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Just saw on the news that Spurs under 23s coach Ugu E hiogu had died after suffering a cardiac arrest ,he will be remembered as a Aston Villa Player and i remember him coming down with Villa and playing against Falmouth and marking young Rappo he was a huge player and very good .Such a sad loss he must of been super fit and he just dies like that

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Yeah tragic 100%. Remember it well mate, he was the strongest defender I ever played against!! Think I turned him twice and won one header in the whole 90 minutes!! It was like running into a brick wall! He was only about 22 at the time but he was a monster even then! Not surprised he went on to play for England. Really nice lad after the game as well. Was great with all the youngsters. Let me out of his pocket so I could go in the bar after the game! Really upset to wake up to that news this morning.  Like Stevie and Keith already said got to live for the day really, if someone that fit and strong can be taken anyone can ? RIP Ugo ⚽

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