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  1. I expected us to have to write a letter of some sort for the member clubs to hear what we have to say (like all new clubs do at an AGM where they stand up and have their say) however I don't think that was the case I used the forum and Facebook to do that.
  2. Certain individuals should have treated their previous volunteers a bit better and appreciated what they did... I think they've finally realised just how much work, time and effort some of us actually put in. They're reaping what they sow now I'm afraid. I'd love nothing more than to get back involved, pick up where I left off and get back to being a genuine servant to our clubs.😕 @Pitty thank you for this post. It's all news to me which, as the Vice Chair of Dropship FC, it's important to know what's happening. Hopefully all the Trelawny Clubs will see that my club has been sustainable over the last three seasons, fielding up to three teams each season in the Flexi League (X2) and Sunday League and as a result, we get voted in. I feel for Lanner, with Peggy being a close friend of mine, I believe he's made the right choice for his club. They have been one of the unfortunate teams that have gained promotion over the past few seasons from positions where promotion shouldn't have been gained. Hopefully they can now rebuild. It will also be good to welcome Carharrack back into the League after a short absence. Hopefully some lessons have been learnt and they will take their previous experiences forward to build the club again. With the rise of Mount Ambrose, we could see the demise of Perranwell Reserves which will be a great shame for the League and for the Club. It's also good to see Mullion entering a Third side. Another statement of growth being issued by the club and I wish them every success. Mullion is always a welcoming place so if both of us are successful, I look forward to going down there. 20/21 is going to be an odd season. Running the Flexi League, we've already decided not to run two phases this season, instead opting to start the League in January for a single phase. We will however be finishing off the 19/20 season before Christmas hopefully.
  3. You have to look at the other side of things aswell... Trelawny League have lost a number of Committee members and Officers over the past few seasons... No-one has come forward to replace them. No-one wants to volunteer - well, some of us do but have our reasons why we aren't. By amalgamating Trelawny and Combo, you potentially halve the number of volunteers required too.
  4. Yeah I should have been a bit clearer... Trelawny League games which weren't played show as void... The games that were played, the scores still stand (together with all stats) however, the tables have all been reset.
  5. I thought this yesterday when I looked on the Trelawny League Full Time... Nothing. It is almost as if that whole [half] season just never happened. I'd have preferred to see it just left alone with a note saying "season void" or something
  6. Yeah, you can do them in bulk however that option isn't available until your club has been sanctioned and affiliated. Once that's sorted, you can bulk-request and bulk submit etc. There's not been any news on when we can start registering players etc - I would hope that Cornwall FA will allow this option soon, however I know it won't be as simple as just "opening up the sanction". My bet is that everything is sorted and ready to go but they're waiting for the details from Bluefin and/or the FA before they do so. In the past, I've requested the league sanctions take place in early July, normally straight after the League AGM's. With all AGMs being done via the postal method, I would expect a big delay in the sanctioning process. St Piran will have to wait for the SWPL's AGM to be completed and finalised, Combo will have to wait for St Piran's and Trelawny will need to wait for Combo etc so it's a long, drawn out process. From what I understand, Trelawny haven't had a single person come forward for their advertised roles which is slightly concerning.
  7. Thanks mate, much appreciated. As for the smashing me, keep it clean, this is a family-friendly forum 😘
  8. I think if you are on a Committee, you have to be helpful and do what you can to help clubs. Let's face it, Trelawny teams need help. From the big clubs like Wendron down to the teams like Constantine and Storm (first two teams to come to my mind after watching a documentary on Constantine this morning (they featured a Storm teamsheet). Small clubs with a short supply of money who have certainly faced their struggles over the past few seasons - they need all the help they can get from those with knowledge and experience and I always did my best to give the club's just that. You have to have people in seats that have no hidden agenda and genuinely want to serve the club's to make things better for them - both on the field and off the field. I think anyone that dealt with me whilst I was in that position will agree I do my best for everyone and will help where I can, that's just my nature. That must have hurt to say that
  9. Regrettably, I stepped down in April I'm afraid.
  10. Definitely mate We are planning a few bits for our home friendlies - bouncy castle, bbq etc for the families so would be great to host you guys. I'll keep you in mind for when we get going
  11. Hi all, Just a very quick post for all involved at Clubs in the Trelawny League. Dropship FC have submitted an expression to join Division 2 of the Trelawny League for the 20/21 season. I'm not sure how the League are doing their AGM - via an online platform such as WebEx or via post like the Combination League. Every season, teams/clubs that are applying to join the Trelawny League have to attend the AGM and be voted in by the Member Clubs. With the uncertainty at the moment, I am not sure whether we will have that opportunity so I'd like to just quickly tell everyone who we are and what we are trying to achieve. In 2017, three members of the Trelawny League Committee (Myself, Andrew Plenty and Rob Noventa) formed the Trelawny Flexi League which was staged at Penwith College in Penzance. I also formed the Club, Trelawny FC and entered them into the this League. The League parted ways with the Trelawny League after a season and was renamed the West Cornwall Flexi League. Since it began, I unfortunately lost Rob and Scooby (due to work) and ran it myself with the help of Damo Walters and Josh Harvey as Matchday coordinators. This season, owing to the success of the League, we opened a new division at Hayle which has been a fantastic success. Dropship FC (Formerly Trelawny FC) are founding members of the League and are represented by a team in each of the WCFL's two divisions (we also have a Sunday side). We have stuck by the League ethos and only use players that don't play football regularly on a Saturday. Over the three seasons, we have stuck by that and have welcomed over 50 new players into the Club, some of which haven't played in years. We were in a position last season to encourage some of our players to go and play for Saturday sides who were struggling. They managed to save at least two struggling teams which was really great to see. For many Dropship FC players, their love for the game has been reignited and their passion has returned. Many of these players came to me last season with an ambition - an ambition to start playing Saturday football and to help the Club progress. As such and following a Committee meeting, we decided that we would attempt to enter a team into the League. Many teams often fear new Clubs; "Where are they getting their players from?", "If they form, we could fold if they take our players"... I want to reassure member Clubs of the Trelawny League that we have a large amount of players who have not played Saturday football for a while. We will not be taking any players from Clubs. We have plenty of players at our Club to chose from who deserve their right to play on a Saturday. These players have said that they only want to play for us on a Saturday which is testament to the great work put in by my Committee. There will be players who have played for us over the past few seasons, in our Flexi League teams or our Sunday League team who may express a desire to play for us on a Saturday, however rest assured that Dropship FC are not actively recruiting players and if these players approach us to sign, they do so off their own back. Unfortunately and despite my best efforts, we have been unable to secure a football pitch in the Camborne/Redruth area where a number of our players are from. We have however managed to secure King George V at Madron. The pitch has been worked on and the changing rooms have been completely refurbished which will now provide visiting teams with a sense of welcome when they come to our ground, if we are voted in to the League that is. We are still looking for a pitch in the Camborne/Redruth area so Madron is only a temporary facility for us. That's a very short "Hey, this is who we are" post but I feel it's important for Club's within the League to know who we are; I also feel it is important to state that we are not taking any managers/players from any other teams so there is absolutely no need for any concern. I'm not sure what opportunity we will get to answer any questions from the Trelawny Clubs who may want answers before casting their votes - I'm more than happy to answer any on here or privately
  12. Just for clarification... My previous post stating that surely the FA won't allow teams to jump divisions in no longer extant. I've been Informed that there is special dispensation in place this season to allow that to happen. Good luck to those teams therefore applying for these vacancies.
  13. I get that. Regardless of all the technicalities etc, I wish you and the club all the best for the coming season as you begin the task of rebuilding
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