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  1. Have you got a link to that? That's something that Cornwall FA should be disseminating, surely?
  2. I think it's mental personally. What difference does it make?!?
  3. What about private land open to the public? 👀
  4. I went to mark the pitch yesterday ready for our game tomorrow and there were 27 youngsters using our goals. We've had to move the five aside goals away because they were trashed. Looking at our main goals, one of the net supporta has been moved, as if it's been swung on. We asked the youngsters not to go up there for a few days whilst we got clarification from the insurance companies as to whether they'd be insured if they hurt themselves. Unfortunately, they didn't listen and turned up en mass yesterday. Unfortunately now we've been asked by the Rugby Club to chain our goals t
  5. I know that feeling John. We are having the same problems. We are fortunate that we have two pitches so we just moved out goals onto the training one. Damage still being caused though
  6. Dropship FC are based in Hayle. We also have two Flexi League sides - if you don't play Saturday football, it's the perfect platform to start playing again.
  7. Thats a good question because with no league standings this season if it's null and void, how would they do it as it's usually done by position. That could be one of the reasons behind trying to continue the league.
  8. If the season was null and void, there wouldn't have been promotions or relegations - because no-one would have finished in promotion/relegation spots. There will however be a league reshuffle/restructure, if that's what you mean.
  9. I personally think that by abstaining from a vote, the League Committee put that vote in the right place - as a no vote. Not that it would have made any difference. Usually I'm a stickler for rules as laid down but there's not been too many pandemics previously where rules had to be changed so I think the Trelawny League Committee can be given a bit of slack here. Personally, I think for the first vote, they did the right thing. They gauged opinion from their member clubs and acted on it. I think they've made a mistake by allowing a second vote and by allowing the club's that in
  10. They initially said that there would be cup competitions played. However, then a number of teams retracted on their 'we don't want to play' vote and said that actually, they do want to play. So they contacted the League and the Fixtures Secretary has basically pointed out that there would basically be the same amount of fixtures in the cups with the teams that now want to play as there is for the remainder of the League. So, there's no reason to play cup games when you can finish the League. That makes sense. However, my club for example, we accept that the cons far outweigh the pro'
  11. They're just trying to give the club's what they want - however I think on this occasion they just need to admit that it's not viable and set up for next season. Clubs can then get back to training and playing matches between now and August when they feel it's safe to do so. If they continue with the League, promotions and relegations have still got to happen, surely? That means that Divisional placement could be affected for teams and they could essentially be relegated for trying to keep their players, family and friends safe 😕 No win situation either way and ultimately howev
  12. Trelawny League will be going with the following (from their email sent out last week). We've just had the outcome sent to us. 'Cancel season 20-21 make all games Nul and void. Replace this with a cup comp consisting of 2 mini leagues per division, where possible. Each team to play each other team in section once on an available ground of either team. The winners of each mini league to meet in a one of final on an available ground. Any club that wishes not to participate in this comp will not be find in anyway. Where possible no fixtures will be made midweek to prevent travel.' For
  13. I agree. End the season now. Go again next season. Teams can return to training in April and arrange friendlies as they so wish under the guidance of Cornwall FA. Then get ready to go in August.
  14. Alot of referees in pre season only charge mileage anyway. I do - although I think I did most games this year for free. At Trelawny Level, they have no bar, they have no takings so it is more often than not player contribution that pays for the referee. It's my pre season too so I often just do it for the enjoyment. Some refs will disagree with me for doing that however, it's a choice I make to try and make things easier for the club. I'm also not dependent on the extra money not need it - I appreciate that some aren't in that position so do like having the extra £20+ a week. Person
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