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  1. End of the registration and transfer window
  2. You'll need to tick "hide from standings" against the team in Division setup in Full Time. No Dave, I'm afraid there are too many differences between myself and a few others on the League Committee - I got fed up with it in the end.
  3. Whilst no longer associated with the Trelawny League (as of tomorrow), I would personally like to see them apply the promotions and relegations scenario. There are a number of teams playing above/below their standard in certain divisions - i.e Newly Non-Athletico and Lanner in Trelawny Prem who I fear will fold if they are left in that division (based on results and number of players per game). There hasn't been a better time for a league re-structure however, I very much doubt that would happen. I would hope this season isn't just expunged and forgotten about
  4. That would be good mate. I've just increased the target as I've bee. Told nothing can be donated until this has all blown over, so I've increased the budget and now included all the Ambulance Depots aswell. We've hit £279, plus with the WCFL matching it, it's now at £558
  5. I'll time it right so when I deliver, you're there mate. £45 raised so far - with the flexi League matching that to make it £90! Not bad for a few hours
  6. Too right. I spoke to a lady working in Tesco on Wednesday who was close to having a breakdown! It's mental
  7. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/wcfltreliskefund I have set up a JustGiving page to donate some goodies to the hardworking staff of Treliske Hospital. I'm inviting FIFA players to get involved in a tournament with a £5 entry fee. All proceeds will be going towards buying staff at the hospital goodies such as cakes, pasties, pizzas etc - all sourced from local businesses. Whilst I appreciate that there are very few confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the County, Treliske is still taking a battering and the men and women up there are working extremely hard. If you fancy getting involved in the tournament, please get in touch with me at flexileague@outlook.com If you don't want to get involved in the FIFA side of things but still want to donate, please use the link above.
  8. West Cornwall Flexi League have tonight ended their season and will finish the fixtures prior to starting phase one next season.
  9. What was the attendance? I turned up at the start of the second half, there must have been over one hundred there watching
  10. If you look at the guidance on the FA that has actually been given, they have given information for facilities where there are expected attendances of 500+. Is there any ground recently (in Cornwall) that has taken 500+ on the gate? I think the St Pirans League have actually done the right thing. They have received guidance from their governing body saying it is their call. They have given that right to their Member Clubs. That's not passing the buck - that is giving Clubs an option. They can say no. It's better than over reacting. Very, very easy to criticise from a mobile/pc screen... Try making a decision from a League point of view where you try and keep everyone onside! Well done St Piran League.
  11. National Update – Grassroots Update below: The FA, Premier League, EFL and FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship have collectively agreed to postpone the professional game in England until Friday 3 April at the earliest. This action, which will be kept under constant review, has been taken due to the increasing numbers of clubs taking steps to isolate their players and staff because of the Covid-19 virus. It will also apply to all England team fixtures at every level and all FA competitions including the Emirates FA Cup and the Women’s FA Cup, along with academy and youth-team matches. The decision is being made purely on the number of cases requiring self-isolation and the impact on facilities. Given the steps being taken across clubs, there is no alternative but for today’s action. However, all parties are committed at this time to trying to complete this season’s domestic fixture programme and are liaising to establish appropriate options to do so. We are liaising with the National League pyramids (men’s and women’s) and will continue to offer guidance and support. Any decision to continue playing or to postpone their respective competitions is a matter for each league as autonomous bodies within the game. With respect to the senior men’s fixtures against Italy and Denmark at Wembley Stadium, refunds will be processed to all ticket buyers within 14 working days. Monies will be returned to the card used to make the original booking. The refund process for England’s MU21 and MU20 home fixtures is still to be confirmed. UEFA had already confirmed that all Elite Round qualifiers across U17 and U19 age groups had been postponed. Europe’s governing body will meet on Tuesday to discuss further implications for international football including national-team and club competitions. We will continue to monitor all Government advice with the situation under constant review, with the priority being the health and well-being of all. Further updates will follow in due course. The message for local grassroots football: The advice is that any decision to continue playing or to postpone their respective competitions is a matter for each league as autonomous bodies within the game. This is in line with government advice at this time. It is not felt that all grassroots fixtures need to be cancelled as a matter of course at this time, although some may need to be if teams are self-isolating and are unable to play, or if teams are concerned about playing and the league agrees to postpone.
  12. Thanks Older. I'm entering a team into the TL next season; the only ground I've been able to acquire is Madron. I'm set within the next few weeks to increase its size (I can reach the 18yard box and the byline)... There's quite a raised area at the top side, nothing huge that I wanted to flatten. I wanted to dig it out and returf it. I'll have to send you some pictures at some point if you don't mind Thanks for this thread, for someone who has absolutely no idea about any of this, it's been really informative.
  13. Older, just diverting slightly... If a goalmouth has a raised profile (leading out to the six yard box), what is the best way to flatten it out to match the surrounding areas?
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