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Are Penzance facing financial collapse ?

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It is always worrying, especially during a recession, when clubs fail to make transparent statements to scotch rising concerns. News is rife in West Cornwall that our biggest club, currently leading the SWPL Western division, will cease paying its players after December. The club's main sponsor is a builder. The Magpie Club is to be knocked down and the site sold for housing. The detritus on the far side of the Penlee Park pitch has not moved for some time and it is by no means clear whether planning permission and finance is in place to construct the facilities originally planned.

Apart from the insecurity this may cause for players and supporters, it is clear that the potential failure of such a significant community foundation, playing onm a municipal ground, may have implications for the public purse. Particularly in the light of recent events at Truro City, it behoves the respected management of the Penzance club to issue a clear statement of their financial position, since the inference drawn otherwise will be that the rumours are true.

It was indicated on another thread last week that the deliberations of the Committee were a prerequisite of this. The Committee meets on Sunday nights. What's the news ?

There is little time to waste, since any club unable to afford the financial heat of the SWPL needs to make its alternative application to the JCCL by the end of December.

For all who care about football in the far west of the county, the future of Penwith's flagship club is a matter of public intererst and grave concern.

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Rodney, your frequent postings on this subject are becoming tedious - as well as remaining inaccurate. The rumours to which you refer were obviously started by someone who has no real concerns for Penzance AFC. I feel there is no need to expand on my previous comments about the rumours being untrue. If your concerns were really as genuine as you try to make them appear, I'm sure you would have picked up the 'phone and called me before now!

As far as I am concerned, this subject is now closed.

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I can now see why St Just bombed Mr Rosenberg out. After posting near enough the same comment on 4/5 different threads regarding the rumours about Penzance's demise all of which is based on no facts. He must have bored them all to death.

No wonder he goes on about his Mum so much, coming from that neck of the woods she's probably his sister and auntie too. :thumbsup:

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Getting shirty and childish comes as second nature to Mr Miller, who has never really recovered from being decked, when at the height of his powers, by a 50 year old goalkeeper. That was before he personally destroyed the Combination Runners-Up Cup ? Did you ever reimburse Falmouth Town, James ? What a sad waste of :smiley20: his own early promise, down as an unpaid foot-soldier in the SWPL Dixision two (west).

Actially, I'm my own great-uncle and I have three eyes and six nipples. Sister, mother, second cousin, whatever, we have all been into each other in St Just for centuries, to say nothing of the goats. Don't go bleating on the pitch up there, James, for goodness sake.

Seriously, though, that very po-faced denial from John has got me worried. How can it not be in the interests of the club to give out some comforting facts that can scotch these dreadful rumours once and for all ? What's with the secrecy ? If there's nothing to hide, why so taciturn ?

Are Penzance in financial trouble and is the players' money being cut back after Xmas ? Yes or no ?

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Sorry to disappoint you Rod but Penzance are fine. Training is always a good sign of team morale and unity and with over 20 last night. We have little to worry about. As for the combo cup nothing like bringing up 5/6 year old tittle tattle, I expect you acquired the cup somehow and melted it down to fund your team on the day. I would hardly say that Andy and I had a scrap, more like an exchange of words and a few pints in the club house after and a good chat about 'Penryn days'.

As for unsubstiated gossip I hear at training last night that as you child you were bullied and as a result of that, to show your tormentors that you 'made it' you used to put money into St Just. Im sure a session on the Jeremy Kyle show would have been a damn sight cheaper and you would have been able to mix with some of the boring nobodies that you remind everybody of! :P

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Am I the only tired of the juvenile, personal postings that seem to persist too often from down west?

Oh come on chairman, you can do better than that can't you?. What has being from "down west" got to do with anything??. All it demonstrates is how narrowminded you are. There's plenty of shite posted on here and I'm fairly certain that not everyone is from "down west".. All your post has done is demonstrate that your'e as prejudice and juvenile as those that you are putting down.

Do not let the opinions of a few allow you to make a perception of a whole society. Would you call Amir Khan a suicide bomber just because he's Asian?. I very much doubt it. Your comment is borderline racist sir and you'd do well to keep that in check..

