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  1. We are a little bit different; 80% of our players have come through our Flexi League system. Our reserves tomorrow for example, 11 of the 15 haven't played Saturday football in a few seasons (or ever). I feel like we've done it the right way. We don't charge subs or anything - we pay for it all through our sponsors. Yet that's not even enough for some. Don't get me wrong, they'll turn up, play and do well for us. But a club is so much more than just playing a 90 minute match
  2. At Dropship, we have over 130 players on our books but we are struggling to get more than 20 to training, functions etc. It seems commitment is a thing of the past and that players just want to turn up to a game, play football and bugger off.
  3. Good evening, Dropship FC have today been given the go ahead to set up one of our other pitches, this being Raymond Road in Redruth. We have a set of brand new portable posts however, we are reluctant to use these and will avoid it if possible. We have put in for funding for new posts however, we won't receive them before the season starts. We have always planned to use the portable posts up there however, if we can avoid it (to save any damage), we will. Would any club happen to have a set of posts/sockets that they no longer use that they would be able to donate/sell to us? We aren't desperate and will use our new posts if we have too; however if we can use static posts, we'd rather it.
  4. Yep, we have our August fixtures
  5. We cancelled our application. It didn't feel right leapfrogging the other divisions
  6. Management Committees are there to run the league's on behalf of the Club's. The Club's have the power at the AGM to vote other clubs in. The Club's have the power, the League Committee doesn't! You can not stop teams applying to join the league. However, member Clubs decide whether to allow them in or not. I think many out there dont understand the concept and job of a League Committee. I'd also like to point out that the Committee still has a number of vacancies...
  7. Folded I believe. I think a number of their players have gone to New Inn Titans.
  8. Thanks Rappo. I must admit, I was very close to saying **** it! It's been so hard to try and find facilities. We have over 130 players relying on us though. Our situation at the moment is far from ideal - with Leedstown and Raymond Road pitches not being brilliant and having no changing rooms. Cury being a good pitch with small changing rooms but miles from our catchment area. It embarrasses me that we will be hosting teams with no changing facilities but unfortunately, we have absolutely no choice. There just aren't enough grounds/facilities available - especially with Clijah, the main hub in Redruth for football, undergoing extensive groundworks. Schools aren't willing to hire out their pitches and landowners that have fields just sat there doing nothing aren't willing to lease them out. However, with the large ground I spoke about above and with another one that we are trying desperately to secure for 22/23, we've had to spend a lot of money to secure multiple pitches - that has its own expense as we have also had to buy a few line markers and maintenance equipment, including a ride-on mower. It is what it is though, I just hope that those visiting our grounds will understand. We rose from the Flexi League, from nothing. One team. And now in our fourth season, we have Two Flexi Teams, Two Saturday teams, a Sunday team and a Women's team. We are almost the perfect story from the Flexi League... However, we have had very little help or support to grow. We will get there. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  9. As confirmed this week, we now have 5 grounds at our disposal. Our main grounds for this season will be Cury, Leedstown and Raymond Road in Redruth. We will be rotating our 7 teams across all of these grounds as and when we need too. We also have a large ground all but secured where we will play the majority of our football, however it won't be ready for the start of the season, hence why we have secured a number of other venues
  10. Personally, I disagree that they should be able to jump the divisions however, they are the County's most successful Club. I've been saying for a while that they might be the best in the County but they are far from the biggest club. I think a reserve side is needed. Personally, I'd much rather not face them in the Trelawny League, nor Combo where the standard is pretty much the same. St Piran would be a good stepping stone for them.
  11. Was it the club's that rejected them? What happens if they appeal and are successful? Would St Piran have to accomodate them?
  12. We even had a number of teams pull out of Flexi League games
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