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League table after the week ending Saturday 18 March 2023

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1 hour ago, cornish leg end said:

Can you post up all the previous winners on here please dave 

They are actually all still on here visible to everyone but to summarise ...............

The first season 2016/17 was probably the closest with it going down to the last week of the season!

S Abbo 3840

Lloydy 3830

Midlandlilywhite 3280


In contrast there was a runaway winner for the next season 2017/18

Barbs with 4260

Soccer Follower 3890

Roy of the Rovers 3870


Season 2018/19 saw Cornish leg end hold off the challenge from Soccer Follower and the previous season’s champion!

Cornish leg end 3600

Soccer Follower 3550

Barbs 3500


Season 2019/20 had to be aborted due to COVID!

When the SWPL closed down I was leading with 3390, quiksilver was on 3340 and Soccer Follower 3180


The top two positions were reversed for the second aborted season (2020/21)  which finished in late December 2020.

quiksilver 1850

Me 1770

Ben Slater 1630


At last a completed season for 2021/22 and Ben Slater improved on his previous performance to hold off silly billy in another last week exciting scenario!

Ben Slater 3570

Silly billy 3560

Quiksilver 3450


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Remember you did the cornish version of a dream team in the Cornish soccer magazine Deacs!? Good laugh that was! Remember winnning that one once/twice? Still got a record of that mate? Who else won it? 5 pts for a SWL player down to like 1 or 2 for say Duchy/Trelawny player. Took a lot of skill to win that one 🤔🤓😉😁

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