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  1. Still dont get the point in having Step 7 with a set of league divisions under that (ECPL & Combo) and then a set of more league divisions under them (Dutchy & Trelawney). Anything under Step 7 shoud have opportunity for promotion into it. Top highest placed accepted team from each division should have opportunity for promotion into Step 7 from each seperate league. If ECPL and Combo run with 1 division each then they cant relegate as they are a 1 division league. Personal opinion but understand its preferred to be seen to have a senior and junior league set up with promotion and relegations between (even though all recreational not on pyramid ladder)! Also where is Plymstock Utd?
  2. This goes back to the idea of youth status and senior status and leagues drawing up rules between themselves on promotion and relegation when not even on a FA pyramid... personally ive always found it odd as dont see it anywhere else in the country (quoted to me by a reliable source 😂)... do away with it as it just makes things more difficult than it has to be... recrational league then into Step 7, simples! St Piran took a common sense approach and got more than 32 applications within 2 weeks, im sure it can be done with the leagues underneath for the best of all Cornish teams (and Devon 😉)👍🏻⚽️
  3. Trelawney, Combo, Dutchy, ECPL, PW&D, South Devon, Devon & Exeter, North Devon - they are all recreational leagues (not on the pyramid system) and feeders leagues to the new 4 x Step 7 divisions in Devon & Cornwall... this means they are all on level par and no one league is higher up the pecking order than the other... Therefore pick your league and play... If cornwall cant sustain 4 feeder leagues due to the recent changes above then maybe it should merge to create 2 (like East & West)... only promotion and relegations should be between each league and the Step 7s... i havent heard about Devon leagues merging but i think they may have more within their divisions to cope with the recent losses to Step 7?
  4. Elburton Villa are pleased to announce the appointments of Kevin Bowden and Jon Winters as their new swpleague first team management. Both join from neighbouring club Plymstock Utd bringing great enthusiasm and experience to our club entering the new Premier East Division.
  5. Steve, a bit like the SWPL situation, would you accept all 18 applications you've received and have 2 teams from west play in the east to level up 16/16? Would teams do that or is it apply for a certain division and that's it?
  6. At a guess ECPL id now say facilities. Eg (and it no dig at any club) why have your resrves play at Looe or Morewenstow or Mevagissey when they can play teams at Lux Park or Kimberley Stadium or The Mill!!!
  7. The South Devon League has lost quite a few teams and so has the Devon & Exeter League.
  8. Across the water confirmed as sorted inc ex ECPL teams!
  9. I think it was set up as 1 because currently you have Cornish teams in SWPL Prem and Div One West. With all Cornish teams now in new SWPL Prem West (and a couple maybe Prem East 🙄) it may have been thought that who ever didn't get in Prem and those who wanted to step up a level that this would then fill the new St Piran League (replacing current SWPL Div One West). Lets not forget SWPL Div One West went from one end of Cornwall all the way into Devon anyway so in theory the St Piran distances are smaller! Problem was always going to be finding those extra teams to fill it (reserves or not) and do something they are not accustomed too covering all of the county!
  10. If the ECPL was given Step 7 status then some clubs wouldnt qualify due to grounds (as mentioned). Plus what committee would run that league/division? Also the ECPL allows for Devon teams where as any Cornish Step 7 wouldn't. Plymstock a prime example as their 1sts will be Devon Step 7 but their reserves currently ECPL Prem would be kicked out (which the ECPL vowed not to happen to any member clubs). St Piran League will be the Cornish Step 7 and all others will sit under or not exist. Same in Devon Step 7 having 4 recreational leagues P&WD, D&E, ND and SD sat under even after loosing so may teams!
  11. So originally 20 teams were needed, 14 were still in until this decision and now a further 18 are required to make 32! Admire the desire to try this at such a late stage, interesting if clubs will bite? There are going to be lots of club meetings this next week or so.
  12. I wonder if they stick with the current format no matter how heavily weighed it is to one side of the county or not. Then say if you want to progress through the pyramid system you have to join and go through this league! Even though reserve teams are accepted its again more about smaller or ambitious clubs to promote their main teams to gain funding for grounds/equipment and on a pyramid system. If teams dont want it, dont climb on! If no one climbs on 😬! Agree its all very late in the day.
  13. It would have been 12 months ago or even longer so a league being run by County FA wouldnt have been in place at that point. Im sure I said yonks ago it should be: STEP 6 EAST & WEST STEP 7 Cornwall EAST & WEST STEP 7 Devon NE & SW Mirror images with reduced travel! All clubs in those divisions are then on the pyramid system and funding to improve facilities becomes available, but so does certain rules and regs. Anything lower as leagues/divisions are recreational football! I cant this being set up in a few weeks when its had 18 months already... sounds like Brexit!
  14. Im sure both leagues were asked to run/be step 7 at the begining and declined!
  15. DEADLINE DAY TO APPLY Elburton Villa Football Club are seeking new 1st team management for the 2019/20 season. Personal Statement and Football CV to be sent to pope.n@sky.com
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