the only way to see change is if it is brought up at the AGM.

We need to make sure the proposed league will be a shining example to others around England.

Then again you can always look on CornwallFootballForum.com for all the latest news on Cornish Football from across the county!

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Bloody Hell thats great sites suported by the FA that actually seem to work.

I tell you these dam computers a flash in the pan, they will never catch on. You can't beat pen and paper.

Fully agree with you Richard its time to move forward and have something we can be proud of.

Only problem will be who will they trust to run it? Will need to be someone with the IT skills to do it and someone who they would trust with all that information. After all you can't publish something like that if its not right. You have to leave that to the papers to do..............

Bring back the FHFL..................a great site that should have been supported by the league not shunned.


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Excellent. About time to have a simple, rational structure of promotion and relegation, consistent between east and west. I proposed a template twelve years ago. The West Penwith League merging was the first step; this merger is the second. It's possible to have regional divisions right at the bottom, as Duchy league used to, for those desperat not to travel too far.

Maybe the whole junior-senior distinction will become a thing of the past. Cornwall is one of the only places left charging for reinstatements. A sensible rule preventing ringers would be good, but we've been trying to find something CCFA will accept for 40 years !

Hassle of senior football, Cloughy ? But Troon applied for Combo ! Is that change of heart just because of the 9 points, bud ?

Has Andros finished that bedroom yet ?

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Richard as much as you can lead this horse to water I feel you won't get it to drink.

The only thing you can change at the AGM are League Rules. The Admin etc will be carried out by the various secretaries as they see fit. Unless you either intend to push forward a whole raft of rules or stand for the comittee that is. You wont be able to push it through.

Your best course of action may be to approach the management comittee prior to the AGM. Offer up your ideas and may be even offer to help set it up perhaps run it on a trial basis.

I know the FHFL web tried once to offer all this but they failled to get the backing. Best of luck pal and I for one think it would be a big step forward.

Using a phone to get results and a computer to find out fixtures and down load forms. It will never catch on next you will be using gas.


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