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  1. Junior Cup Rule 5b States that players must have played at least 5 junior games for the club before he can feature in the final of this competition. There are also rules that state eligibility when transferrring and even date of registration. Well worth looking at rules.
  2. Depending on league ruling, you're right. It is usually five games for the club.
  3. Maybe the people at the helm of the club's should do the same to their managers and players? Referees are naturally silent on this forum except for the odd few. Me personally, I weren't going to say anything on this post until it actually got brought up by my other half who'd seen something on Facebook. What is that all about? Personally, I think more referees should come on here and defend themselves because they get slandered left, right and centre on a regular basis! They all read the comments, they all hear about them and it affects them, whether they like to admit it or not! The problem is social media and people hiding behind names so they are unaccountable for their conduct and comments. Hell up when a referee responds mind! I could set a few home truths about various players I've had the "pleasure" of officiating recently, none less than last Sunday. However it's that minimal amount of professional courtesy that I have towards that team that has prevented me from doing so!
  4. Centre of attention? It gets better! Unfortunately, everytime a referee blows a whistle, he/she becomes centre of attention. It's unavoidable. The reason I've continued commenting is because I've engaged in conversation with people. Isn't that what a forum is for? Unfortunately however, others see the forum as a way of hiding behind a pseudonym and slagging people off because there would be no ramifications on them. It's ridiculous that's people think it is okay to say some of the things they've said. Many people that have commented on these platforms weren't even at the game - a few are people I know personally who don't like me for one reason or another so this is a good chance to put a boot in whilst others are plunging the knife in! Standard internet warrior behaviour!
  5. Ahh before I was involved. Well corrected 👌
  6. There's already 6 or 7 that have requested transfers 🙄
  7. Thanks Dave. The bit that's made me bite is when my other half has told me that she has seen comments being made about me from this game on Facebook. It should never get personal, yet it has. People who weren't even there are jumping on the bandwagon! That's just not right and it's not fair on my family to see rubbish like that because they then encourage me not to bother anymore.
  8. Last season I proposed that we scrapped the £50 charge for the first offence... This was raised at the AGM and it was opposed by many of the club's. Clubs decision. The charges are there to act as a deterrent. No other reason. That money goes straight back into the league with referee retention and recruitment, our very own Charter Standard pot etc so it all gets invested. The reason Madron have folded has absolutely nothing to do with finance. It's to do with their registered players not turning up and playing for their club. There's absolutely no denying that fact. With regards to the Full Time table, we are currently seeking advice on what to do because we aren't entirely sure at this moment because it's not happened to us (a team folding close to the end of their fixtures).
  9. It became very hard to manage in then end. I've seen plenty of blame aimed towards me - I'm taking none of it. The things people have said above were not down to me - they were down to the actions of individuals who lost their discipline. They were then surprised by my reaction when I start enforcing the Laws of the Game. I'm not their to be a friend or be popular, I'm there to enforce those laws. I did that. Looking at the players I booked for St Ives and then looking at Whole Game, I can see the ones that I booked are repeat offenders. That doesn't surprise me. Its "unprofessional" of a referee to talk about his/her game afterwards and its often frowned upon by peers... I don't really care though. This is a classic case of blame the referee with no real justification - something we see on here all the time. I'm one of the people that go out of my way and dedicate a massive amount of time not just for the club's in my league, but also those in other leagues in which I am not a part of. I also help out alot in the recruitment and development of referees. This culture has to change because if it doesn't, we are only going to see more referees drop out.
  10. Above is all I'm saying about the game. I know what happened from a refereeing point of view - I'm content with that. Because of these posts and those on social media, I've actually had quite a few people message me about the game - who were there as a neutral - offering support and kind words. Thankfully those that aren't blinkered could see what was happening. My fault though, of course.
  11. I'm just going to throw a few facts in here because naturally the referee is taking the brunt of the blame for the game both on here and other social media platforms... Wind - was strong yes, but I allowed time to compensate for the ball rolling during restarts. "Telling the keeper to put a ball in a hole" - the keeper was stamping the floor to place the ball - that's a cautionable offence. I let him know I was okay for him to do this due to the speed of the wind. Overruling my assistant - The assistant flagged for an offside as I awarded a penalty. I ran over, had a chat and was told by the assistant that the offside player had not interfered with the ball, therefore that is not an offside offence. Penalty decision stood. Red card - unjustifiable. Yellow cards - two for dissent, the rest for foul tackles or for stopping a promising attack (2). All justified. You'd think that after one or two, people would get the hint! As stated above, I could have easily issued second yellow cards to certain players in that game! That game, for 55 minutes was a decent one. Then as soon as that red card came out, certain players lost their discipline and moaned at every single decision I made. That's as much as I'm going to say. I've been made the scapegoat for a team's really poor behaviour. I didn't expect anything less. Lastly, just have a think about it for a minute... There's a shortage of referees and yet the ones you get are treated like crap. This is junior football, you will get less experienced referees in these league's. Want a quality one - get yourself up the pyramid! I won't be reffing much from now on. I'm not giving up my weekends away from my family to be treated like that. Wahey I hear many of you say.
  12. Why aren't games just set as walkovers like every other league in the country? It does all the necessary table adjustments for you and doesn't cause and create confusion.
  13. I'm trying to get hold of Hayle with no joy... I need to know if this game will be played on the 3G in the event of the main pitch being unplayable. If anyone is in the know, can you drop me a line please
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