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Law Changes for 17/18 - Sin bin?

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Listed below are the law changes for the 2017/2018 season. Whilst my Subject title states about sin-bins, these will need to be adopted by the National FA before it becomes a "thing". Sin-bins were requested quite often when i attended the various Respect meetings with clubs, referees etc with the Cornwall FA. What are your thoughts on that idea (sin-bin) possibly becoming a reality?




Outline summary of Law changes 2017/18



Herewith a simple outline of the main changes/clarifications.    




• Replace ‘infringement/infringe’ etc. with ‘offence/offend’ etc.



• Artificial turf may be used for the lines on a grass field if not dangerous



• National FAs can allow a maximum of five substitutions (except at the top level)

• National FAs can now allow return substitutions in youth, veterans and disability football

• Clearer wording for the substitution procedure

• A substitution made at half-time without informing referee is not a caution (YC) offence

• Changing the goalkeeper at half-time without informing the referee is not a caution (YC)

• Player who enters the field of play without the referee’s permission (if it is required) and interferes is punished with a direct free kick (FK)

• Team scoring a goal with an extra person on the field is punished with a direct



• Goalkeeper caps are not included in the list of restrictions on head covers

• Players are not permitted to wear/use any electronic or communication equipment, except electronic performance and tracking systems/EPTS); technical staff may only use communication equipment for safety/welfare issues

• All EPTS equipment must bear a minimum safety standard mark



• Important statement that decisions made by match officials must always be respected

• National FAs can allow temporary dismissals (sin bins) for some/all cautions (YC) in youth, veterans, disability and grassroots football (Guidelines for both systems will be published)

• A medical official guilty of a dismissible offence may stay/treat players if no other medical person is available for the team



• A short drinks break is permitted at half-time of extra time



• Kicker can stand in the opponents’ half at the kick-off



• Extra time must be two equal periods, maximum 15 minutes each  

Kicks from the penalty mark (KFPM):

• Corrected wording for goalkeeper who is unable to continue

• Excluded player may replace a goalkeeper even if team has used all its permitted substitutes

• Kicker may not play the ball a second time

• A goalkeeper who offends and the penalty has to be retaken must be cautioned (YC)

• If the kicker offends the kick is forfeited (recorded as ‘missed’)

• If the goalkeeper and kicker offend at the same time:

* retake and two cautions (YCs) if no goal is scored

* if a goal is scored the kicker is cautioned (YC) and kick recorded as ‘missed’



• An offside player can be penalised if the ball rebounds/deflects off a match official

• Addition of ‘attempts to’ to the definition of a ‘save’

• Offside guidance: * player in offside position who impedes an opponent must be penalised  

* player in offside position who is fouled before committing an offside offence – foul penalised

* player in offside position who is fouled when already committing an offside offence – offside penalised



• Verbal offences are punished with an indirect FK

• If an advantage is played for a sending-off (RC) and the player commits another offence, that offence is penalised

• A player ‘stopping a promising attack’ in the penalty area is not cautioned (YC) if the offence was an attempt to play the ball

• Addition to list of cautions (YCs) for a ‘denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity’ (DOGSO) offence in the penalty area which was an attempt to play the ball

• Caution (YC) for goal celebration which causes safety/ security issue

• If player moves diagonally to pass the last defender/goalkeeper this can still be a DOGSO

• Clearer DOGSO wording for a penalty area offence which is an attempt to play the ball

• Entering the field of play without permission and stopping a goal or DOGSO is a sending off

• Off-field offence by/against a player involving opposing player/substitute/team official (or against a match official) is penalised by FK on the boundary line if the ball is in play

• Direct FK for throwing or kicking ball/object onto the field to interfere with play/someone

• Direct FK on boundary line for throwing or kicking ball/object at someone off the field



• Attacker in or entering the penalty area before a defensive FK has left the area cannot play or challenge for the ball until it has been touched by another player



• Kicker must be clearly identified

• If the goalkeeper and kicker offend at the same time:

* retake and two cautions (YCs) if no goal is scored

* if a goal is scored the kicker is cautioned (YC) and kick recorded as ‘missed’ (see Law 10)

