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  1. I wouldn't be one to question what they do in their spare time... However times are changing and it's now 2021. Who knows what people do these days 👀
  2. If you genuinely think that there's more chance of catching COVID on a football pitch than there is catching it at the Nail Salon, the Shops, Work or any of the other places that are still trading, I'd recommend you look at the science, the guidance and the information that is readily available. If you look at the guidance, you will see there is no major changes for the footballers, it's all about spectators (someone's actually put a screenshot above). With the Flexi League banning spectators altogether (not that we get many), as I've said above, you've got a spectacularly higher chance o
  3. I respect that 100%. And that's where there has to be a balance also. Respecting each others opinions. Happy new year my friend
  4. Want to know a horrible stat... I know more people that have taken their own lives since the pandemic started (3). I know more people that have died due to cancer (2) since the pandemic started... I don't know anyone that has died from COVID and COVID alone. Football is an escape for people. If people are still allowed to play football, their opinion should be respected. As should yours. If we are again imprisoned in our own homes due to a strain of the Flu, I fear my personal stats as mentioned above will only increase (apart from the deaths by COVID stat which I invisage will remain at
  5. I think even the most pessimistic understand that sentiment Rich. Agreed. And unfortunately I think that half the scepticism that some has is all down to the misleading statistics being issued by the government and organisations.
  6. Yep. Leagues didn't need to suspend fixtures but have chosen to.
  7. I'm not one to name and shame. I've also seen a group page thing created for clubs to find friendlies. The majority of players I've spoken to still want to play football. I still want to play football. These people/players won't be breaking the law, they will not be going against regulations and hopefully, they will adhere to government guidelines. Whilst shops, barbers, beauty salons and gyms are still open, people are still going to want to act as normal as they possibly can. Who's more likely to get it? Someone sat in a salon for half hour waiting for the nail tech/barber to beco
  8. They can allow it because the government are allowing it. The scientists and those alot smarter and wiser than us have decided that the risk of possible infection isn't high enough to warrant stopping football. The Flexi League are continuing because people still need sport. People still need social interaction. People still need something to allow them to at least act normal. The type of players that are attracted to the Flexi League need it! I know that my team has alot of people that are struggling with the isolation and this is one way of improving their mental health, if only tempor
  9. That's the choice we are giving the teams. We've had one team say they'd like to suspend their fixtures, which we've obviously agreed to. However, we are leaving it in the hands of our member clubs to decide. I still want to play personally. I need it.
  10. To give us time to implement new changes into the Flexi Leagues risk assessment, we've postponed next week's games only just so we can get everything in place. We also need to recruit two new Covid Marshalls. If anyone fancies earning a few quid, let me know
  11. Fixtures for this weekend are now being postponed by the Trelawny League so they appear to be following suit. Looks like the Flexi League will be the only League left, subject to approval from both venues.
  12. Certainly not me. Certainly not down St Just way 😂👀
  13. Technically, they could. Have you seen the regulations? If my understanding is correct, they still could get that number of people in the ground so long as they follow the government and FA's updated policy
  14. I'm pretty sure Penzance Reserves hosted over 150 spectators only a week or so ago
  15. Just saw that St Piran League is now suspended. I would imagine that both Combo and Trelawny may follow. Realistically, when will be the cut off for the St Piran League? So, when will they cancel the season as they realistically can't get the fixtures in?
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