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  1. I went to watch the Lizard v Culdrose game... Culdrose on top for most of the first half and had some very good chances, however failing to take those chances cost them dearly. The tables turned in the second half and Lizard were the more dominant side - they took their chances. I always enjoy going down the Lizard as a referee or player, went down to watch the referee today (who had a good game in the middle). It's one of those grounds that is just set with a lovely backdrop!
  2. Well done again Mangle! A difficult season for you guys so far but you're smashing it!
  3. Very sad news RIP Ken If the ECPL find themselves struggling with anything (Administration), please feel free to get in touch. I'll advise where I can
  4. Cornwall FA's Twitter shows game still scheduled to be played
  5. Something isn't adding up... Usually a referee is marked 61 if he/she hasn't impressed the teams - the proactive clubs would mark lower and submit a report.... This referee has been marked quite a bit higher than that by Perranwell Reserves... One of the questions asked by the league on every teamsheet is "did the respect handshake take place?"... The home team (Perranwell Reserves) have selected yes. 😳
  6. The referees certainly don't get protection from Cornwall FA. I know a number of referees who have been reprimanded by the County over recent years - some even serving some quite lengthy suspensions. If anything, County are harder on them than many would think.
  7. http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/Index.do?league=510118669 Another place
  8. The most Saturday teams that I have seen a player have at the same time since my time in post.... 8! Mental
  9. I think it'll be a good game and one I'll certainly come down to watch Well done to all involved in arranging it, particularly during a busy season.
  10. Has the County team been named yet Harry?
  11. Ahh I do remember those little quizzes. They'd certainly get people thinking about things a little more - but at the same time, they were good educational pieces too. For the question I posed a moment ago, it's actually factual in law as opposed to an opinion - it's literally written in black and white (well, green and yellow) that the goalkeeper can't be sent off or cautioned for a handling infringment inside the penalty area. Certainly makes you question things considering a defender, doing the exact same thing would be sent off and a penalty awarded.
  12. That's fair enough John - it's not something I paid a great deal of attention to if I'm honest. Do you feel that maybe the league's missed a trick and could ultimately regret the decision not to take it on? Could you see a future where the ECPL & Duchy League's merge in the East and the Combo & Trelawny League's merge in the West? I only know a few members of the Combination League Committee however, I'm of the opinion that you are all there, like I am for Trelawny, to do your best for your Clubs. Do you think that the merging of the League's would be best for the Club's? My personal opinion on the matter is that the Combination League is a proud League with years and years of history, that's why I think the League Committee will hold out for as long as they can. I don't blame them at all for doing so, I would certanly try to keep it running until it was just not viable - for pride I suppose. Where do you think the future lies?
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