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Saltash v Middlesbrough

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Cracking night at Kimberley with the final score 1-2 to the Championship side. Att had to be heading towards 1000.

Credit all the players, they matched Middlesbrough and Callum O'brien and Ryan Rickard outstanding. Good to see the new guys Tom Cleveland, Jarod Woods doing excellent work and the penalty well taken by Dave Barker. 


PSF don't show a lot normally- but I'm liking the spirit by the Ashes team heading into Step 5. 

All credit to Neil Warnock and Middlesbrough fans- they knew they'd been in a proper match last night! 

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Good summing up Phil, agree with all that 👍 Would say the crowd was more like 1500 though? Good 200 odd Boro fans there tonight! Ashes looked fit and well organised and are in for a good season in the Western League I reckon. Kimberley stadium looking great these days as well. Big thanks to Dave and Karl for looking after me and the Mrs tonight, great evening thanks gents. Good luck to Dane and the lads for the season, think it could be a good one 👍

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Never mind the 3 Lions, the Ashes had 11 on the pitch at all times as everyone, substitutes included, put in a heroic shift. Callum O'Brien was an absolute beast at the back, but young Reece Thompson led the line, held the ball up well and kept Boro defenders busy superbly. As with the Brixham PSF I saw, the Ashes boys looked fit, committed and organised. 

I would also like the say well done to how well the evening was organised by the club. it takes hard work by volunteers to provide a good environment to enjoy.

I am excited by the new season and, having watched Buckland regularly in the WL previously,  I have a fair handle of its strength. Top 4-6 for Ashes a real possibility.

Lastly, absolute respect for the Boro following - top quality  in terms of both friendliness and numbers. They helped create a memorable evening of football!

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