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Tributes to Trevor Mewton

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42 minutes ago, Fanfare said:

Great video! Some instantly recognisable faces but some I didn't recognise. Could do with the interviewees name for numpties like me!

Also for players/followers who couldn't make the day like Rappo, having their memories recorded to add to the montage would be fitting

Remember this is just a taster!

Named in the order of appearance:-

Jill Mewton

Keith Barker

Tommy Matthews

Dave Leonard

Darren Gilbert

Andy Westgarth

Andy Street

Andy Parr

Kevin Miller

Johnny Ludlum

Dennis Annear

George Torrance

Adrian Street

Dave Ball

Ian Gosling

John Hodge

Nigel Thwaites

Glynn Hooper


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Thanks Dave for that list. I was up to around 2am this morning editing and I missed out a clip from Sean Middleton. He had a great line about Trevor having a proverbial wand and being able to weave his magic when helping him out running a side. I also edited out Dave's excellent questions and introduction, in the interest of pace and brevity. 

Yes, there will be an extended video. What you saw in the You Tube video was just scratching the surface. There will be lower third name descriptors as well as some photos of many of the teams and hopefully players that Trevor managed in the extended video. I am keen to write a blog about my own personal recollections of Trevor and it will feature the completed video on my @lifestoriesonvideo.com website. That is not going to happen overnight or anytime soon. Hence the YT video to whet the appetite and address the issue of immediacy.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments, likes and retweets. They are greatly appreciated.

Yesterday was an amazing day -  a great privilege and pleasure to have shared in it.



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