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  1. I was runner up for Volunteer of the Year last year and won it this year. I run a club (every job in the club with three teams), a Flexi league (on my own), I am a Reg Sec. of Trelawny, I also help with referee recruitment and a few other things around the County... I was humbled to win the award this year because people have to vote for you. If we do this work for recognition, you will be disappointed. Most volunteers do it because they want to make a difference to people or simply because (and more often the case), because no-one else will step up. I think it's a bit disrespectful to say that they're pointless because they aren't - getting a runner up and a winners trophy meant alot to me because people took the time to vote for me. In a world where volunteers get little appreciation, these things make a huge difference. People moan that it's "always the same people" however do they actually know how these people get to the awards night? The FA release a voting system every year - this season I believe they had the most votes to date... Just over a hundred. Just one hundred people in the whole County voted... That is mental! Volunteers should be recognised however, they can't be recognised if no-one can be bothered to vote. I vote every season for those people that I know are doing a fab job for their clubs. More should do the same - then it won't be the same old faces
  2. Couldn't read my own writing... 10 fouls and one handball. Easy day for Adam
  3. Mullion 0 - 3 Frogpool First I went down to watch this game today. On getting to the ground, it looked like it hadn't rained at all! I walked through the door and Booooom, the heavens opened! Then they closed... Then they opened... That was pretty much the way it went throughout the game! It got very cold and very wet... Then just very cold (wind chill brrrr🥶)… Then very cold and very wet etc. On walking into Mullions Club House, I was greeted by their Assistant manager who offered me a cup of tea (thinking I was the opposition Manager). I thought that was a really nice touch! I was also offered a cup of tea after the game aswell! Really nice hospitality so thank you to Mullion FC for that. Onto the game itself... The conditions were harsh. A sharp wind blew in from the coast and across the pitch which meant the majority of play was on the top side of the field running parallel to the car park. Both teams tried to play football but it was difficult in the conditions. A lot of throw ins and corners/goal kicks which were heavily influenced by the wind. Frogpool played the better football throughout the majority of the game; they were just a little better than their opposition today. It must be said that I though Mullions goalkeeper (Mike) made some pretty decent saves this afternoon - he kept the score respectable. The man in the middle, Adam Batchelor had a quiet game. Both teams just wanted to play football and made his job very easy by adopting the right attitude. The few free kicks that were awarded were correct from where I was standing (nicely sheltered in the stand) - along with a disallowing of a Frogpool goal for offside. He maintained control throughout the game and was clearly respected by both sides. Well done to all involved. Goals for frogpool coming in the 21st, 24th and 62nd minutes. Throw ins: H32 A23 Goal kicks: H19 A7 Corners: H3 A11 Free kicks for foul tackles: H4 A6 Subs: H7 A2
  4. Well done to all involved in the switches to ensure games were played 👌
  5. When was the last time you played football? Has the weather started playing havoc with your fixtures already? Has it been weeks since you had a leg stretch? Why don't you think about joining the Hayle Flexi League? If you needed more than just one reason to join, have 12 just to make sure it sinks in: * Floodlit, state of the art artificial pitch * Games played, no matter what the weather * Just £35 a game all in (less than £3 a player) * Funding available for start up costs * No financial penalties * One game every few weeks * No commitment, sign up on a phase-by-phase basis * FA qualified referees * Use of changing facilities * 1 hour long games * Cheaper than any 6 aside league around! * Saturday players are allowed to play I've heard team managers say "I wish I entered my team into the Flexi League, having weeks without football is having a negative effect on the team"... Well, this is your chance to put that right 💪 We are looking for more teams to join both our Monday Night Flexible Football League at Hayle and our Wednesday night League at Penwith College (Penzance). If it's something that you may be interested in, get in touch with us and we will give you some more information. What's the harm in enquiring? https://m.facebook.com/656165861408199/posts/982956615395787/?sfnsn=mo
  6. I do encourage teams not to sign on players who have no intention of playing. Some do it to get the required number of players registered prior to the season start date, some do it in the hope that they will actually play etc. But what it does is cover up the cracks in grassroots football. We are quite short of players at the moment across the league which can be seen in the stats I put on our Facebook each month... I also put a stat out of how many players have registered that haven't played a single game... I've not done it this far this season but last season, it was pretty startling to see the actual number of players that didn't play a single game. It's worth me noting that this hasn't yet gone to Cornwall FA - it hasn't been referred under the Debt Recovery Scheme... However... Because we've had no contact from St Keverne despite multiple attempts (we only found out about Morris's passing yesterday), the league seeked the advice of Cornwall FA as this is a rare occurrence. We suspended their games at the beginning of the month because they do owe the league funds for failing to raise teams (hence the purpose of the original post). The last thing we want is to allow St Keverne to continue struggling and therefore accumulating more league charges. The reason that the County have been informed is purely for advice because it was pretty clear from my end that St Keverne may well be folding which threw a spanner in the works because there were charges outstanding which we must recover - we can't have one rule for one and one rule for another (we must be consistent in our application of rule). Obviously I've put my personal feelings about the matter in my first post - I personally agree that if a team folds because they are struggling for players to play on a Matchday, those players should be held accountable for it's demise. That's not a view shared by the League - personal opinion.
  7. I won't release the details of the amount owed however, anything above £50 can be referred to the debt recovery scheme.
  8. My personal opinion and not one of the league etc.... The reason that teams fold most of the time is because they can't raise a team. They get players signing on for them, assuring them that they can play... But then they don't bother. Players will register, lose interest and stop playing. This leaves the club with a situation. Personally, I feel that St Keverne (let's put the very sad news aside for a moment) had 29 players registered. Only seven players are required to field a side. Ideally we want 11 minimum. Those 29 players that registered for the club must take responsibility for it's demise in the sense that they haven't played the fixtures. I feel that if a club faces charges because they break league/FA ruling which is down to the players, the players should be held accountable - which is what is happening in this situation. It's extremely sad that teams such as St Keverne are folding because they can't field sides. Players must take responsibility for this and of course, any financial penalties that have come about because of them - it's only fair that they contribute to! It's my personal opinion, let me just make that point clear. Please may I take a moment to express my condolences for the loss of Morris Thomas. He was a stalwart of the club and will be sorely missed.
  9. Download the "laws of the game" app from your app store. Read and learn.
  10. They can do it as many times as they can afford. There must be a deterrent to clubs failing to raise a side. I know of teams that have had 9 players and would rather take a points and financial penalty rather than “be hammered and embarrassed”. Yesterday Four Lanes Reserves turned up with 7 - played the game. Two weeks previous, Newlyn Non-Athletico and Constantine played with 10... When a team is unable to raise a side, in the first instance the game is awarded to the opposition and they are given a fine (£50 in Trelawny). The second time, the game is awarded to the opposition, the team are docked three points and a fine awarded. This continues up until -12 points each time. The season before last, Madron ended the season on almost -40 points because of it.
  11. A potential feature for next week's podcast? It's a pretty hefty scoreline - however I still remember that record being held by Illogan... 55-0 win against Madron 👀
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