Are Penzance in financial trouble and is the players' money being cut back after Xmas ? Yes or no ?

What the heck does it have to do with you?.

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Guest Peppermint

Whilst not wanting to add fuel to unfounded hearsay about Penzance Football Club and the somewhat personal vendetta Isac Rosenberg has it is a bit much to accuse all the childish and crass remarks on here with a throwaway remark about 'down West'.

On reading through the previous postings about other matters then the Millbrook Football Club's postings certainly were even more childish in most cases. No doubt there are other examples on this Forum but no one can say Millbrook is anywhere near the West Of Cornwall.

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Whether Penzance are reducing their budget after christmas or not what has it got to do with the rest of us.

There are a number of clubs in the same division as them who do not pay their players and who have good facilities.

One or two are even up near the top of that league.

It would be nice to have a major sponsor for all clubs to unburden the hard working committee members who raise the funds required to keep the clubs afloat but life is not like that.

A lot of clubs are no doubt envious of the funding that Penzance has this year but good luck to them.

It appears to me that certain individuals who use this forum are only happy when they are causing grief by starting rumours whether true or not.

If it wasn't Penzance it would be someone else in the firing line.

Good luck to Penzance for the rest of the season.

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Glad to hear that everybody at Penzance is banding together in a show of solidarity: that's just what you need in the face of all this insecurity about money, etc. I know that everybody will be heartened to see someone with James Miller's reputation for loyalty, stability and probity expressing club solidarity. He's quite right too that his trashing of the runners-up cup was five or six years and it's undoubtedly time for this to be forgiven. I'm sure the Combo committee will have done so already.

That's just the answer I was looking for: clearly James is pledging that he will be at Penzance for the season, money or no money, so we won't be seeing any key players bailing out at any point. I have got that right, haven't I, James ? Can you state it in writing just so we can all be quite sure ?

Somersetspur, after Priskin's exposure of the lumbering Woodgate and the leaden-footed Jenas, I thought you would be maintaining a decorous silence. Crosser, I don't answer trolls, even big-breasted ones.

The immaturity of some of these responses is very worrying. I have expressed my sympathy for a great club facing financial collapse and asked supporters to rally together to do something about it, as I certainly would if it were my club. In response, I get racist outbursts from somewhere called Millbrook (isn't that in "Wind in the Willows" or something ?); am compared to an odorous anatomical feature for the expurgation of waste materials; and am psychoanalysed (badly) by a schizophrenic vandal who clearly regards bullying as morally acceptable.

Outrageous ! You should hang your heads in shame !

Gentleman, is this the best we can do ? No wonder the game is in such a mess if these are the finest brains of Cornish soccer. Poor Penzance. With such allies, it's a good job it has caring and supportive neighbours like me. :blink::rolleyes: :SM_carton:

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Somersetspur, after Priskin's exposure of the lumbering Woodgate and the leaden-footed Jenas, I thought you would be maintaining a decorous silence. Crosser, I don't answer trolls, even big-breasted ones.

No wonder the game is in such a mess if these are the finest brains of Cornish soccer.

What exactly does this topic have to do with Tottenham progressing further in that particular cup than your blue shower of trophy buyers?. Obviously a pathetic and juvenile attempt to belittle Somersetspur with the only ammunition you're able to aim in his direction?.

I'm sure that Crosser thinks just as highly of you :rolleyes:

Then theres your final point. To question the intelligence/intellectual level of people that you know nothing about is nothing more than a demonstration of your own ignorance and the distance your sheltered life at St Just with mother has put between you and the realms of reality. People are obviously intelligent enough to realise that they cannot cognitively compete with you, and to my knowledge there isn't a single person on here that has had the audacity to question your level of intellectualism, so how can you possibly justify questioning others?. ^_^

Each person you've derided on here will undoubtably be in possession of a skill or ability that you could never even contemplate being able to do, so perhaps a little humility in your summarisation of people would not go amiss??. You say "No wonder the game is in such a mess if these are the finest brains of Cornish soccer"... Well I put it to you sir, that the game may not be in such a mess if there were less ignorant people such as yourself involved in it who are too busy clinging to a long gone past and therefore doing nothing but preventing the game from moving forward because you're simply unwilling to accept or even entertain the ideas of those that you clearly believe are beneath you on every scale of the social spectrum...

