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  1. Ahh, was the last game a friendly where you'd had a few sent off? People messaging to join is always good news mate so you guys are obviously doing something right. Hopefully with the developments at Clijah aswell, once complete, you'll also get a few more players coming in too. Keep up the good work Ben. P.s Sunday League this season?
  2. How many's that in the last few weeks Ben? I think you guys are genuine title contenders but it's going to be so hard with a number of key players having to serve simultaneous suspensions.
  3. For a referee to make a decision, the players or/and managers must put the referee into a situation where he/she has to make a decision. I don't think I've had a bad game as a referee - I've made poor decisions based on what I've seen and to some extent, what I thought I'd seen. A good example of this was when I sent off the Pendeen striker for a headbutt on a Porthleven goalie last season. From where i stood, with a clear line of sight, I saw the player push his head into the keepers chest at speed and duly sent off after the keeper went down like he'd been shot. It was only later t
  4. Dropship FC 2 - 1 Frogpool Dropship FC welcomed Frogpool to Memorial park for what was the first ever Junior Cup game for the home side. Both teams started well and tried to play football when they could. Both teams started playing in a direct manner, with plenty of long "killer" balls being put over the defence on both sides with the hope of catching out the opposition defenders. Both teams had chances during the first half hour however it was Frogpool's Dean Goulding that struck lucky with a decent strike from 30 yards. The ball was straight at the Dropship FC goalkeeper however,
  5. There was an email from the League last week.... Basically, you still write out your teamsheets in your book as normal however, instead of taking a copy of your oppositions, you photograph it. That's what I'm doing when my team play. A photo is just as good as the physical copy. No issue with the verbal to the referee regarding subs. Referees should definitely ask to take a copy of teamsheets! I had to contact refs on a number of occasions last season, it's still a responsibility of theirs. Issue of "Ringers" isn't as bad as it used to be thanks to the electronic systems - howe
  6. Still plenty of opportunities for you guys to get involved
  7. Some referees use an app called Refsix. They've just incorporated a feature that allows them to put the Match details into their phone - the app then sends an email to the Club secretaries who can then upload their teamsheet via a form. It completely removes any form of touching/seeing physical teamsheet books. It's also just incorporated a system where the referee could send a notification to the club with his Match Fee/expenses and it allows the club to pay directly into the referees PayPal. Pretty decent update so long as clubs don't mind going that extra bit
  8. 10 left! Thanks to those that have messaged me so far
  9. I have just launched a competition on our Club page for Trophies/Awards if anyone fancies a punt. £5 entry Winner gets up to 25 Custom Engraved Trophies for a Club or any other sport/competition; They could even be used for your end of season presentation! These trophies, complete with engraving retail and sell at £5.99 each so you could get 25 of them for less than it costs to buy one! If you want to have a go, message me and I'll send you the details. We've only just launched it and have already shifted one team so be quick 2 Squares now gone! Only 23 remaining
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