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Ladies & Gentlemen (& midfield ;) ), this is nothing to do with football whatsoever BUT your support would be greatly appreciated if you could find the time.

Some of you will remember around 2 years ago that my wife and I got legal custody of my 14 year old sister in law. Well two years on she (my sister in law) has found herself in the semi-finals of a national beauty competiton, which goes by the name of "TEEN QUEEN UK". The eventual winner of the competition will be crowned "MISS TEEN QUEEN UK 2009" and will go on to represent the country in a much larger competition which goes by the name of "MISS TEEN WORLD"..

Unfortunately the ONLY ways to vote are via text message and phone call, which I know is a bit of a shitter but there's nothing I can do about that. I contacted the Cornishman newspaper yesterday and notified them of Georgia's (my sister in law) participation and progress through the competition so far and they are going to run an article on her this coming thursday.

In the paper will be details of how to vote and obviously there will also be the pictures that the agency took when she was up in London a couple of weeks ago for the previous round. If you're feeling generous and supportive, or just feeling a moment of weakness coming on, would you please do me the honour of putting in a vote for young Georgia and see if we can get a LOCAL GIRL (figured you'll give me a break if you know she's Cornish) in the finals of a world wide competition.

Please click on the link and take a look at GEORGIA JENKINS, and vote for the girl and give her a break..


As I said earlier, the numbers to vote on should be in the Cornishman BUT if you don't buy the Cornishman, the numbers are as follows....

TEXT - Georgia Jenkins, and send to 84205

PHONE - 09016561515 (You'll be told to make your selection and Georgia is "03"

(Texts & calls cost 60p plus standard network rate)

Once again, I'm sorry it is not football BUT it is a local girl and she's damn special. I/we would really appreciate any help that you're willing to give.

Thanks boys and girls (&midfield ;) )



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THANKYOU to whoever is responsible for moving this topic to the main discussion board. I appreciate it alot BUT do not wish for people to be peed off because the main part of the site is taken up by something which is NOTHING to do with Cornish football whatsoever...

Thanks again :c:

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Guest postman pat

i am i seeing things or did i read coopsie and beuty contest in the same sentance :P:lol::drink:

all done mate best of luck :smiley20: she will win for cornwall and do your family proud

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Thankyou everyone for your support so far. I don't know if you saw the piece in the Cornishman but the dozey sods left out the information on how to vote, so I got intouch with the person responsible and there will be another story next week ;) ..

As I said, Thanks to everyone thats taken the time to vote for Georgia. She currently has just over 200 votes and lies in 7th position, just over 100 votes behind the leader :angry2: . Hopefully she'll get a few more votes when the Cornishman prints the voting information next week and make a late surge. I believe she has to finish in the top 3 and then go through to the next stage?.

Richard Chown, THANKYOU for the text message with all the different places/sites on which to put my request for votes :clapper:

Postman Pat and Jules, you bas***ds :drink: :c:

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not knowing your beautiful when you so obviously are is a wonderful trait 2 have coops,tell georgia i didnt mean 2 make her blush lol and if she gets the result she hopes 4 i think we will have 2 hit penzance 4 a couple of sneaky lemonades if mrs.cooper lets you out haha catch ya soon m8 :drink::smiley20: :drink:

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Thanks so much for all of your support so far guys and gals.. Georgia is still in second and over 100 votes ahead of the girl in third and only 32 votes behind the girl in the lead. I've had it confirmed that she has to finish in the top three to progress to the grand final, so here's hoping that she holds on in there and maybe gets even more support when the Cornishman print details of how to vote this week.

Thanks again people :clapper::c:

Hopefully her progress can be checked on the link underneath??

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  • 2 weeks later...

THANKS everyone who has backed Georgia throughout the month, voting ends tomorrow and she is currently in second place BUT is rapidly being caught by those behind her :( ..

Voting stops tomorrow at midnight and although it's extremely cheeky of me, can I ask those of you with hearts of gold (that's all of you isn't it ;) ) to find it in your heart to maybe vote once more and try to ensure that Georgia finishes in the top three, which is what is necessary to progress to the grand final.

As I said, Georgia is in second place BUT is only 8 votes above third and 27 votes above fourth..

I realise that this is not really anything to do with any of you and apologise if you think I'm taking the p*ss by asking for further votes.

Thanks again :c:

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Just want to say "THANKYOU" to every single one of you that took the time, effort and expense to vote for Georgia throughout the month :c: . I'm delighted to tell you that after your votes (and me and my wife sending 65 votes in the last 5 minutes :( ) Georgia managed to finish in third place and therefore qualifies for the Grand Final.

I'm not too sure when that final is happening yet BUT one thing I am sure of is that Georgia would not have been able to get this chance without those of you on here who were kind enough to put your hands in your pocket and vote for somebody you don't even know..(and Rich Chown, who gave me LOTS of sites to register on and drum up more support).

Seriously, THANKYOU to you all :clapper::thumbsup::yahoo: :c:

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Guest Peppermint

Brilliant news Coopsie - congratulations to Georgia.

I am sure all of us on the Forum wish her the very best of luck in the finals.

Just shows that all the [mostly] harmless banter makes no difference to the fact that this Forum is an excellent medium for exchanging views etc.

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