So is it a good job that Penzance has "caring and supportive neighbours like you"??? It appears that opinions vary. :c:

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Isaac Rosenberg = ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

I dont agree with bullying in the slightest but you can see his tormentors of yesteryear must have had plenty of ammunition. Poor guy we should leave him alone lads. Dont want to give him another excuse for chucking his money away again!

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Mr Miller, we're away to your ressies tomorrow, can you suggest a KFC meal for the journey home?

I would probably go for either the zinger tower meal or 3pc Meal with a side. There is a couple of nice eatern europeans that you may stumble accross to.

How about the special newly released meal named after Isaac Rosenberg, "The Spineless Bucket".. Sums up any bullying egomaniac if you ask me. :P

I tried that but it put me to sleep! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for clearing that up, James: so, you'll be moving on in the New Year ? Glad to share that I was never seriously bullied. My methods of looking after myself, while always unconventional in the world of Conan the Reservoir Dog from which some of my detractors may originate, in the long run wreak lasting damage. Trur, money has been wasted, but. thank God, never on you. I may in the past have hired a couple of carthorses, but never a self-applauding seal with a deformed dive. :clapper:

Crosser, the rest is silence. Look after the little boy.

Coopsie, I will not be so egomaniacal as to answer your solidarity with Somersetspur in detail. I am glad that I am not so alienated from my roots that my only identity arises from a group of foreign mercenaries milking a distant metropolis, be they blue, white or red. I do not live with my mother, nor in St Just, although I retain affection for both and I will always support the Tinners. In comparison, Chelsea is a mere diversion for me. Something has obviously got your goat. It is sad that your recent comments would risk making Gulval into a poodle club for Penzance if you had any importance..... but there are fortunately fine people above you in its hierachy who will not allow the loss of its proud and separate identity. As a self-styled, aspirant intellectual , I do think you are learning fast. On one occasion I almost smiled, although (no offence) I think you need to work out the difference between "less" and "fewer".

Far from being reactionary, I look forward all the time. My clashes with others in club and league administration have come because I was advocating change, not the dead past you rightly abjure. I was significantly responsible for killing off the dormant West Penwith League, for example. My ideas for the restructuring of Cornish junior football, some of which are now in place, were in writing twelve years ago. I was the wrong messenger, but as ,long as the message wins through eventually I don't mind at all. Sorry if that spoils the egomaniacal portrait !

Here a little poem by Robert Graves, for rural Spurs supporters everywhere and the Travelling Wilburys of Penzance AFC, maybe slightly misquoted...memory plays tricks, as we all know.......

The Cuirassiers of the Frontier.

Goths, Vandals, Huns, Isaurian mountaineers

Made Roman by our Roman sacrament,

We can know little, as we care little

for the Metropolis, her candled churches,

Her white-gowned, pederastic senators,

The eunuuchs of her draped saloons.

Here is the frontier, here our chosen place,

Beans for the pot, fodder for horses,

Enough.He who among us, at full gallop,

The bowstring to his ear, lets fly his stinging arrows,

To sink through Persian corslets damascened

Then follows with the lance,he has our love.

The Christ bade holy Peter sheathe his sword,

Being outnumbered by the temple guard

And this was prudence, the cause not lost

While Peter might persuade the crowd to rescue.

Peter renegued, breaking his sacrament.

With us, the penalty is death by stoning,

Not to be made a bishop.

In Peter's Church there is no faith nor truth

Nor justice anywhere in palace or court.

That we continue watchful on the rampart

Concerns no priest. A gaping silken dragon

Puffed by the wind, suffices us for God.

We,not the City, are the Empire's soul.

A rotten tree lives only in its rind.

Enjoy !

And ENJOY the Magpies today while you can, everybody. At a time like this money shouldn't enter any of your heads. Don't fret about 2009.....have a good Christmas ! :D

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