• Goal can be awarded after outside interference if the ball still goes in the goal



• Attacker entering the penalty area cannot play or challenge for the bafit is touched by another player


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Personally i think a SIN BIN is a good idea if the result of a yellow card shown means 10min in the bin. Speculating here but i think you may see a reduction in yellows issued as the consequences are higher during the game for an infringement although the CCFA treasurer i'm sure would be devastated on his income dropping (something I have made a considerable contribution to over the years ;) )

.......Ref might need about 8 stop watches as well to time multiple players being off :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't no if would change anything. People get booked/sent off now and attitudes or bad tackling doesn't change. So someone with the wrong mentality surely will just take advantage of it. And how many sin bins until a dismissal?

i think if anything just more work for the ref and there job can be hard enough sometimes 

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I'm not sure exactly what will happen. Whether a yellow card means a sin bin or whether you can bin a player without showing a yellow? If you bin a player via a yellow card, they have to sit out for ten minutes. That can be massively detrimental to that team so that can be a good thing (in the sense that the team will be at a disadvantage so the players should/would try harder to act appropriately). If you punish a player by a yellow card and sin bin him, you've punished him and his team. Would he still get the £10 administration charge from the County?

I think sin bins are a good idea but it will take some getting used to by the referee (and the teams, of course). I don't think all yellow card offences should be punishable by a sin bin because some players get yellow cards through no fault of their own (to a degree; a poorly times, non-malicious challenge for example).

When going round on the Working Group meetings with CFA, many people suggested using sin-bins as a deterrent.... It will be interesting to see what happens in the summer (whether Cornwall FA adopt the scheme). I'm sure we will find out soon enough.


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13 minutes ago, Sijames said:

I'd thought it may be beneficial for the CCFA and leagues to liaise with the local rugby officials and see how they manage it during and after games?

I'm sure that will happen. The only problem I can see will be time keeping. Referees wouldn't want to keep players off the pitch for longer than the sanctioned time (I'm going to assume that it will be 10 minutes). As always, the referee is the sole timekeeper so we will pay no attention to the manager on the sideline tapping his watch (I say no attention, by that I mean it would certainly make us check the watch to ensure he/she has reasonable grounds... So, it could help). Because of that, we must have a watch that is able to alert us when the sin-bin time is over, the watch must be able to handle multiple sin-bins. Currently, a dedicated watch for football doesn't exist. I am sure that Spintso (the leading manufacturer for referee watches) will be looking at the new law developments with interests; whether they change their design for this law will be interesting (because the change is at grassroots level, initially). However, smart watches and their appropriate apps will be able to introduce this function with ease I should imagine. For me, I use two watches. One watch times up and down (my spintso), yet my other watch (a half decent casio) uses a stopwatch facility. I could use the timer function with ease, but as soon as we get two sin-bins which occur at seperate times and overlap... It could be a problem.


As with anything, there will be teething problems but once they are out of the way, I believe the Sin-bin will prove to be successful. After all, very rarely will a yellow card affect the scoreline... Having a reduction in men certainly could, which will hopefully act as a deterrent.


IFAB are finally moving with the times and listening to referees, players and clubs to achieve a common goal.

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I don't know how they do it as I've never needed to know. But, is will be seeing how they do it.

The only reason i make it sound complex is because if the National FA opt in and the County FA follow suit, when in the middle i want to make sure I'm doing it properly, where as if a player is binned... He spends no more time than the allocated limit off the field. The best way to manage that when in the middles is to have an alarm or notification.

It will be fine.


What are everyone thoughts on the sin bin process, which is the most drastic of the cha he's being introduced for next season. For many years people around the world have requested it, now we are on the cusp of getting it, do we think it will work? 

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2 hours ago, stevieb said:

BD will club Lino's/ assistant be able to have a preseason refresher on the update laws like the meeting we attended at Holman's ? Which was very enjoyable :smiley20:

Did you ever hear back from the county through your respective clubs? I know the issue was being raised.

If not, you are always welcome to our RA. We may even be able to host a dedicated evening for you guys.


I'm back from the Middle East at the end of May, I'll see what i can do :)

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