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  1. Martin has now stepped up to officiate a couple of games. Legend.
  2. @Sijamesin this exact scenario, the original ball is not the thing a referee considers. It has no bearing on the decision making process. The referee is only considering whether the touch from a defending player is deliberate or not. If the referee deems it to be deliberate, carry on. If the referee doesn't deem it to be deliberate, the offside is given. It is literally that simple. The hard thing is that judgement call on what is deemed to be deliberate or not. So with that in mind, the original ball plays no bearing in the referees decision making in this situation (obviously had there been no touch by the defending player, the original ball then becomes important). Can't believe I'm actually having to justify this 🤷‍♂️ well I can believe it as it's come from you! Out of interest, how many games have you ever refereed?
  3. I'm not even going to justify that with a response. @Dave Deaconthere is a definition of deliberate within the lawbook, as there is in the dictionary. I'd quote it but I wouldn't even get that right apparently 🤷‍♂️🤣
  4. I wasn't at the game and haven't seen the goal so I don't have an opinion (I also wouldn't voice it on here). However if you've got a referee and a qualified assistant both agreeing that it was a deliberate touch... I'd trust their instincts. I think all teams just need to be lucky they have referees... There was a club looking for an assistant referee today... For an FA Vase game! It's catching up to step 6 and it won't be long until assistant referees could be a thing of the past at that level (in my opinion). What are the players on at the same level? 👀👀 I'm sure a club Treasurer can confirm but I think that clubs are actually saving money with set fees this way.
  5. Incorrect. It's not the original ball that counts in this scenario. It's not an offence to be stood in an offside position. If the ball has been deliberately played by an opponent and it falls to a player who is in an offside position, no advantage is gained and thus, there is no offside. 'A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball, including by deliberate handball, is not considered to have gained an advantage, unless it was a deliberate save by any opponent.'
  6. I forgot that your blog was a charity one mate (sorry). In that case, please put any contributions received for the programmes into that charity as a donation from us
  7. It is. We have a Sunday League game in the morning which means that the Reserves players that had agreed to play in that must travel straight from Falmouth to Helston for a second game, some of them can't play so we've had to call on more Flexi League players. We see it as being pro-active but it is simply papering over the cracks. I think it is absolutely ludicrous that we are forced to have someone with absolutely no refereeing experience or sound knowledge of the Laws of the Game being thrown into a situation where they have absolutely no idea what to do. We have trained and experienced referees that have tough games in The Trelawny League, games that test them - however the FA find it necessary to chuck someone completely unqualified into these games a Match Officials. 'It's okay, they have the full power of a registered referee'... That's all well and good but they don't have the knowledge or experience to deal with it. Personally, I will not let someone from my Club be put in that situation. It isn't fair and all we are doing is covering a problem. Whilst the FA are fully aware of the situation at the grassroots level, the games are being played so no issues arise in terms of fixture congestion. Everything is fine and dandy!
  8. Dropship Reserves v Helston Raiders has been moved to Sunday 12th September to enable us to get a referee. Many thanks to the League, Luke Wilkes and Helston Raiders for helping us to get this arranged.
  9. Thanks for your support, it really is appreciated ♥️ Not sure what you mean by that Peggy. Just with facilities alone, our expenditure has far exceeded the expenditure faced by most clubs at our level this season - that's just to ensure we meet the respective league 'requirements'. It's probably worth noting that we also offered our programme free of charge to @Midlandsman and those on his groups. We've worked very hard to secure sponsorship this season, not just with our obvious sponsor in Dropship.co.uk, but also with multiple companies such as Exhibit 1, Restaurant Four, Securiskim, A2B Taxi's, cafe strand, IspyCCTV, Elysian Fields, Travis Perkins, CJ's Restaurant, Let's Get a Gift, PCC Limited and RachFromCornwall. Difference between us and the other Grassroots Clubs, we have 6 open aged teams to support. We don't have a bar or any way of making money without player contribution and sponsorship 😕 To think that we don't need funding and sponsorship is a bit naiive mate 😕
  10. It's not just here in Cornwall... Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this open letter. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update and make all of our stakeholders aware of the current challenges we face on the refereeing side of the game. In what has been a really difficult and challenging 18 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working hard throughout this period to engage, support and offer our volunteer workforce as much support as we possibly can, which has included online training and development, guest speakers, training modules, mental health and wellbeing support and regular contact to ensure our referees feel supported and valued. Also, during this period we set up our inaugural ‘Match Official Consultation Group’ in order to ensure that we better engage and listen to the needs of our referee workforce and look to implement any key changes to offer improved support and development. Listening to our volunteer workforce is something that I am very passionate about and I’ll ensure we do this at regular intervals during the season. As the vast majority of our leagues commence their respective seasons this coming weekend, it is sad to hear of the shortage of referees completing their registration for 2021/22 or making themselves available to leagues and clubs. This is not only a problem that we are experiencing here at North Riding County FA – it appears to be a problem nationally. In order to be fully transparent, as of today (9 September), our re-registration sign up is around 69% of last season’s registrations. We are working extremely hard to try and increase and welcome back the 31% that have not completed the process so far, and we hope that many will over the coming weeks. In the past month, we have also trained around 60 new referees and we are currently supporting them through mentor support and ongoing training, to ensure they make the transition into grassroots football. Clearly, there is a number of reasons for the shortage, and the Covid-19 pandemic has played a significant part in perhaps a number not completing their re-registration due to losing some interest or other key reasons. I do, however, feel that I need to raise the following points and ask for the support of our ‘grassroots family’ to ensure that we all play our part in ensuring we can recruit and retain enough referees to support the grassroots game. I feel everybody within the game needs to consider the way in which they treat referees. Some of the reported conduct and behaviour that I and my colleagues hear about and have to deal with on a weekly basis is totally unacceptable and quite simply does not help to recruit and retain referees. Whilst the conduct and behaviour is not the sole reason for the shortage, it is a fundamental reason, and everybody within the game must consider and change their behaviour towards referees or the shortage will only increase. I fully understand how passionate a game of football is for everybody involved (players, coaches, parents and family members) and our referees understand this too and work very hard to ensure you all have a positive experience on a weekend. Our referees make honest decisions, yes they will make mistakes, just like our players and coaches will do – this is football, and at times, a decision or two will go against your team, and not be ideal or what you expect – we all understand this, and trust me; nobody is more disappointed at making a mistake than a referee! I am asking you all to reflect upon how you perhaps engage with our referees and any comments you may make during or after the game, and just think that the referee in your game this weekend or next has given up his / her time to try and allow you and your son / daughter’s team to enjoy a game of football to the best of their ability. They are not perfect and won’t get every decision correct, nor please both teams every time. This is not possible, but they will work hard and they have no interest in who wins the game. Also, if you see other people being abusive to the referee at your game, either on the pitch or on the sidelines, we encourage you to challenge this behaviour in an appropriate manner, to make others reconsider their actions. I and members of my volunteer Referee Development Team have to deal with some of the unacceptable experiences that our referees endure. At times we are dealing with young people who could be your son or daughter, or a more experienced person who could be a father or wife of somebody who is verbally abused because they simply make an honest decision that you perhaps don’t agree with. Over the coming months, it is likely that a number of our local games will not have a referee appointed and teams will need to agree to officiate the game themselves. I appreciate that this is not ideal, and we are working tirelessly to address this matter and hopefully the situation will improve. If you are lucky to have a referee, please treat them with respect, and perhaps engage with some positive comments and remember they are doing their best and will not be perfect. In order to be fully transparent, I would like to confirm that referees are also held to account over their conduct when it comes to the way in which they speak with stakeholders, and this is not a ‘closed shop’. We do fully investigate referees that are reported for any such alleged incidents, albeit this is very rare. Referees who make a ‘footballing’ decision and perhaps get it wrong is just part and parcel of the game, unless it is contrary to Law. We have a significant number of young referees who are under the age of 18, and these referees should be clearly identified by the wearing of their U18 YELLOW REFEREE ARMBAND. It is totally inappropriate for anybody to engage or offer any abusive comments to a minor. As a County FA we have zero tolerance approach to this, and should a participant be found guilty this will be reported to the FA’s Safeguarding Department, as well as be dealt with by our disciplinary department. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any misconduct towards any of our referees and ask that all stakeholders support our referees should they see any behaviour of this sort. I would also like to thank the majority of our clubs who fully support our referees and for their ongoing commitment. Whilst I have documented the above, it is only fair to say and document that we have thousands of games taking place each month with a real positive experience, and lots of positive feedback by both referee and clubs, and this is something that we look forward to this coming season. Finally, I would like to say a massive ‘thanks’ to all of our referees who have signed up for 2021-22 and who go out there each week, in at times what can be really challenging circumstances, and do their best to ensure thousands of games of football take place each month in a safe environment. It is fully appreciated by us all here at North Riding County FA. We are working hard to ensure you all feel valued and can go out and referee fully prepared. Whilst we don’t always get it right, we will continue to work hard to support each and every one of you and make improvements to refereeing as best we can. Best wishes to everybody for the 2021-22 season!Ross Joyce Referee Development Manager North Riding County FA
  11. @Glen Pattersonwhat a player young Jak is!! That's what, 12 goals for Penryn and Dropship In his last 5 games?
  12. I'd imagine it's very condensed and the Club referee wouldn't be added on the referee list? Personally, I'd encourage clubs to invest in putting a player through the course which will hopefully be cheaper soon - or even better, any players coming to the end of their playing career would be an asset
  13. Greta effort mate, well done to all involved. It's been a difficult two seasons so I bet it was a massive relief at full time. Well done
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