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Out of sheer boredom I am going to start upgrading the Combo website by putting in a new section for the season by season end tables that I can find for local leagues. 

By cheating I have gone onto Richard Rundle's site to help try and make up some ECPL tables. By scrolling through the teams I can make up tables from 1990-91 onwards until the present day apart one fly in the ointment.

Looking through the hundreds of team entries I can complete these tables apart from 1990-91 to 1995-96 where I am missing one entry from each of those seasons. I think it is one team missing.

Once out of lockdown I will go to the local records office to find other missing tables for other leagues before uploading onto the website. I have all the SWL tables from 1952 onwards plus of course the combo but it would be good to have as many tables listed just for the sake of having a historic record.

Listed below are the placings for that missing ECPL team(s) which will perhaps jog someone's memory. it may be a team from Devon. 

1990-91 it finished 9th, 91-92 15th, 92-93, 15th again, 93-94 17th out of 18 sides, 94-95 17th again, 95-96, 19th and last which must have seen them leave the league.

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45 minutes ago, Postman Pat said:

Could you not go to the duchy league of league below and see what new teams are in the league. 

This is the reason I want to do an all leagues section of final tables, cup winners but not scores or goal scorers like the Combo site. Where can I find, on-line a copy of the Duchy League Tables from 1989-90!!!?

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