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Are points deducted for not fulfilling a fixture?

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If a team in the ECPL doesn’t fulfill a fixture, do they get points deducted?

I’m pretty sure that’s what happens in the duchy league and I also remember this being a hot topic last year when it affected potential promotion and relegation.


Any ideas?

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Unaware of ECPL ruling, but in the Trelawny League, the first time you are unable to fulfill a fixture, you aren't docked any points - the game is awarded to the opposition. The second time, the game is awarded to the opposition and three points deducted. Third time, game awarded and six points deducted. 4 = 6 points, 5 = 12 points. 12 points per game thereafter 

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It looks as if in ECPL a 0-0, 3 point win is awarded but no teams have been deducted points?

I thought it was agreed that the league committee had the power to deduct 3 points from the team who didn't play the fixture and this would have been implemented more this season due to the issues of last?

I guess that as soon as the first game isn't dealt with then others have followed suit?

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